The Slippery Slope to Despotism: Paved with Lockdowns, Raids and Forced Vaccinations – “You have no rights. That’s the lesson the government wants us to learn from this COVID-19 business. Well, the government is wrong. For years now, the powers-that-be—those politicians and bureaucrats who think like tyrants and act like petty dictators regardless of what party they belong to—have attempted to brainwash us into believing that we have no right to think for ourselves, make decisions about our health, protect our homes and families and businesses, act in our best interests, demand accountability and transparency from government, or generally operate as if we are in control of our own lives. We have every right, and you know why? Because we were born free.” – John W. Whitehead  – ANOTHER GREAT ARTICLE FROM JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Test Positive for Coronavirus, End Up in a Police Database – Adam Dick

What If the Government Has It Wrong? – “What if the government has it wrong — on the medicine and the law? What if face masks can’t stop the COVID-19 virus? What if quarantining the healthy makes no medical sense? What if staying at home for months reduces immunity? What if more people have been infected with the virus in their homes than outside them? What if there are as many credible scientists and physicians who disagree with the government as those who agree with it? What if the government chooses to listen only to.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health (VIDEO) – “And now that we are presented with the very problem that Gates has been talking about for years, we will soon find that this software developer with no medical training is going to leverage that wealth into control over the fates of billions of people.” – The Corbett Report

The New War on Bioterror: Everyone is a Suspected or Asymptomatic Carrier – “Although officials are not using this exact term, we are now in a War on Bioterror as government after government has declared war on the new coronavirus strain COVID-19. In the old war on terror, the government had to try to frame you as a terrorist or extremist for your actions or views. Now, in the new war on bioterror, everyone is a potential suspect. ” – Makia Freeman

Brainwashing and the New Vocabulary: 12 Words and Phrases I Never Want to Hear Again – “If you’ve been watching any type of media coverage or reading articles, you’ve probably seen or heard a plethora of words and phrases which are currently being perverted due to the coronavirus pandemic. I don’t know about you, but if I never heard “safe” or “new normal” again, I’d be a much happier person. If you feel like people are being brainwashed through repetition, that’s because they are.” – Daisy Luther

Can Government Agents Take Your Temperature Without Permission? – “San Antonio Police can test anyone who enters their building – some localities will try it on the street soon – what happens then?” – Scott D. Cosenza, Esq

This Coronavirus Fraud Is Planned Panic and Murder for the Purpose of Advancing Agendas of Control – “It has taken little time for the people in the Unites States to become a comatose society due the fraud called coronavirus. An easier takeover of the minds of Americans could hardly have been imagined.” – Gary D. Barnett

Masks: Are There Benefits or Just a Comfort Prop? Let the Facts Speak – Jennifer Giustra-Kozek, LPC, NBCC

Richard Moskowitz, MD and homeopath, on vaccination – “Far from producing a genuine immunity, then, my suspicion and my fear is that vaccines act by interfering with and even suppressing the immune response as a whole, in much the same way that radiation, chemotherapy, corticosteroids, and other anti-inflammatory drugs do. Artificial immunization focuses on antibody production, a single aspect of the immune process, disarticulates it, and allows it to stand for the whole, in much the same way as chemical suppression of an elevated blood pressure is accepted as a valid substitute for genuine healing or cure of the patient whose blood pressure has risen.” – Jon Rappoport

WHICH SIDE OF THE “VACCINE INFORMATION WAR” ARE YOU ON? – “In a recently published opinion piece, The New York Times all but declared war against Americans who question the safety of vaccines. Of course, the war being waged is – for the moment – a war of words, an Information War.” – Derrick Broze

A new deadly virus, rabbit hemorrhagic disease, is killing thousands of wild rabbits in the US – N’dea Yancey-Bragg  – THE NEXT DEADLY VIRUS THAT WILL JUMP TO HUMANS, I SUPPOSE!!!!!!!!!!!

Current State of Emergency in California – “California Citizen Finds There Is No Epidemic Level COVID-19 Death Parade In California And All Lockdown Actions Taken By The Governor Are Outside The Law” – Bill Sardi

COVID Lockdowns Will Result in Up to 380,000 Extra Malaria Deaths in 2020. 250,000 of Those of Children Under 5 – “And that’s according to pro-lockdown WHO and Bill & Melinda Gates” – Nawal Sayed




The Gates of Hell: Remove The Gatekeeper & Seal The Doors – “Bill Gates is the gatekeeper to many gates. Whereas he may not hold the keys, he is the host and the central bank that provides access behind each closed door. He is at the heart of every major agenda. The level of control spans much farther than the United States of America, though a vast amount of the funding originates here. These heavily guarded gates are direct access to manifest, control, and monopolize some of the largest and arguably most important industries to man.” – Corey Lynn  – GREAT ARTICLE AGAIN FROM COREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Bill Gates Controls Global Messaging and Censorship – “Facebook and Pinterest said that they will rely on Gates’s WHO and CDC to say which online statements are “misinformation or hoaxes.” Facebook and Google hired “FactChecker” (Politifact) to censor vaccine misinformation. The Gates Foundation is “FactChecker’s” largest funder.” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

COVID-19 Has Replaced Osama bin Laden as the Fall Guy for Lost Liberties – Robert Bridge

No Pandemic Exception to Constitution – “Americans are not going to wait for an official green light from governors and mayors attempting to usurp their rights” – Daniel John Sobieski

What Goes Around Comes Around – “The hypocritical Democrats, having spent three years contriving political fodder against President Trump and his associates are now complaining that the Republicans are doing the same thing to them. In fact, the Republicans are not doing the same thing that the Democrats did. The Democrats made things up, lied, broke law and violated procedures in an effort to frame-up the President of the United States. The Democrats’ investigations were never able to produce a scrap of evidence. In contrast, the Republicans are investigating known breaches of law and procedure. Indeed, enough facts are already known and established to bring indictments, but there are no indictments, just ongoing investigations that seem never to conclude. The Republicans lack decisiveness. Their inability to act in self-defense and in defense of the rule of law has convinced many that no indictments will ever be brought. Republicans are simply incapable of fighting a fight that discredits the US government in which they believe. ” – Paul Craig Roberts  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan Rice Was Directed By Obama White House To Draft Inauguration Day Email To Herself – Tyler Durden

The Susan Rice Email Is Its Own Evidence of a Cover-Up – “The answer is obvious and has always been. You don’t create something as artificial as that email unless you want to manufacture a narrative that covers up what did happen” – Daniel Greenfield

How The Obama Administration Weaponized Surveillance Laws To Target Trump – John Daniel Davidson

Obama fundraises for Democrats, doesn’t mention Joe Biden – “When you’ve got to raise money and can’t bear to name the candidate of your own party, you know there’s an enthusiasm deficit. Good. Even Obama can’t quite bring himself to put in a good word to Democrats on behalf of Creepy Joe.” – Monica Showalter

Gavin Newsom says federal government has “moral” and “ethical” obligation to bail out socialist states that have racked up insurmountable debt – Ethan Huff

Kayleigh McEnany Rips CNN’s Chris Cuomo For Taking ‘Less Safe Version’ Of Hydroxychloroquine – “White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany called out CNN anchor Chris Cuomo Wednesday for mocking President Donald Trump for taking hydroxychloroquine after Cuomo took a less safe version of the drug for his coronavirus treatment.” – Greg Price

CNN Fail: Latest ‘Keeping up With the Cuomos’ Segment Features Q-Tip Size Jokes but No Nursing Home Questions – Sister Toldjah   – STARTING TO BECOME THE CUOMO COMEDY HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The World’s Reaction to the Corona Virus Missing a More Fundamental Point – “The actions of the United States need to be interpreted in the light of what this writer argues is a fundamental and transformative shift in the world’s economic power balance. It is in fact a reversal to what had historically been the centre of balance of the world’s economic power, Asia. The reactions of the United States are to be interpreted in the light of this ongoing fundamental shift in the centre of the world economic, political and military balance. Their self-image never conceived such a decline in power and status.” – James ONeill

How To Understand All This China Stuff – “To understand what’s going on with China and why the “news” media keep punching you in the face with stories about how awful it is, you really only need to grasp two basic points:” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Pure Evil Pompeo Doctrine – “Pompeo represents the worst of what imperial arrogance and destructiveness are all about, a hooligan masquerading as a diplomat with presidential ambitions, dictatorial ones no doubt. Time and again, he takes dead aim against against sovereign nations he wants transformed into US vassal states — Iran and China two of his main targets.” – Stephen Lendman

Our dimwitted police state – “We have handed unprecedented powers to bumbling idiots. The Crown Prosecution Service has revealed that every single person prosecuted under the Coronavirus Act, which gives police powers to detain ‘potentially infectious’ people, was wrongfully charged.” – Tom Slater

Toledo: 911 Lines Flooded With People Reporting Others For “Not Social Distancing” – “Police forced to ask snitches to call alternative number.” – Paul Joseph Watson

China signals plan to take full control of Hong Kong – Anna Fifield and Shibani Mahtani

Nicola Sturgeon Is Leading Scotland Out of Lockdown, and Out of the UK – Johanna Ross

After Dams Fail, Dow Admits Floodwaters in Midland, Michigan ‘Commingling’ With Toxic Chemical Storage Ponds – “This has the potential to be a major environmental disaster.” – Eoin Higgins

10 Tips To Make Your Home Burglar-Proof – Bob Rodgers




Another 2.4 Million Unemployed Last Week: 38 Million Jobless, Nasdaq +35% In COVID America – “we have lost 413 jobs for every confirmed US death from COVID-19” – Tyler Durden

Social Security will run out of money in 2029 because of Covid – Simon Black

Mortgage delinquencies surge by 1.6M in April, the biggest monthly jump ever – Jessica Menton

In Last Bailout, the Fed Outsourced Management to the Banks Being Bailed Out – then Paid them Huge Fees for their Work – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

What is Really the Game with the Bailouts? – “The scheme is to crash their economies and then blame everything on the virus and then blame Trump for not bailing them out for the 2020 election. This is a very clever scheme being relayed in whispers from behind the curtain. They are using this virus as cover to bail out 70 years of fiscal mismanagement.” – Martin Armstrong

Central Bank Digital Currencies On the Way – Mish

The Silver Breakout is Here (VIDEO/PODCAST) with Keith Neumeyer – Palisade Radio

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.72EUR




Job 33:32   If thou hast anything to say, answer me: speak, for I desire to justify thee.



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