Coronavirus Silence Is Not Golden: The Pathetic Truth About Americans – “We are in the middle of the single biggest takeover of humanity that has ever been attempted, and it is being prosecuted by the few due to the extreme fear evident amongst the general population. This takeover is due to a fraudulent virus scare cooked up by those seeking world domination, and whose agenda is evil.” – Gary D. Barnett

Here’s what Sharyl Attkisson told me about the 2009 “pandemic” – “Secretly, the CDC had stopped counting cases of Swine Flu. What? Why? CBS investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, discovered the CDC secret; and she found out why. The routine testing of tissue samples from the most likely Swine Flu patients was coming back, in the overwhelming percentage of cases, with: NO SIGN OF SWINE FLU OR ANY OTHER KIND OF FLU. Attkisson wrote an article about this scandal, and it was published on the CBS News website. However, the next, bigger step—putting out the story on CBS television news—was waylaid. No deal. And CBS shut down any future investigation on the subject.” – Jon Rappoport

Bill Gates & Tony Fauci Are Determined To Run The World by Vaccines (VIDEO) with Ron – Paul Spiro

Stop Your Narcissism — COVID-19 Has Nothing to Do With You, It’s an Old People Illness – “Instead of cowering at home like the coward that you are you should be out for the sake of those who are really under threat” – Marko Marjanović

Trump Regime Immunity Certificates for Mass Vaxxing and Population Control – “Orwellian control over the lives and welfare of ordinary people would pose the greatest threat to free and open societies. They’d no longer exist if the worst of it was imposed, notably by manipulating the public mind to accept the unacceptable for our own good. Its modus operandi would include mass deception, mass surveillance, tracking our movements, controlling the message, tolerating no dissent, mass subjection to toxic vaxxing, and instituting draconian totalitarian control as the new normal.” – Stephen Lendman

Immunity certificates: a load of nonsense and a covert op – ” when you penetrate an inch below the surface, you find there are even official/mainstream doubts, grave doubts about the meaning of a positive antibody test. It could mean IMMUNE or it could mean INFECTED. If, indeed, we see a COVID-19 vaccine introduced, another variation on this operation would be: “Under Emergency regulations, everyone must take the shot.” But when you do, you’ll get your very valuable certificate of immunity. You’ll win a prize. Isn’t that wonderful? No. It isn’t. It’s Corona Bologna. It’s all about CONTROL.” – Jon Rappoport

What You’re Not Being Told About COVID-19 Testing – “Why aren’t more people talking about this?!” – Emma Fiala

The Economist Highlights Yet Another Scientific Paper Which Estimates COVID-19 Lethality in the US Is Just 0.1% – “From John Hopkins University which has been one of the main mind virus hype drivers” – The Economist

Danish study reveals that coronavirus may be almost 20 TIMES less deadly than WHO predicted – RT


Modern Medicine Ridicules President’s Coronavirus Drug Plus Zinc Saying There Is No Evidence When Decade-Old Study Is Ignored – Bill Sardi

It’s Time to End the Lockdown – NOW! – “It’s time to end the lockdown, effective immediately. This “live exercise” coronavirus hoax has gone on long enough. We’ve been tricked and trapped with lies. Freedom and rights must be demanded and taken, not meekly begged for. When will self-respect and anger kick in? How much longer are people going to act like sheeple?” – Makia Freeman




Death in Slow Motion – “It is one thing for public officials to use a bully pulpit to educate and even intimidate the populace into a prudent awareness of basic sanitary behaviors — even those which go against our nature — to impede the spread of the virus. It is quite another to contend that their suggestions and intimidations and guidelines somehow have the force of the law behind them.” – Andrew P. Napolitano  – GREAT ARTICLE FROM JUDGE NAPOLITANO, A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, We Are Not “All In This Together”… – “The pandemic along with the economic collapse is going to separate people into clearly definable categories, and many of these groups will be in direct conflict with each other:’ – Brandon Smith  – EXCELLENT ARTICLe FROM BRANDON AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Will America End? A Bang, A Whimper, Or Something Else – Brandon Turbeville

The Shutdown Backlash Is Coming Soon—With a Vengeance – “It’s possible to support the stay-at-home order and still deeply resent it.” – John F. Harris

Elizabeth Warren Joins the Biden Bandwagon, Betrays Supporters – “Judge them by their actions, never their rhetoric, a rule of thumb in evaluating others, notably politicians. They all lie with the rarest of rare exceptions. Warren’s sellout to Dem party bosses followed Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders going the same way — abdicating to wealth and power interests over honor and principles, showing their lofty rhetoric was meaningless, their trustworthiness nil.” – Stephen Lendman

#NeverBiden Isn’t “Privileged”, Supporting The Status Quo Is – Caitlin Johnstone

Is Nancy Pelosi trying to be the most hated woman in America? – Andrea Widburg

Shame On Jill Biden for Allowing This Abuse of Her Husband to Continue – “We all know that there is something mentally wrong with former VP and presumptive DNC pick for president Joe Biden. What makes this disturbing, at least for me, is that no one around him seems to be want to stop the madness. Specifically, it’s horrifying that his wife looks like she’s in on it.” – Brandon Morse

COVID-19: Democrats demand end to border wall construction and migrant detention, calling for illegals to walk free – “At a time when Americans are being told to shelter in place and accept layoffs, why are Democrats advocating for unvetted foreign illegals to freely walk about the country?” – Monica Showalter

Pope Francis goes full fascist, pushes universal basic income, a strategy to enslave the world under government tyranny – Ethan Huff

Declassified Horowitz Footnotes Show Obama Officials Knew Steele Dossier Was Russian Disinformation Designed To Target Trump – “Systemic FBI Effort To Legitimize Steele and Use His Information To Target POTUS” – Sara Carter

Facebook to warn users who ‘liked’ coronavirus hoaxes – AP  – AND JUST WHO DETERMINES WHAT IS A HOAX AND WHAT ISN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baltimore PD Wants 24-Hour HD Surveillance Drones to Enforce Social Distancing – Cassius K

The Russians Get Blamed Again, but Who Is Really Subverting American Democracy? – “It was perhaps inevitable that somehow Russia would eventually be brought into the preferred narrative to serve as a distraction that would derail the media’s 24/7 focus on the White House and its developing response to the virus. The Russian government’s shipment of a planeload of badly needed medical supplies to the United States several weeks ago notwithstanding, Moscow and President Vladimir Putin continue to be useful punching bags for both the national media and both parties in congress.” – Philip Giraldi

U.S. Coercion Is No Match for Cuba’s Internationalist Solidarity – “Cuba is operating from political principles that are proving to be the answer to the ills which Fidel incessantly warned about. The world would do well to remember this.” – Ramona Wadi

Land O’Lake Butter Removes Indian Maiden From Packaging After Nearly One Century – Marlo Safi  – POLITICAL CORRECTNESS STRIKES AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here Are Some Things You Can Control in an Out-of-Control World – Daisy Luther




Weekly jobless claims hit 5.245 million, raising monthly loss to 22 million due to coronavirus – Jeff Cox

The economic data is even worse than Wall Street feared: ‘The economy is clearly in ruins here’ – Patti Domm

Wall Street Bulls Battle the Bears in Mother of All Recessions – “FedMed proved dead awhile ago with the whole Bulls team looking dead on the field, until Team Trump, the owner’s club, joined Coach Powell. Then Powell’s coaching team upped its game; and, finally, the Wall Street Bulls revived. “Big deal!” the Bears now yell. “Let’s get back to playing ball!”” – David Haggith

We’re Not Going Back to Normal – “Turn the key and the economy will restart. That’s a myth a lot of people in the mainstream have peddled since governments started shutting down the economy in response to the coronavirus pandemic. That’s not going to happen. We’re not going back to normal. In fact, things weren’t “normal” before the pandemic.” – Michael Maharrey

Here Are the Contracts Showing How $4.5 Trillion in Stimulus Was Outsourced to Wall Street – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The Four Horsemen Hate Silver – “The COVID-19 virus will be blamed for the consequences of using fake money, excessive debt, Fed policies, and deficit spending. We can ignore fake money, but we can’t ignore the consequences of using fake money.” – Gary Christenson  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM GARY!!!!

Why it makes so much sense to own REAL assets – Simon Black

US Mint Halts All Production Over Virus Fears As Gold & Silver Coin Demand Nears Record Highs – Tyler Durden

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –5.73EUR




James 2:10  For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.





U.S. House Speaker Pelosi will not take coronavirus test – Reuters