Panic? You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet… – “One rule every preparedness expert should go by is to always be concerned when establishment authorities, the media and “shoe shine boys” start volunteering their “expert” opinions on why you should not be concerned about a particular danger. When REAL panic ensues you will know it. When the public can’t find an open grocery store, then you will see panic. When there are checkpoints in and out of major metropolitan areas stopping people from leaving if they have any symptoms of illness, then you will see panic. And don’t think for a second that this is not possible in this country, because it absolutely is. All it takes is for the global supply chain to break down for one month and there will be chaos like nothing the average person has seen in their lives” – Brandon Smith  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM BRANDON AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COVID 19, an Engineered Pandemic? – “COVID 19 not just “may well have been” engineered as a biological weapon but “very likely was” engineered as a biological weapon. We begin to make our case: Another way to learn and discern is backtracking what we are told, what we are not told and patterns in how we are “disinformed.” First of all, we are not being told anything, or certainly pitifully little about the nature of the disease itself, symptoms for instance and disease progression. Why is that?” – Gordon Duff  – GORDON MAKES A GOOD CASE FOR THIS THEORY, WHERE OTHERS HAVEN’T!!!!!!!!!!!

Was the Coronavirus Created as Cover for the Imminent Economic Collapse? – Gary D. Barnett  – GARY HAS HAD SOME GREAT ARTICLES ON THE VIRUS, THIS IS ANOTHER!!!!!!!!

Why is Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Lying to Congress and the American People? – “Dr. Anthonu Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, testified before Congress on Wednesday and said that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is “10 times more lethal than seasonal flu.”He doesn’t know this, it is a flat out lie that only fuels the current hysteria about COVID-19. Any honest scientist studying the disease will tell you that it is unknown as to what the death rate from the virus is because we don’t have enough data on cases that are mild, where people might have thought they had a cold or just the common flu and didn’t report to a healthcare facility. ” – Target Liberty

Coronavirus: a propaganda master advises the President before he addresses the nation – Jon Rappoport

Tests indicate coronavirus can survive in the air – John Bowden

Flu Vaccine May Make you more Susceptible to Coronavirus – “In case you plan to rush out and get a flu vaccine, you might want to read this abstract, and also share with your pro vaccine friends. It appears that getting a flu vaccine will make you more prone to coronavirus infection. This is hot off the press.” – Dr. Robert J. Rowen

Coronavirus – The Hidden Cases – Why We Must Shut Everything Down And Do It Now – Moon of Alabama

Super-rich jet off to disaster bunkers amid coronavirus outbreak – “‘Self isolate’ for some of world’s richest means Covid-19 tests abroad, personal medics and subterranean hideouts” – Rupert Neate

New York City Biological Outbreak Pandemic Plans Include Burying Bodies In Mass Graves – Aaron Kesel

GLADIO BIOTERROR: ‘Biological Attack’ Against China Planned by NATO Decades Ago — UK Military Officer & Whistleblower – “MARCH MADNESS 2020 Mayhem Manufactured Worldwide by a Very Mad and Desperate NWO Cabal” – State of the Nation

I’m Sick of Hearing About The Coronavirus! (VIDEO) – “I’m Sick of Hearing About The Coronavirus! On one side we have the “whole thing is made up to defeat Trump” crowd and on the other side we have the it’s TEOTWAWKI crowd and in reality the truth is somewhere in the middle… I’m sick of hearing from both!” – MD Creekmore

25 Hardcore Healthy Foods You Need in Your Emergency Pantry – “Here’s how to build an emergency pantry that is packed with nutritious, shelf-stable foods that will help your family keep energy levels up.” – Lisa Egan

The Pros And Cons Of The 6 Most Common Survival Foods – Bob Rodgers




Trump’s Rhetoric Belies His Policies on Containing COVID-19 – “His Wednesday address to the nation was the latest example of his indifference to the public welfare — coming at a time when leadership the way it’s vitally needed is demanded. His claim about an “unprecedented response (by his regime) to the coronavirus outbreak” was a bald-faced Big Lie.” – Stephen Lendman

Creative Coronavirus Responses Appear Across the World, but Not in Trump’s America – “The World Health Organization has officially declared the coronavirus a pandemic and countries across the globe are coming up with clever methods of halting its spread putting the Trump administration’s lackluster response to shame.” – Alan Macleod

How Black Swans Are Shaping Planet Panic – “A case can be made that the current financial panic will only subside when the ultimate black swan – Covid-19 – is contained.” – Pepe Escobar

The Great Unpatterning Continues. Make Sure You Take Advantage Of It. – “Watch for gaps in the armor of the establishment oppression machine. Watch for gaps in the deluded nature of our society. Watch for gaps in the patterns, and use your wisdom and creativity to assist them in unpatterning as the opportunity presents itself. 2020 is still just getting warmed up.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Civility, or civil war? – “In today’s political battles, the most consequential casualty has been civility. Can the state of public discourse get any worse? A president who tweets insults and belittles opponents with demeaning nicknames and calls critical journalists “enemies of the people.” A Senate minority leader who calls out Supreme Court members by name and seems to threaten them (he later apologized). Our elected leaders of both parties engage in rudeness and rhetoric of a kind that never would be tolerated in business, the nonprofit sector or academics.” – Angela Evans

Pelosi Will Hold Coronavirus Aid Hostage To Her Agenda – Daniel Greenfield

Both Left And Right Have Solutions For A Wuhan Virus Crash, But Can This Grand Bargain Survive? – Christopher Bedford

Fake News Starts in Washington: Perception Management and Influence Operations Manipulate Public Opinion – “It is perhaps unusual to have a government that has as much disregard for what most would consider to be the truth as does the current group of rascals running the United States of America. To be sure, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is as shameless a liar as has ever been seen on any public platform while the president himself appears to make things up as he goes along, particularly if a certain embellishment makes him look good. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize that lying and government have a long history, possibly going back to when the first cave dwellers elected a leader to guide the tribe on a mastodon hunt.” – Philip Giraldi

Trump’s Coronavirus Travel Ban: Locking Down Europe – “The president blocked travel for 30 days from Europe – will it slow the virus?” – Kelli Ballard

Don Lemon Goes Absolutely Insane on John Kasich for Refusing to Bash Trump’s Wuhan Virus Address – Bonchie  – WATCHED THIS, LEMON WAS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. HE HAS NO JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY, WHATSOEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Biden’s Bizarre Outburst Is Everything That Is Wrong With The Democrat Party – “Joe Biden, the Chauncey Gardner of American politics, the guy Elwood P. Dowd thinks is cracked, used to be sort of amusing. Except he’s not amusing anymore. His decline is sad to see, but the obnoxious sense of unearned entitlement he projects – as demonstrated by his outrage over that uppity working-class guy who dared question the ancient job applicant – is intolerable. Buzz off, you crusty, credit card company-shilling jerk.” – Kurt Schlichter

Biden preaches ‘decency’ and ‘dignity’ hours after insulting and threatening a voter – “If there’s one lesson Joe Biden seems to have gleaned in his five or six decades in public office, it’s that it’s fine to say black is white, green is orange, red is purple…” – Monica Showalter

Hunter Biden Pushes to Skip Court Appearance, Citing Coronavirus and His Pregnant Wife – Brent Scher

Is The DOJ Trying To Kill Chelsea Manning? – “She reportedly just attempted suicide in her jail cell, where she has been languishing for a year.” – Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

The Ukraine: Things Fall Apart – Daniel Lazare

NATO and COVID-19: a Parasitical Disease in Europe – “The decision to go-ahead with NATO’s biggest-ever war games in Europe at a time of heightened fears over the coronavirus sure raises questions about the military alliance’s stated purpose of maintaining security.” – Finian Cunningham

M3THODS: LOCK DOWN (VIDEO) – SGT Report  – GOOD VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




‘Can we panic now?’: Stocks, oil, bitcoin, and Treasury yields plunge after Trump’s coronavirus plan failed to calm investors – Theron Mohamed

FuBEAR! Stocks Crash into Bear Market Faster than 1929! – David Haggith

Water Fall!! $60 Crash in Gold and $1 in Silver – “WOW! Now that’s impressive! When you can rig a chart to be that stinking ugly in light of what is happening – AROUND THE WORLD – that is a master stroke of brilliance. Do these guys know what they’re doing or what!?!?! With global markets coming unglued, a virus doing what it does – going viral – and people nervous hiding in their homes, gold and silver should be flying to the moon right now. There’s only one problem – satanic globalist that own the buttons and levers that create the so-called “price” of the precious metals.” – Rory Hall

Putin Killing The Dollar, Seeding World With Yuan Via Oil (VIDEO) with Jim Willie – Silver Doctors

75% of Companies Suffer From Coronavirus Supply Chain Disruptions – Mish

The Delicate Balancing Act To Protect Wealth Is Full On – “The delicate balancing act to protect wealth is now in full crisis mode. The key players are central banks across the world and the corrupt bankrupt governments they seek to protect. At risk is the global financial system that has served them so well over the decades. For years these so-called guardians of the economy have siphoned wealth away from the many and into the hands of a few.” – Bruce Wilds

Another Dangerous Virus Hits the U.S. – Wall Street Bank Contagion – “There has been a lot of delusional talk about the strong capital levels of the mega banks on Wall Street, not only from the Federal Reserve, but also from Wall Street analysts spreading fantasies about the banks on cable news programs.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Another Massive Deficit With More Spending Coming Down the Pike – Peter Schiff

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –5.02EUR▼




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