Minneapolis Mayor to Rioters: Please Practice Social Distancing, Wear Masks – “Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D) requested on Thursday that “protesters” in the City of Lakes practice social distancing and wear masks to reduce coronavirus transmission. The municipal government claimed to provide hundreds of masks to the public for this purpose.” – Robert Kraychik

The Great COVID-19 Vaccines to the Rescue Hoax – “Instead of serving the public interest by reporting truthfully on major issues, establishment media serve as press agents for powerful interests. Their managed news misinformation and disinformation includes the myth of barbarians at the gates to support endless wars on nations threatening no one, along with handouts to Wall Street and other corporate favorites — notably Big Pharma. US pharmaceutical and biotech companies have gotten billions of taxpayer dollars to finance their research — drugs developed sold to US consumers at unacceptably high prices.” – Stephen Lendman  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!

City Leaders To Protesters: ‘Coming COVID-19 Second Wave Is Your Fault’ – “It’s amazing how fast the threat of global pandemic receded in the headlines amid the raging George Floyd protests, also as multiple American cities are on fire. The same cities which spent over the last two months on lockdown and social distancing orders, are now seeing throngs of tens of thousands congregate, often in close-quarter stand-offs with police. One has to wonder about what all of this will do in terms of “flattening the curve”.” – Tyler Durden  – THOUGHT THE SAME THING. IF AND WHEN THE BURNIN’ AND LOOTIN’ SUBSIDES; THE VIRUS WILL RETURN AS THE MAIN TOPIC AT THE MINISTRY OF SMOKE AND MIRRORS (MSM)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New York’s Real COVID Death Toll From Nursing Homes Is Twice the Official 6,000 – “Cuomo and the COVID Rouge suppressing the real death toll from their biological warfare on nursing homes” – Marko Marjanović

Health Officials Admit Virus Not As Deadly As Previously Thought: So Why Are We Still On Lockdown? (VIDEO) – Spiro Skouras




America Wakes Up After A Night Of Chaos And Destruction: 1,700 Rioters Arrested In Three Days – Tyler Durden

Appeals for Calm as Sprawling Protests Threaten to Spiral Out of Control – John Eligon, Matt Furber and Campbell Robertson

St. Patrick’s Cathedral desecrated with protest graffiti – “Is nothing sacred?” – Khristina Narizhnaya and Dean Balsamini  – NO, MORONS DON’T CARE. THEY JUST WANT TO BURN AND LOOT, AND THEN THEY WONDER WHY PEOPLE PRE-JUDGE THEM!!!!!!

Leftwing Terrorist Mobs Terrorizing the Country – “For months, patriotic hard-working Americans have been screamed at by radical leftists and emotionally disturbed millennials that we needed to shut down the country to save us all from a virus that was basically as bad as the Flu. Now, those same mentally disturbed American hating rejects who claimed we were going to kill people by living our lives, are attempting to spread chaos and kill the American way of life through violence, looting, and rioting. For the last week, radical leftist terrorist organizations including Black Lives Matters and Antifa, have used the death of a black man as cover to finish what the fake Coronavirus scam couldn’t, the destruction of the United States. Domestic terrorists are firebombing neighborhoods, assaulting innocent people, looting small businesses, and threatening to kill anyone who gets in their way.” – Off Grid Survival


The External Cost of One Minnesota Cop Is Very High – “Law and order whites don’t comprehend that their toleration of gratuitous police violence against members of the public—often outright murder—is not in their interest, especially when white liberals have been teaching blacks to hate white people for decades. The power and influence of whites in society is collapsing because they did not stand up for justice and accountability. This time multi-city violent protests are occurring despite the imposition of accountability. The police officer was arrested. This is a change from the past when protesters were enraged by the free pass given to police. It is a sign of worsening race relations. Blacks are developing a solidarity while whites are split into many opposing factions” – Paul Craig Roberts

Minneapolis Riots Are a Reminder that Police Don’t Protect You or Your Property – “The lesson to be learned from all this is that it is foolhardy, to say the least, to rely on law enforcement officers to intervene to provide “safety” when troubles arise. After all, experience has shown police are thoroughly unmotivated when it comes to preventing, or even investigating true violent crime. Confronting violent criminals is dangerous and costly. Thus, police departments are geared much more around encouraging harassment of petty offenders (such as George Floyd) and going after small-time drug offenders while confiscating property under asset forfeiture laws.” – Ryan McMaken

More Evidence Chaos Caused by Agent Provocateurs – “Needless to say, the marauders far outnumber the police and the police are not going to put themselves in harms way to begin with. Their job is to protect and serve the banking and ruling class, not you and me.” – Rory Hall

Who is recruiting, moving and paying the professional anarcho-rioters? – “The Soros front groups have an interest in laying America low.” – Patricia McCarthy  – BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Repugnant: CNN’s Don Lemon Repeatedly LIES, Says Trump Has Been Silent on Riots – “Clearly invested in driving Americans into raging, rioting stupors, CNN charlatan Don Lemon repeatedly lied Saturday night in claiming that President Trump was silent on that day’s violence and had yet to offer any words of calm, peace, and reconciliation following Monday’s death of unarmed, African-American Minneapolis resident George Floyd.” – Curtis Houck

Leftists Working Overtime to Frame the Narrative on George Floyd Riots – “Liberals are so obsessed with controlling the narrative on race that they actually believe that society is going to accept their bald-faced lies over reality itself.” – Christopher Paslay

Nashville Mayor Urges People to Join Him at Black Lives Matter Protest — Then Leftist Mob Torches City Hall And the Nashville Courthouse (Video) – Brock Simmons

Ugly America: I am Appalled by What’s Happening – Mish

BOOGALOO – PLANdemic Losing Interest… So Now Here Comes Civil War, Martial Law and the Troops (VIDEO) – Jeff Berwick

Plandemic Stage 2: PlannedChaos – American Cities Become a War Zone Overnight – “How could this happen? First, we have to remind ourselves that the corporate media is controlled by a few main leaders, and they spin the narrative that they want spread to the American public. The Globalists need a crisis to create the planned response in order for them to usher in their New World Order” – Brian Shilhavy

US On The Brink Of Martial Law As Officials Implement Contact Tracing Methods To Track Rioters (VIDEO) – Spiro Skouras

Racism and the Empire’s Executioners? – “Derek Chauvin should never have been in the Minneapolis Police Department for as long as 19 years. When one reviews the above news piece, isn’t it pretty plain that this dude should never have been in any position of control over anyone! He, and his fellow thugs are right out of the Pinkerton or Baldwin Felts school of law enforcement.” – Philip A Farruggio

Silicon Valley Has Effectively Banned the Freedom of Speech. It’s Time We Take It Back – Robert Bridge

Twitter turns its logo BLACK amid George Floyd protests & riots – “With rioting in full swing across America, social media giant Twitter has made its offering to the gods of corporate wokeness, blacking out its distinctive logo and replacing its bio with the hashtag “#BlackLivesMatter.”” – RT  – OBVIOUSLY TWITTER IS CONDONING RIOTING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twitter And Social Media Are A Cancer On Our Civic Life. They Don’t Deserve Protection – “The debate about whether social media companies should have protection from liability misses a larger question about their role in American society.” – John Daniel Davidson

Michael Flynn Transcripts Incriminate Only The FBI – “Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador indicate nothing more than that the general was doing his job.” – Graham J Noble

In Syria, Washington Moves to Vietnam-Style “Scorched Earth” Policy – Vladimir Platov

Trump’s Executive Order On Social Media Opens the Door To Bigger Government Regulation Tyranny – Aaron Kesel

Researchers Find CBD Improves Arthritis Symptoms In Dogs – Natural Blaze




This Is How Systems Collapse – ” Flooding the financial system with “free money” only restores the illusion of stability” – Charles Hugh Smith

GDPNow Forecast is Negative 51.2 Percent – Mish

CHART OF THE WEEK: Silver Closes At The End Of May At An Important Technical Level – Steve St. Angelo

Michael Oliver – Silver Is Closing In On A Massive Breakout That Will Send The Price Of Silver Into The Upper $20s – King World News




Proverbs 29:24  Whoso is partner with a thief hateth his own soul: he heareth cursing, and bewrayeth it not.



This morning I woke up in a curfew;
O God, I was a prisoner, too – yeah!
Could not recognize the faces standing over me;
They were all dressed in uniforms of brutality. Eh!

How many rivers do we have to cross,
Before we can talk to the boss? Eh!
All that we got, it seems we have lost;
We must have really paid the cost.

(That’s why we gonna be)
Burnin’ and a-lootin’ tonight;
(Say we gonna burn and loot)
Burnin’ and a-lootin’ tonight;
(One more thing)
Burnin’ all pollution tonight;
(Oh, yeah, yeah)
Burnin’ all illusion tonight.

Oh, stop them!

Give me the food and let me grow;
Let the Roots Man take a blow.
All them drugs gonna make you slow now;
It’s not the music of the ghetto. Eh!

Weeping and a-wailin’ tonight;
(Who can stop the tears?)
Weeping and a-wailin’ tonight;
(We’ve been suffering these long, long-a years!)
Weeping and a-wailin’ tonight
(Will you say cheer?)
Weeping and a-wailin’ tonight
(But where?)

( Burnin’ And Lootin’ by Bob Marley)