Dr. Fauci Ex employee Judy Mikovits Speaks PLANDEMIC pt 1 Covid 19 (VIDEO) – Adam M.  – WATCHED THIS LAST NIGHT, AN ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH BEFORE IT IS TAKEN DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

China’s Covid Cover-Up, Economic War And The Elites Who Benefit – “the elites of China and the elites of the US are on the same team and have the same goals. There is no war, at least not at the top of the pyramid. Their stated goals include the creation of a one world digital currency system controlled by the International Monetary Fund and a 24/7 surveillance society in which every person on the planet is tracked through biometrics and through the blockchain. Without the tracking, participation is denied. In other words, you submit or you starve. The pandemic, or the war on the “invisible enemy” as Trump calls it, is an excellent cover event for these goals.” – Brandon Smith

When Governments Switched Their Story from “Flatten the Curve” to “Lockdown until Vaccine” – “This flatten-the-curve narrative persisted for two weeks or so, but at some point in late March and early April, the narrative switched to something new. The new narrative was this: the death toll will simply be too gruesome and unbearable to allow people to continue on with some semblance of an ordinary life. So, we must keep society locked down indefinitely until a vaccine is found or until there can be enough testing and tracking of infections among the entire population.” – Ryan McMaken

Suspicion and Skepticism are Vaccines for Deception – Doug “Uncola” Lynn

Lockdowns: looks like an op, smells like an op, walks six feet apart like an op – “The Bill Gates plan involves a mother of all vaccines for COVID, mandated across the globe, before the lockdowns end. That’s his psychopathic wet dream. Then, coming in behind that, his lackey, the World Health Organization, along with the professional liars at the CDC, will add—“we must mandate EVERY vaccine…” To pull off a mandated global vaccine for eight billion people takes a manufactured crisis. Fake virus plus real lockdown is the crisis.” – Jon Rappoport  – GREAT ARTICLE FROM JON, ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Globalist Plot to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine Exposes Shocking Satanic Conspiracy – State of the Nation

‘Time’s Up! It’s Going To Get Ugly!’ – You Really Cannot Make This Stuff Up: House Proposes HR 6666 And It’s Tyranny Being Unveiled Before America’s Sleeping Eyes – Stefan Stanford

The Coronavirus Circus Continues – “Welcome to the first U.S. lockdown and quarantine, brought to you by the World Health Organization; covertly funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; and the Centers for Disease Control, a front for vaccine manufacturers; and funded by The World Bank; and enforced by your duly elected State Governors” – Bill Sardi

Professor Lockdown, Neil Ferguson, resigns over sex scandal – “If Trump, Boris Johnson, Merkel, Macron et al had a shred of sense, reason, smarts, and conscience, they would use this incident to attack Ferguson’s reputation and computer model and rip them to shreds. It’s a perfect launch pad. But no. They drone on.” – Jon Rappoport

What Neil Ferguson’s booty call tells us about modern politics – “His hypocrisy is staggering. But it’s his scaremongering we should hold him to account for.” – Brendan O’Neill

German Researchers Discover Effective Anti-COVID-19 Antibodies – “Antibodies aren’t COVID-19 cures, but the discovery by Utrecht University researchers of a “human monoclonal antibody that prevents the SARS-CoV-2 virus (that produces COVID-19 disease) from infecting cultured cells” is a positive development. It’s a step toward finding an effective treatment that may still be a long way off.” – Stephen Lendman

66% of New York COVID-19 cases are in people who STAYED HOME! So why are we staying home again? – “As the brainwashed democratic minion flood social media yelling at people to stay home and using their perceived power to turn people into Facebook and call the police on their neighbors for having one too many people in their backyard, it seems the stay at home or your gonna kill grandma mantra was just a bunch of bullshit. In fact, it looks like there was never any actual science or data used to back it up.” – Off Grid Survival

Evidence mounts that outside is safer when it comes to COVID-19 – Peter Sullivan

2 Fundamental Things You May Have Forgotten in the Whole Virus Crisis – “With all the deliberate and engineered upheaval caused by COVID-19, some basic fundamentals of law, and the government-citizen relationship, have been dismantled and inverted. Be aware of the propaganda efforts to trick you into accepting and allowing tyranny to flourish.” – Makia Freeman

Is A Covid-19 Cover-up At The Center For Disease Control & Prevention Putting All Americans In Danger? History Proves The CDC Is Knee-Deep In Cover-Ups Going Back Decades! – “Was America Imprisoned By A ‘Killer Plandemic’ Planned Long Ago?” – Don Boys, Ph.D.




Do We Still Have a Constitution? – Andrew P. Napolitano  – ANOTHER EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JUDGE NAPOLITANO!!!!!!!

Trump Against the Government: Officials Conflicted Over Lying for the President – “There has also been reports that the Trump White House has in fact been pushing the intelligence community (IC) to “hunt for evidence” linking the virus to the Wuhan laboratory, suggesting that the entire China gambit is mostly political, to have a scapegoat available in case the troubled handling of the virus in the United States becomes a fiasco and therefore a political liability.” – Philip Giraldi


Russian collusion emperor Adam Schiff about to be exposed today and it won’t be pretty – “The bug-eyed House intelligence committee chairman is now “in panic mode.”” – Monica Showalter

Cuomo Announces Partnership with Bill Gates to “Revolutionize” NY Schools in Wake of Coronavirus – “New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he will use the COVID-19 virus as an opportunity to “revolutionize” the state’s school system, inviting Bill Gates to implement his controversial ideas about education.” – Alan Macleod  – MR. GATES IS STARTING TO GET WAY TOO MUCH POWER IN THE WAY THIS COUNTRY IS RUN. PEOPLE BETTER WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was lynched! Parents of unarmed black jogger, 25, shot and killed by two white men question why the ‘vigilantes’ haven’t been arrested as LeBron James and Joe Biden lead calls demanding justice – Andrew Court, Adam S. Levy and Matthew Wright   – OUTRIGHT MURDER FROM ANY RACE SHOULD NEVER BE TOLERATED. HOWEVER I AM SURE THAT SOME WILL USE THIS TRAGEDY AS A CALL FOR MORE GUN CONTROL AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!

Weaponizing the Dollar – “Don’t worry, we’re still talking virus, just from a slightly different angle. The US cannot default on China’s holdings of its Treasuries. That alone would be a larger threat to the reserve currency status than anything anybody else could do, other then nuclear war. But at the same time, China cannot dump its Treasury holdings. because that would hurt … China. ” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

New OPCW Leaks Prove They Are Lying To Us About Syria – “We were lied to about Douma, and we’re being lied to about the coverup. The US has a lot invested in its ability to launch military strikes based on scant or nonexistent evidence without international backlash, so there’s a lot at stake for the corrupt mass murderers in charge of the most powerful military force in the history of civilization. It makes perfect sense that they are doing everything they can to hide the truth.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Cash is Trash, Especially for the Post-COVID World – “It’s been no secret that the elite of the world want us to stop transacting in cash because it is something they can’t track. Sweden has flirted with the cashless society while the European Union did away with large denomination bills the same way the U.S. has been phasing them out. But the reality is that the push for removing cash from society is to put all of our financial dealings in databases which gives authorities a record of everything you do. As governments around the world become increasingly bankrupt they naturally look for ways to improve tax compliance as well as create profiles of anyone they deem a threat to their continued existence. That’s the real reason for why ‘cash is trash’ to authorities.” – Tom Luongo

What Will Schools Look Like After COVID? Prison Camps. They’ll Look Like Prison Camps. – Daisy Luther


California’s Newsom vows no ‘normal’ for state until the coronavirus vaccine is ready – “It’s almost as if he likes it like this.” – Monica Showalter

It Begins. California Official Announces Program to Remove People with COVID-19 From Their Homes to Quarantine Centers (VIDEO) – Jim Hoft

California Sheriff Defies Gavin Newsom: I Refuse to Make Criminals out of Business Owners and Moms – Brandon Morse

Facebook’s New Censorship Czar Is Anti-Trump Leftist Who Made Barron A Punch Line – “Gee, I wonder where this is going.” – Chip Somodevilla

Has The Covid-1984 Police Arrived? It Seems So In Australia – Rory Hall

Small Business Owner Jailed Over Lockdown While Criminal Sex Offenders Are Released! (VIDEO) – “I hope you are all enjoying your government mandated lockdowns, as millions and millions of people are out of work and billions of people around the world are on lockdowns. As the so called experts, like Bill Gates and his co conspirator, Dr Tony Fauci say things will never be the same. Everyday we are reaching new profound levels of absurdity, as we continue full steam ahead into the new normal of COVID-1984.” – Spiro Skouras

A Grim New Normal Ahead? – “Do ongoing events mark the beginning of an unacceptable dystopian future — combining the worst of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World?” – Stephen Lendman

As Restaurants Remain Shuttered, American Cities Fear the Future – “Restaurants “are major employers of 9.7 million people across the country and are a critical source of revenues for local budgets” – Shekh Shahrukh

3 McDonald’s workers hurt after customer attack over coronavirus limits, Oklahoma police say – Dennis Romero

Protection Dogs: An Expert’s Guide to Finding the Right Faithful Guardian – Alex Dunbar




“Biblical” Wave Of Bankruptcies Is About To Flood The US – Tyler Durden

According To A Shocking New Survey, 52% Of Small Businesses “Expect To Be Out Of Business Within Six Months” – Michael Snyder

US National Debt Spiked by $1.5 trillion in 6 Weeks, to $25 trillion. Fed Monetized 90% – Wolf Richter

Congress Sets Up Taxpayers to Eat $454 Billion of Wall Street’s Losses. Where Is the Outrage? – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

A Perfect Storm for Silver is Arriving (VIDEO) – “The good kind of storm, by the way.” – Silver Fortune

A New Day Has Dawned for Gold and Silver – “Expect bouts of amped up investment desire leading to recurrent shortages and steep premiums. To run with this trend, institute a regular program of adding to your holdings.” – David Smith

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.55EUR




Isaiah 5:21  Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!