Social distancing: the rationale, the insanity- “How about an obvious strategy: make people immune as quickly as possible. No lockdowns, no social distancing, no self-isolation. Expose everyone to the virus. Naturally. Not via a vaccine. In the old days, parents would hold parties for their children at the house of a child who had developed measles. Let the kiddies get the red spots and be done with it. Make them immune.” – Jon Rappoport

Coronacide – “It looks like it will be two orders of magnitude—globally from tens of millions of deaths down to hundreds of thousands and in the US from millions of deaths down to tens of thousands. That is not just misplaced charity; it’s downright delusional. The Ruling Caste accepted the projections because they were the avenue to what they wanted, those “dictatorial measures.”” – Robert Gore  – SHORT AND TO THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill Gates Continues To Push ‘Immunity Passports’ And Tech-Enabled Surveillance State To Combat COVID – Tyler Durden

What’s In It For Bill Gates – Does He Want To Rule The World? (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

De-mystifying the Coronavirus Statistics. Read Carefully: The Risks Are Exceedingly Low! – “Please pay attention to the following statistical facts that contradict what is being propagandized on every media outlet, including television, radio and national, regional and local print media:” – Dr. Gary G. Kohls  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Seven-Step Path from Pandemic to Totalitarianism – “There are just seven steps from pandemic declaration to permanent totalitarianism – and many jurisdictions are about to start Step 5” – Rosemary Frei

Techno-Tyranny: How The US National Security State Is Using Coronavirus To Fulfill An Orwellian Vision – Whitney Webb

In London Alone 600 People a Week More Are Now Dying From Heart Attack Because They Were Afraid to Go to Hospital – “Fear-fueling lockdowns aren’t saving anyone, but they sure are killing plenty of people” – Marko Marjanović – I SUPPOSE THESE DEATHS SHOULD COUNT AS VIRUS DEATHS TOO, RIGHT. BECAUSE THE VIRUS BASICALLY CAUSED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TAIWAN: No Lockdowns, No Closed Businesses, Non-WHO Member, and Relatively Unaffected by COVID-19 – “Johns Hopkins University had predicted that Taiwan would have the second most COVID-19 cases in the world, due to its close proximity to Mainland China. But astonishingly, in spite of being only 80 miles from the coast of China with over 400,000 of its 24 million citizens working in China, as of mid-April, the country only had 400 cases of COVID-19, and only 6 deaths. And the vast majority of their 400 cases came into the country from abroad. But unlike the U.S. and many other countries, Taiwan did not quarantine the entire nation. They focused on quarantining travelers coming in from abroad in their own homes, while the rest of the nation went about their business, with some restrictions in place such as wearing face masks, and practicing social distancing.” – Brian Shilhavy

covid 19 from a respiratory therapist perspective (VIDEO) – Graham M. Lawrence  – GOOD VIDEO IF THIS MAN IS TRULY A RESPIRATORY THERAPIST. NO WAY TO KNOW FOR SURE. WOULD LIKE TO SEE SOME REFERENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

565 Americans Have Lost Their Job For Every Confirmed COVID-19 Death In The US – Tyler Durden


‘Incredibly small’ chance of mass vaccine or treatment in next year: UK official – Reuters




‘The Bill of Rights Is Above My Pay Grade’ – “The loss of liberty is at hand. Every day in America, mayors and governors — not one of whom is constitutionally or lawfully empowered to author laws and assign punishments for their noncompliance — are imposing new standards of behavior that nullify liberty in the name of public safety.” – Andrew P. Napolitano  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JUDGE NAPOLITANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pandemic And Economic Collapse: The Next 60 Days – “” – Brandon Smith  – GOOD ANALYSIS FROM BRANDON, AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Have Become Karen Nation – Tom Luango  – GREAT ARTICLE FROM TOM!!!!!!!!!!

Monitoring the Public After Coronavirus – “It is too early to say when or even whether the siege initiated by the coronavirus will end, but many Americans and Europeans are speculating over what kind of countries will emerge on the other side. National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden, who exposed illegal spying on American citizens, recently predicted that there would be a “slide into a less liberal and less free world,” that the surveillance systems being created to monitor the spread of the disease would become an “architecture of oppression.” To be sure he has a point in that governments have historically used crises to expand their powers. After the crisis is over, the emergency power granted to manage the activity of the people tends to be retained.” – Philip Giraldi

Another hydroxychloroquine clown show from a mad doctor and a Trump-hating press – Monica Showalter

Narrative Insanity – “I said when this started that the claims made by the so-called “medical exSPURTS” were a load of bull**** and the data didn’t add up. Now it’s coming out from all sides, but the economic and budgetary damage is just starting. It’ll be a while — like it was in the 70s — before the really ugly gets to us. Except this time it’s happening with the federal budget and balance sheet impaired to a degree never before envisioned. How long do we have before it all goes to crap?” – Karl Denninger

The US Slipping into Poverty Before Our Eyes – Vladimir Odintsov

The Unfortunate Things We May Have Learned About the People in Our Circle During Lockdown – Daisy Luther

Trump Draws A Reckless ‘Red Line’ In The Sea – Daniel Larison

Misinterpreting the Constitution, a Trump Specialty – “Nearly all US presidents reinterpreted international, constitutional, and US statute laws time and again. Notably they illegally usurped powers regarding the laws of war by ignoring them — why the US is perpetually at war against invented enemies.” – Stephen Lendman

Believe All Women – Unless They Accuse Joe Biden – Daniel Greenfield

Former NSC Chief Of Staff: John Brennan Buried Evidence That Putin Actually Favored Hillary In 2016 – David Krayden

The Chinese Health Organization? – “The COVID-19 pandemic, much like a major war, is a defining moment for the world – one that demands major reforms of international institutions. The World Health Organization, whose credibility has taken a severe beating of late, is a good place to start. The WHO is the only institution that can provide global health leadership. But, at a time when such leadership is urgently needed, the body has failed miserably. Before belatedly declaring the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic on March 11, the WHO provided conflicting and confusing guidance. More damaging, it helped China, where the crisis originated, to cover its tracks.” – Brahma Chellaney

Coronavirus Updates: Cuomo Taps Bloomberg To Lead COVID-19 Contact “Tracing Army” – Elizabeth Kim and Jake Offenhartz

Greta Thunberg’s renewed environmental jihad is irrelevant, insulting, and needs to be shelved – “The earth’s being ravaged by a devastating disease, yet climate activist Greta Thunberg still wants you to feel ashamed for what little of your normal lifestyle remains intact. But now more than ever, we need new role models. But fear not, Greta’s here. Again. Ms Thunberg has emerged from her hiatus to remind the (Western) world that, in addition to worrying about our health, our newfound unemployment, and the steady erosion of our freedoms, we should still feel bad about our contribution to climate change. In a new video to mark Earth Day, her Fridays for Future organization warns us that “our house is on fire.”” – Graham Dockery  – THE MEDIA DARLING HAS TO GET HER TWO CENTS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Pandemic drone’ test flights are monitoring social distancing – “The flights taking place in a COVID-19 hotspot in Connecticut use sensors to detect the virus’ symptoms from afar. The drones include specialized sensor and computer vision systems that can display a person’s temperature, heart and respiratory rates, as well as detect people sneezing or coughing in a crowd, the release said. The technology can accurately detect infectious conditions from 190 feet away, as well as measure social distancing efforts,” – Alison DeNisco Rayome   – BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING MORE AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Next Generation: Giant Locust Armies Of “Biblical Proportions” Threaten To Cause Mass Starvation In Africa – Michael Snyder

8 Lessons Learned From The Great Depression – “These 8 Lessons Learned from the Great Depression should be taken as advice to prepare for the next Greater Depression.” – Ken Jorgustin

Sustainable Living: How To Take Control of Your Food Supply – Sara Tipton




How Could This Possibly Happen? – “We exist in a time of “firsts”… A microbe shutters the global economy for the first occasion in history… the stock market careens from bull market to bear market in record time… never have so many millions filed for unemployment in so short a stretch… And now a barrel of oil fetches less than zero.” – Brian Maher

Consequences, Crashes and Coronavirus – Gary Christenson

Ten Things You Can Do Now to Curb Wall Street’s Wealth Transfer System – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

What’s Going on in the Silver Market? – Peter Schiff

Mortgage Delinquencies Rise in March, First Time Since 2000 – Mish

Fed Lies And Money Printing: Rocket Fuel For Gold (VIDEO) – Dave Kranzler

Gold on the Cusp of Reaching $2,100 (VIDEO) – Chris Vermeulen

Covid-19: Half of France’s private sector workers now unemployed – France24

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –5.81EUR




Psalm 10:18   To judge the fatherless and the oppressed, that the man of the earth may no more oppress.