COVID vaccine: what else could they put in the shot? – “There has never been a greater opportunity to deploy one vaccine against so many people. So it’s certainly not out of line to consider a “dual use.”” – Jon Rappoport

CDC: Coronavirus fatality rate could be as low as 0.26% – “Earlier estimates pegged the rate significantly higher” – Daniel Payne

The Economic “Reopening” Is A Fake Out – “Simply declaring “America has reopened” while keeping many restrictions in place in certain parts of the country is a bit of a farce. And, reopening with the intention of implementing lockdowns again in a matter of weeks without explaining the situation to the public is a scam of the highest order. When the globalists at MIT say “We are not going back to normal”; this is what they mean. Right now, the general public (at least in some parts of the country) is cheering the reopenings, but what they don’t realize is that the reopenings are an illusion. Restrictions are going to remain in place in many states and cities, while they will be lifted and then re-instituted in others. In fact the situation is going to become much worse over time, by design.” – Brandon Smith  – GREAT ARTICLE FROM BRANDON, AS USUAL!!!!!!

Witchcraft or Vaccines? Covid-19 vaccine will contain GMOs and “continuous” aborted human fetal cells, which develop into CANCER in your body -S.D. Wells

Unvaccinated Children are Healthier than Vaccinated Children – Most Censored Topic in the U.S.? – ““Vaccines are safe and effective.” “The science on vaccines is settled.” These statements are the official dogma of Big Pharma and the U.S Government health agencies, and anyone in the corporate media who has ever tried to challenge these statements of belief has been quickly silenced.” – Brian Shilhavy

The Top Twelve Lies about Covid19. – “Elsewhere on this site we go in some detail into the science of epidemics and other matters. This article is just a quick run-down of the Top Twelve Lies.” – Keith

BIG PHARMA steered public money away from pandemic research and into PROFIT-MAKING projects for years – watchdog – “Officials in Brussels wanted to co-fund research that would have ensured the European Union (EU) was better prepared for a pandemic akin to the one we are experiencing today. But their partners, the big pharmaceutical companies, rejected the proposal, ensuring that taxpayer money would go instead into studies with more potential for commercial application. In short big-pharma lobbyists were allowed to steer billions of euros of public funds as they saw fit, a damning new report claims.” – RT




Memorial Day 2020: Liberty Won With Blood, Now Easily Surrendered – “The very heroes we remember would be ashamed to know how quickly Americans gave up the precious gift of freedom.” – Kelli Ballard

Time to Get Out of Dodge? – “The coronavirus is presently being used by the powers that be to remove one freedom after another. And whilst some people vainly hope that, once the virus has subsided, freedoms will return, that notion is quite mistaken. The White House’s virus guru Anthony Fauci has stated that the world will never return to what was considered “normal” before the coronavirus. No virus has ever behaved in this manner before, yet, under this notion, the globalists are really coming out of the woodwork, announcing an ever-growing number of new controls to cope with the anticipated encores. Perhaps the most disturbing of these is the planned introduction of a federally funded tracking system for all citizens, to determine their locations 24/7 and to track their behaviour.” – Jeff Thomas  – GREAT ARTICLE FROM JEFF!!!!

WHAT WOULD COOL HAND LUKE & VIRGIL HILTS DO? – “As the plebs were thrown $1,200 and an extra $600 of unemployment for a few months by their elected politicians and small businesses were thrown a life preserver attached to an anvil, these same corporately captured political operatives and Wall Street puppets at the Fed delivered trillions of immediate wealth to their true patrons – banking and corporate oligarchs. And to be clear, your government overlords were just giving you back the money they have stolen from your paycheck.” – Jim Quinn  – LONG, BUT GREAT READ FROM JIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘You Complete Blithering Idiot’: Ann Coulter Trashes ‘Shallow and Broken Man’ Trump for Attacking Sessions – “I will never apologize for supporting the issues that candidate Trump advocated, but I am deeply sorry for thinking that this shallow and broken man would show even some remote fealty to the promises that got him elected.” – Josh Feldman

Who Deserves Impeachment More – Trump or Schiff? – Daniel Lazare

The Unspooling – “What “the Resistance” really fears more than anything is General Michael Flynn’s mouth. He’s been under a judicial gag order since his case went before Judge Emmet Sullivan’s federal district court. Understandably, Gen. Flynn wasn’t eager to complicate his unjust plight with a contempt citation. Judge Sullivan’s recent shenanigans have one object: to keep that gag order in force as long as possible. The moment Judge Sullivan confirms the DOJ’s move to dismiss the charges, as he is duty-bound to do, General Flynn will be free to offer his views to the public. That might be inconvenient in an election season. I’m sure he has a lot to say.” – James Howard Kunstler  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!

Is Trump’s New Cold War Necessary? – Tom Luango

China Derangement Syndrome: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

The New York Times Editorial Board Is a Threat to Multicultural America – “New York Times Preaches Hatred of White People, Attacks US Military as White Supremacy. Why does the New York Times lie, brainwash blacks into hatred of whites, and attempt to brainwash whites into guilt for the creation of a New World labor force four centuries ago? Why do Americans tolerate the New York Times formenting of racial hatred in a mulicultural society?” – Paul Craig Roberts

NYT Hypocrisy – “Devoting much of its Sunday edition to listing names and a one-line description of 1,000 Americans lost to COVID-19, 1% of the total so far, was typical Times hypocrisy. The shameless display ignored the horrific toll on ordinary people in the US and worldwide from what appears to be US biological warfare on humanity — unleashed for greater wealth, power, and control over planet earth, its resources and populations.” – Stephen Lendman

“Shocking”: Americans Flood Beaches, Trampling Social Distancing Rules – “The battle between staying sane while cooped up in a home for months versus the ongoing pandemic is a challenging situation to balance. While some are venturing outside in absolute horror, others are putting their party face on and disregarding local public health orders. Thousands of vacationers, few with masks and ignoring social distancing rules, flocked to Ocean City, Maryland for Memorial Day weekend.” – Tyler Durden  – MAYBE THEY ARE JUST FED UP WITH BEING TOLD WHAT THEY CAN AND CAN’T DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coronavirus, Gun Violence, and Lame Leftist ‘Logic’ – Scott Morefield

‘Socially Distanced’ Funerals Inflict Even More Suffering On The Bereaved – “The mourning of a loved one is best done with those who knew and loved him: family, friends, and church members. It’s hard to do alone.” – Christine Weerts  – AS DOES NOT BEING ABLE TO BE WITH YOUR LOVED ONES WHO ARE DYING IN A HOSPITAL!!!!!!

The Pleasures of Life Are Being Destroyed by the Criminal State and Its Enforcers – “Once a society succumbs to the rule of tyrants, and allows their lives to be forcibly taken from them, a once real and pleasurable life is replaced by routine, isolation, and almost robotic monotony. In that environment, emotion and passion are not possible, and without emotion and passion, all that is left is hopelessness.” – Gary D. Barnett

Covid-19 And The Globalists Not-So-Stealthy Attempt To Overthrow America Have Led Our Nation Into Completely Unknown Territory And It Reeks Of Tyranny! – Stefan Stanford

Kim Jong Un Oversees Meeting To Increase NK’s ‘Nuclear War Deterrence’ – Tyler Durden

What Next if US Exits From Open Skies Treaty? – Kester Kenn Klomegah

US Government Weakens Regulations on GMOs Despite Public Distrust – “Under the new regime, many GMOs that are currently regulated will no longer be subject to agency oversight, with developers (e.g. chemical companies creating these GMOs, such as Monsanto/Bayer) allowed to “self-determine” the regulatory status of their experimental GE organisms.” – Sustainable Pulse  – HOW CONVENIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Est. 10,000 4G and 5G Small Cell Towers in NYC Despite Illness, Exposure Warnings, and Opposition – B.N. Frank  – HMM, AND COINCIDENTALLY HIGH AMOUNT OF CASES OF THE VIRUS. JUST SAYIN’!!!!!!

Is 5G Safe? hmmm….. – “From what I can understand there is no real benefit to the upgrade for the masses – that’s you and me. There seems to be two benefits for the satanic globalist – it helps AI run smoother, quicker and more efficient and quantum computing – not for you and me – is possible. I feel confident there are other benefits – probably military in nature – but for the moment, these two are pretty huge pieces for the satanic globalist to tighten the noose.” – Rory Hall

Six Things Real Preppers Never Do! (VIDEO) – M.D. Creekmore

New Zealand Gun Owners Take Govt. to Court over Gun Ban as Gun Crime Soars -Teresa Mull




The “Lockdown” Has Turned America Into a Despotic, Cash-Strapped Basket-Case – “Economic activity across the country has collapsed, GDP is shrinking at the fastest pace on record, and the economic data is worse than anytime in history. Every sector of the economy is contracting and every economic indicator is pointing down.” – Mike Whitney

The Student Debt Bubble Implosion: $1.68 trillion in student loan debt and a big portion is not being paid while COVID-19 is only making it worse – My Budget 360

The Unemployment Rate Signals The Dow Jones Index To Crash To This Level – Steve St. Angelo

THIS Will Break the Financial System. Fed Parabolic Inflation Against Real Deflation (VIDEO) – The Money GPS

Why Isn’t the Dollar Collapsing Given Trillions in Printing? – “Meanwhile given all this competitive currency debasement, I have a question: Got Gold?” – Mish

Gold firms as escalating U.S.-China tensions bolster demand – Eileen Soreng

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.86EUR




Proverbs 10:7  The memory of the just is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot.