“Globalized Wellness”: The Big Pharma COVID Vaccine Marathon – “The SARS-CoV-2 continues to be lauded as the most time-sensitive crisis of our modern era, and CEOs of various drug companies are not hiding the fact that they are putting safety to the back-burner of their production schedule. If anything, they even appear to be praising such a risky practice, and ultimately seem to be gleaning some notable rewards for doing so.” – Brett Jordan

Antibody tests for Covid-19 wrong up to half the time, CDC says – Maggie Fox

Epidemic: Shocked that tests for the virus are worthless? You shouldn’t be. – Jon Rappoport

The Campaign Against HCQ – “Despite 65 years of safe use, HCQ is alleged to be dangerous and to cause heart attacks. Its use is officially approved only for “adolescent and adult patients hospitalized with COVID-19.” Generally, by the time a patient is hospitalized the virus has progressed to a later stage in which treatment is less successful. In contrast, the untested investigational antiviral drug, Remdesivir, which has no record of safe use and is extraordinarily expensive compared to HCQ, has been given the same clearence for use. The media is not interested in the effectiveness and safety, or lack of, of this new and untested drug. Trump isn’t taking it, and it is a potential profit-maker for Big Pharma. If Remdesivir fails, the failure will be used to dispose of the hope for cures and to focus on vaccination. It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that HCQ/zinc is being sidelined in order to clear the way for a profitable vaccine and a vaccination mandate.” – Paul Craig Roberts

After First Downplaying the China Coronavirus, Then Greatly Overstating Its Mortality Rate, the WHO Is Now Playing Politics with Hydroxychloroquine in its List of Possible Cures for COVID-19 – Joe Hoft

Mandatory Masks Aren’t About Safety, They’re About Social Control – “To those looking to benefit politically from emergencies, COVID presents an opportunity to advance plans targeted to transform American freedom and the American way of life.” – Molly McCann

Masks vs. No-Masks: Is This The New Symbol of Tribalism? – Daisy Luther

Covid: Killing Fields of the Old and Sick? – “The numbers are sickening and impossible to ignore. Throughout the United States the Coronavirus “pandemic” looks more and more like a war on the elderly and sick than a mysterious new virus that was so dangerous and unknown that the entire country (with notable exceptions – South Dakota for example) had to be completely locked down tighter than Guantanamo Bay.” – Daniel McAdams

The Montreal Nursing Homes’ COVID-19 Fatalities. “Increasing” Quebec COVID-19 Death Rate? – William Walter Kay and Prof Michel Chossudovsky

COVID Ethics: It’s Immoral to Confine Innocent People Who Might Be a Threat – “there are some who claim the moral high ground and maintain that it is unethical to leave one’s house during the corona epidemic. Their argument is that by leaving one’s house one could contribute to the transmission of a deadly virus. People can be confined during a pandemic such as the present one, because they are (potential) aggressors. Anyone could unknowingly carry the virus and transmit it, and therefore poses a potential threat to the health of others. My reply is that preemptive violence cannot be justified against someone who is just a potential aggressor. One must prove beyond any reasonable doubt that someone is infected and wants to infect others. It is unethical to use defensive violence without having proven an imminent attack.” – Philipp Bagus




From 9/11 to COVID-19, It’s Been a Perpetual State of Emergency – “Don’t pity this year’s crop of graduates because this COVID-19 pandemic caused them to miss out on the antics of their senior year and the pomp and circumstance of graduation. Pity them because they have spent their entire lives in a state of emergency. No, we haven’t done this generation any favors. Given the current political climate and nationwide lockdown, things could only get worse. For those coming of age today (and for the rest of us who are muddling along through this dystopian nightmare), here are a few bits of advice that will hopefully help as we navigate the perils ahead.” – John W. Whitehead  – ANOTHER EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Resistance Isn’t Futile, It is Necessary – Peter Boettke

The Silence of the Lambs – “Another curious silence now suffices the entire world: An entire species of supposedly fearsome and reassuring international and supranational watch dogs are silent: The COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging the world and the most effective measures being taken against it from China and Russia to South Korea and Israel are being carried out by traditional national states acting boldly and decisively to protect their own populations. But where is the United Nations? Where is the World Trade Organization? The International Monetary Fund? The World Bank? The World Health Organization performed with shameful incompetence and complacency in the first months of the outbreak. Thus, the failure and futility of the supranational agencies in the Time of Pandemic is not a silence of those who were powerful, effective and brave watchdogs: It is a Silence of the Lambs.” – Martin Sieff  – SOME GOOD POINTS HERE!!!!

Why Joe Biden can do no wrong – ” It seems politicians and pundits alike have discovered the glory of the “presidential bull.” In this instance, Biden is akin to a papal indulgence that allows writers, members of Congress and journalists to forgive any sin in a holy crusade to retake Washington.” – Jonathan Turley

Turns out ‘Central Park Karen’ was an Obama and Buttigieg donor – “Lefties were quick to smear a woman who got into a racially motivated altercation with a black man in Central Park as a MAGA supporter. She wasn’t. She was one of them.” – Monica Showalter

From Open Skies to Open Season for Nukes – Finian Cunningham

Jinping Takes Up the US Challenge – “Is the U.S. up for a second Cold War — this time with China? What makes the question newly relevant is that Xi Jinping’s China suddenly appears eager for a showdown with the United States for long-term supremacy in the Asia-Pacific and the world.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Russia, China Won’t Accept US Nuclear Superiority – M. K. Bhadrakumar

The Big War Between Israel And Her Enemies Could Begin As Soon As July 1st – “The level of tension in the Middle East is sky high right now, and it is about to go even higher.” – Michael Snyder

MSNBC Reporter Speechless After He’s Owned for ‘Mask Shaming’ People As Crew Has on No Masks – Matt Agorist

At Least 11 Local News Stations Caught Airing The Exact Same Amazon Propaganda Segment – “At least 11 local news stations in the United States were caught airing the same scripted segment about Amazon, and their role during the COVID-19 pandemic. The segment played like a commercial for Amazon, even touting the company’s ability to “keep its employees safe and healthy,” during this difficult time, despite the fact that many workers have been organizing to protest against unsafe conditions and lack of hazard pay.” – John Vibes  – WHO SAYS THE NEWS ISN’T SCRIPTED!!!!!!!!

Your “Immunity Passport” Future Begins To Materialize As Airlines Call For Digital ID Tracking Systems – Derrick Broze

Google Drive Takes Down Personal Copy Of “Plandemic” – “If there was ever a time in history to pay attention, it’s now. It’s now obvious that we all need to keep our eyes and ears open to that which Big Tech and the government continue to censor to “save us” from “misinformation.” Google Drive, at the request of The Washington Post, has taken down a user’s personal copy of the movie “Plandemic.”” – Mac Slavo

15 Things You Can Do To Prepare For Uncertain Times & An Uncertain Economy (Getting Ready For The Next Round) – Erica Nygaard

Nextdoor Helps Spread Neighborhood Snitching By Showering Law Enforcement With Gifts – “Community platform Nextdoor is going to great lengths to become the go-to platform to snitch on your neighbors.” – MassPrivateI

Canadian Woman Up-Cycles Old School Buses into Greenhouses – Return To Now  – GOOD IDEA!!!!!

Fire Without Matches – Fail-proof techniques (Step by Step) – Dan Mowinski




Re-Opening the Economy Won’t Fix What’s Broken – “Re-opening a fragile, brittle, bankrupt, hopelessly perverse and corrupt “normal” won’t fix what’s broken.” – Charles Hugh Smith

The Stock Market and Consumer Sentiment Are Telling Different Stories – “Stocks have rebounded off March lows, while sentiment is near the lowest level in nearly a decade” – Paul Vigna  –  THE FED CAN’T PROP UP ( “RIG” ) SENTIMENT LIKE THEY DO THE MARKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


An Epocalypse Upon Us – “It took the kick of a virus to set everything in place, but all the parts are now falling where I said they would once the next recession began.” – David Haggith

Fed Admits Corporate Bond Buying Will Be at Least a 5-Year Debt Bailout – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Suddenly Everything is Too Big to Fail (VIDEO) with John Rubino – Greg Hunter

It Starts: The Corporate Mega-Bailout Bonanza in Europe, Germany on Top – Nick Corbishley

Gold Hammered Lower On Heavy Volume. Chinese Yuan Slammed – “Something is going on behind the scenes.” – Tyler Durden

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.80EUR




Ecclesiastes 11:1    Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.