USA Today Fact Check: It’s True Hospitals Are Paid More If Patients Listed as COVID-19, on Ventilators – “Don’t worry, nobody has ever acted on a powerful financial incentive” – Michelle Rogers

Things I Would Think of Doing Today Without Delay – “Stop watching television, the great propaganda machine. That will reduce anxiety. The Xanax pills can stay in the drawer.” – Bill Sardi  – SOME GOOD ADVICE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Covid-19 our new religion, and the face mask its cross? – “As fear and uncertainty swirl around the Covid-19 epidemic, an invisible evil potentially lurking anywhere, protective measures like masks have taken on a talismanic quality, and a religion built on shaming ‘heretics’ is growing. Even the simplest, most scientifically-sound measures like hand-washing have taken on a ritualistic cast, as the virus-fearing infuse them with terrified zeal. There’s nothing wrong with clinging to ritual in a time of uncertainty, especially rituals like hand-washing and wearing masks that come highly recommended by health agencies and have previously been shown to slow the spread of contagion. However, the science is far from settled on the effectiveness of social distancing and sweeping economic shutdowns.” – Helen Buyniski

Coronavirus response: Ban alcohol, free speech, and homeschooling – Simon Black

CHICAGO HEALTH COMMISSIONER TELLS PUBLIC A MASS VACCINATION CAMPAIGN IS UNDERWAY, ‘WE’VE ALREADY BOUGHT THE SYRINGES’ – “Arwady appears to be very enthusiastic about the vaccine campaign, which is also no surprise, as the general tenor of the growing vaccine conversation is very much matter-of-fact, as though there is no controversy or debate about whether a vaccine is necessary or even safe.” – Alex Pietrowski

Being Afraid and Eliminating Exposure to Germs Leads to Death by Fear and Germs: Unless the Government Kills You First – Gary D. Barnett

The Undeniable Correlation Between Lockdown and the Unprecedented Destruction of Economies, Jobs and Lives – Rob Slane

Can We Combat COVID-19 With Nutrients? – Laraine Abbey-Katzev RN, MS, CNS

California ER Physicians: Sheltering in Place Does More Harm than Good – Lowers Our Immune System – “Typically you quarantine the sick. When someone has measles, you quarantine them. We’ve never seen where we quarantine the healthy, where you take those without disease, and without symptoms, and lock them in (their) home.” – Brian Shilhavy




Trump Disinfectant Injection Theory Takes World — and Lysol — by Storm – “I, personally, think the president was inspired to come up with the Trump UV therapy plan while using his tanning bed (and maybe sniffing bleach) to think we could all have the same healthy, virus-defying orange glow the president emits after a prolonged session.” – David Haggith

Globalism: Lysol-Huffing For Elites – “Look, don’t get me wrong: nothing justifies Trump’s crackpot daily digressions. He’s a lunatic. But let us not assume that the experts are always right, or always have the public’s interest foremost to mind in their policy recommendations. Nobody — well, almost nobody — is going to inject Clorox into their veins, or huff Lysol, because our dingbat president wondered aloud if it might cure coronavirus. But this nation spent a generation putting itself at the mercy of the Chinese Communist Party on the basis of sober, thoughtful advice from experts, Republican and Democratic, who believed globalization was the way of the future.” – Rod Dreher

The Digital Revolution Is Inconsistent With Liberty – Paul Craig Roberts

Disgusting: Democrats threaten to expel Democratic lawmaker for surviving COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine and thanking Trump – “Michigan’s already grossly unpopular governor, Gretchen Whitmer, who banned garden seed sales, mowing the lawn, and visiting one’s own getaway cabin, has actually been making time in her busy schedule to send crank texts to the lawmaker, Karen Whitsett.” – Monica Showalter

1993 CNN Clip Unearthed Of Biden Accuser’s Mother Telling Larry King Of “Problems” With “Prominent Senator” – Tyler Durden

Making America Poor Again – Jacob G. Hornberger   – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!

What Does Satanic Globalism Look Like, Sound Like and Act Like? – “A lot of people in the so-called “alternative media” dismiss Tucker Carlson as a shill or puppet or whatever. They are usually doing this while quoting CNN, MSNBC or one of the other hardcore Operation Mockingbird corporate media outlets, but that’s not why we’re here. Tucker Carlson is a rare bird. Is he a propagandist, a “shill”, a disinformation agent? I don’t know. What I do know is he is unafraid of speaking truth directly to the face of power.” – Rory Hall

Trump: Live by the Oil, Die by the Oil – Tom Luango

Trump’s Own Military Mafia – Danny Sjursen

Leak of sealed evidence in the Michael Flynn case points to a high-ranking deep state operative as a key to the Russia hoax conspiracy at DOJ and FBI – Thomas Lifson

COVID Bailouts for The BIGS. Crumbs for Us (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM GERALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exceptionalistic Claptrap – “The relative decline of the U.S. is not a new development. It has been visible to outside observes for more than 20 years. But it is only now that some of the delusions that Hollywood, main stream media and the establishment have held up for the last 20 years are finally falling away. More such delusions will be buried when the extent of the new great depression the pandemic will cause becomes more visible.” – Moon of Alabama  – GOOD OP-ED!!!!!

Japanese media reports N. Korea’s Kim Jong Un in vegetative state – “Shukan Gendai claims individual from dictator’s Chinese medical team divulged information” – Sophia Yang

Did Vladimir Putin Just Create a Different World Order? – “Economies are tumbling because most are based on energy and other unsustainable output, and Putin has insulated Russia from such economic squeezes. The reality of Vladimir Putin’s strategy, as always, is in the simple pragmatic approach he takes to problems.” – Phil Butler

US Role in Destabilizing Yemen and Somalia Could Spark “Famine of Biblical Proportions” – “The World Food Program is warning that Yemen and countries in the Horn of Africa – not coincidentally states that the US has been destabilizing for decades, could face mass starvation amid the coronavirus pandemic.” – Alan Macleod

U.S. Concocting Intel to Frame China for COVID-19 Crisis – Finian Cunningham

Will China Use Economic Insecurity to Buy Up Stakes in the US and Europe? – Daisy Luther

$10 Billion Illinois Pension Bailout Request Ignites Controversy – “GOP critics call the plea from Democratic state lawmakers, folded into a coronavirus relief package, ‘infuriating.’ ” – CIO




Is Physical Money on the Verge of Elimination? – Stefan Gleason

Crooks and Criminals – Gold and Silver SUPRESSION – Upside Imminent (VIDEO) with Ted Butler – Crush the Street

Used-Vehicle Wholesale Volume Collapsed, Prices Drop: Mega-Pain for Automakers, Leasing Companies, Rental-Car Companies, Banks, Bondholders, Stockholders – “No one has ever seen a mess like this before.” – Wolf Richter





Deuteronomy 9:6    Understand therefore, that the Lord thy God giveth thee not this good land to possess it for thy righteousness; for thou art a stiffnecked people.