THE GLOBAL CONTAGION MOVES INTO HIGH GEAR: Carnage In The Middle East Markets – “It begins… the world is finally waking up to the massive economic and financial threat of this global contagion.” – Steve St. Angelo  – THE ECONOMIC IMPACT MAY WELL BE WORSE THAN THE VIRUS ITSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s Not Panic; It’s Reality – “This doctor I quote above is on the front lines. He’s telling you that if you come to his hospital unable to breathe with coronavirus, they will not be able to take you … and chances are, none of the hospitals in his major American city will have room for you either.” – Rod Dreher

Coronavirus: Why The US Is In Deep Trouble (VIDEO) – Chris Martenson  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM CHRIS!!!

The Virus is a Time Machine – “In the case of COVID19, the story is not about the numbers of cases or fatalities at any given point after two months and change, it’s about the disruption it will cause. We have a highly contagious virus that can cause death. That is all you need to know really. Feel free to claim that reactions and measures are over the hill, but no government has the option to say things are not all that bad and it’s business as usual. One of their tasks is to prevent panic, and yes, they use that to hide their ignorance behind, but they still must do it. But that’s alright, because all halfway smart people know what to do when a politician says not to panic. The virus is a time machine in the sense that whereas we can -in theory- assume that the regular flu moves in human time, COVID19 very much appears to move in virus time.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM RAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Out Of Time: U.S. Cases Explode As The Coronavirus Pandemic Reaches A Tipping Point – Michael Snyder

Trump’s Not Worried, So Why Should You? – “Relax. Everything is under control. Need more evidence things are under control? I can help. Trump Goes Golfing” – Mish

Leaked coronavirus plan to quarantine 16m sparks chaos in Italy – “Thousands tried to flee south after decree to confine people until 3 April was revealed” – Angela Giuffrida and Lorenzo Tondo

Italy quarantines 16 million people: “the effect proves the cause” – “The effect does not prove the cause. It never did. And the quarantining of 16 million people in Italy proves that 16 million people have been quarantined. Nothing else.” – Jon Rappoport

Social Distancing Is New Coronavirus Buzz Phrase. Does It Work? – “Method that limited death from serious infectious diseases in past faces new test” – Denise Roland and Drew Hinshaw

Coronavirus Codswallop — By the Numbers – “The actual statistics clearly demonstrate that the coronavirus panic should be taken with a grain of salt… Influenza and pneumonia caused 55,672 deaths in the U.S. in 2017, or 153 persons per day. As a reminder, only 15 have died from coronavirus to date, the number dying in in any four-hour period from the flu.” – Brian C.Joondeph, MD  – KARL DENNINGER HAD A SIMILAR ARTICLE LINKED YESTERDAY ABOUT THE ACTUAL STATISTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exclusive: The Strongest Evidence Yet That America Is Botching Coronavirus Testing – ““I don’t know what went wrong,” a former CDC chief told The Atlantic.” – Robinson Meyer and Alexis C. Madrigal

The Coronavirus May Be a Threat to Many, But the State’s Reaction is a Threat to Us All – “No one here is claiming that we shouldn’t have some level of concern when it comes to coronavirus which as of Monday morning has infected over 111,000 people, killing over 3,800 worldwide. However, all of these police state measures raise an extremely important question that society must start to consider right now. Is the cure worse than the disease?” – Matt Agorist

The Coming Quarantines Will Lead to Permanent UN Imposed Martial Law – Dave Hodges

Mass ‘Coronavirus Quarantine Zones’ Could Be Erected In Democrat-Run Cities Across America As Even The MSM Is Finally Warning Of Potential Coronavirus Havoc Among The Homeless – “Is Coronavirus An Engineered Weapon For The Globalist Take-down Of The Western World?” – Stefan Stanford




Dear America, Please Stop This Nonsense Immediately. Love, The Rest Of The World – “You will not be able to beat Donald Trump by telling them that they are imagining signs and symptoms of dementia that are clearly and unquestionably there, no matter how many think pieces and op-eds you churn out telling people that they are horrible ageist ableist monsters for seeing what they see and hearing what they hear. Please do whatever you need to do to stop this nonsense and ensure that Donald Trump winds up running against someone who can, at the very least, string sentences together to form complete thoughts. Thank you and please don’t bomb us,” – Caitlin Johnstone  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CNBC’s Jim Cramer Hits Trump for Leisure Time Amid Dow Bloodbath: ‘We All Want More Leadership… We Don’t Want Golfing’ – Joe DePaolo

“She Has Torn This Country Apart” – Trump Declines Invitation to St. Patrick’s Day Lunch with Scorching Letter to Crazed Speaker Pelosi – Jim Hoft

Bernie Wants Medicare for All for Coronavirus, But U.K., Italy Nationalized Systems Already Overloaded, Considering Rationed Care – Nick Arama

If You Think American Democrats Rejected Socialism, Think Again – “Now granted, Biden isn’t an avowed socialist, technically, but is his platform really all that different from that of Sanders? Sure, he isn’t praising Fidel Castro, but if he got elected and managed to pass and implement the policies he and those who would inevitably surround him espouse, wouldn’t America be pretty far along the road to looking like the Cuba Castro built?” – Scott Morefield

Central Banking is Socialism – Ron Paul

New York Times Turns Story About Project Veritas Into Another Hoax About Trump – “When the Old Grey Lady says something ‘is unclear,’ watch out. She’s telling you the evidence doesn’t justifying the reporting, so innuendo shall suffice.” – Margot Cleveland

The Bible Says That There Will Be “Pestilences” In The Last Days -Michael Snyder

The Saudis Launch Another Reckless War – “The Saudis just tanked the oil market as part of their intra-OPEC feud with Russia. U.S. oil producers are going to suffer as a result:” – Daniel Larison

Russia Says It Can Weather $25 Oil For Up To 10 Years – Tyler Durden

Erdogan Loses the Battle, But the War Is Far from Over – The Saker

Trump and the Taliban ‘Non-Peace Peace’ – Martin Sieff

Sugar and Spice and Everything Vice: the Empire’s Sin City of London – “It is no secret that much of the “finance” that goes through the City of London and Wall Street is dirty and yet despite this recognition, there appears to be an inability to address it and that at this point we are told that if we tried to address it by breaking up and regulating the “Too Big to Fail” banks, then the whole economy would come tumbling down. That is, the world is so evidently run by criminal activity that at this point we have become dependent on its dirty money to keep afloat the world economy.” – Cynthia Chung

Obeisance to the “Greater Good” – “After all – to refuse obeisance would be to endanger the common good – to invite chaos. But how are we to know when we’ve reached this point of subjugation? At what point do we go beyond “willing contributors” and degenerate into “servants of the rulers?”” – Jeff Thomas  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Factcheck Provides Cover For Biden And Beto’s Gun Control Plans – Cam Edwards

Scary Stuff: How the Dumping of Fukushima’s Water Will Affect You – Sara Tipton

Crop chemicals are preventing the brains of baby bees from developing – Ethan Huff

Health Safety Concerns Some People Have With 5G Wireless Technology – Arjun Walia

Natural Antibacterial Gel You Can Quickly Make At Home – Jessica W.

Raised Beds – Pro-Con Fact -check – R.Ann Paris




Good Morning America, All Heck Broke Loose in the Markets Overnight – “Crude Oil Collapses 32%, US Stock Futures Plunge nearly 5%, 10-year Treasury Yield Gets Closer to 0%, Gold Jumps to $1,700, Asian Stocks Plunge, Nikkei -6%.” – Wolf Richter

Stock Market Futures DROP 1300 Points! Circuit Breaker Tripped To Prevent MASS SELLOFF! (VIDEO) – The Money GPS

Flock of Black Swans Tanks Stocks, Oil, Treasury Yields; Fed Sticks Its Finger in the Dike – Pam Martens and Russ Martens


What the Fed Can Do: Print and Buy, Buy, Buy – “Everyone with a pension fund or 401K invested in stocks better hope the Fed becomes the buyer of last resort, and soon.” – Charles Hugh Smith

10-year Treasury yield hits new all-time low of 0.318% amid historic flight to bonds – Thomas Franck and Yun Li

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 5.84EUR




Jeremiah 14:12   When they fast, I will not hear their cry; and when they offer burnt offering and an oblation, I will not accept them: but I will consume them by the sword, and by the famine, and by the pestilence.