Have we brewed a whirlwind? – “We can see the public’s distrust of public authorities in the negligent response to the coronavirus. The refusal of public authorities to stop incoming flights from infected countries has brought the dangerous virus into the Western World where inaction has so far prevailed. Many virologists and other experts have criticized the inaction for seriously endangering the public.The public sees inaction, disbelieves the feeble reasons given, and takes action to exhaust supplies of protective gear, storable foods, and everything else that disappears in a panic. Now assaulting a fragmenting Western World comes a pandemic whose consequences cannot be known. Is there enough leadership to overcome the long-inflicted damages and to pull the people together and to reestablish community? With the Democrats politically weaponizing the coronavirus against President Trump, it does not seem so.” – Paul Craig Roberts  – GREAT ARTICLE FROM DR. ROBERTS!!!!!

PHOTOS: Store Shelves Across the Country Are Emptying Fast – Daisy Luther

Coronavirus: the definition of “cases” is producing a new level of illusion – “Buckle up. We’re not riding on a smooth superhighway. These roads are extremely bumpy and rough. Public health agencies and the press are casting out a blizzard of confusing terms:” – Jon Rappoport  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JON AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Six Ways Why Coronavirus® Fails the Sniff Test – “Only one form of contagion travels faster than a virus. And that’s fear.” – Doug “Uncola” Lynn

“Coronavirus Anxiety” Is Running Rampant All Over America, And This Could Be Only Just The Beginning… – Michael Snyder

Who Made Coronavirus? Was It the U.S., Israel or China Itself? – “Inevitably there is an Israeli story that just might shed some light on what has been going on in China. Scientists at Israel’s Galilee Research Institute are now claiming that they will have a vaccine against coronavirus in a few weeks which will be ready for distribution and use within 90 days. If one even considers it possible that the United States had a hand in creating the coronavirus at what remains of its once extensive biological weapons research center in Ft Detrick Maryland, it is very likely that Israel was a partner in the project. Helping to develop the virus would also explain how Israeli scientists have been able to claim success at creating a vaccine so quickly, possibly because the virus and a treatment for it were developed simultaneously” – Philip Giraldi

MEDIA-MANUFACTURED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: Who’s really behind it and why now? – “A Stealthy NWO Conspiracy to Establish a Global Orwellian Superstate. Let’s be very real: Anything, and EVERYTHING, that’s hyped by the Mainstream Media (MSM) in the Trumpian Era is “utterly fake and fabricated”.” – State of the Nation  – THIS ARTICLE AND THE NEXT ONE HAVE THEORIES ALONG THE SAME VEIN!!!!!!

Brace Yourselves For The ‘Crackdown’ – Could You Put Your Entire Life On Hold For 3 Months? Coronavirus Could Help Unveil The ‘Mark Of The Beast’ As Global Orwellian State Is Rolled Out – “How Long Till We Begin Witnessing Troops On The Streets Of America?” – Stefan Stanford

China Hints At Blackmail Over Pharmaceutical Exports, Would “Plunge US Into Mighty Sea Of Coronavirus” – Tyler Durden

Virus No Coincidence (VIDEO) with Rob Kirby – Reluctant Preppers

How The Coronavirus Is Being Used To Control You And Remove Your Rights (VIDEO) with Spiro Skouras – The Last American Vagabond

Coronavirus Official Touches Face Seconds After Warning People Not To Touch Their Face – William Davis

Econo Lodge Now a Quarantine Village, 10 Dead in Washington – Mish


Coronavirus controls increase surveillance ‘danger’ – Rina Chandran




Elizabeth Warren will drop out of the 2020 presidential race after disappointing Super Tuesday showing – Tucker Higgins and Dan Mangan

Chief Justice Roberts issues rare rebuke to Schumer’s ‘dangerous’ and ‘irresponsible’ comments; Trump slams lawmaker, says ‘must pay a severe price’ – Gregg Re

Big Abortion’s Ugly Threat – “If a party is willing to allow accidentally-born human beings die on the operating table rather than restrict abortion in any way, then threatening two Supreme Court justices because they might not vote on abortion in a Democratic-approved way is nothing.” – Rod Dreher

Senate GOP set to ramp up Ukraine probe into Bidens as former Veep revives his 2020 campaign – Jon Dougherty

Bloomberg Flops, Biden Bounces—Don’t Trust the Neoliberals When It Comes to Your Future! (VIDEO) – Harley Schlanger

A Matter Of When, Not If, Barack Obama Will Endorse – “He will endorse, though, and when he does it will be for Biden. There is no way he can go with Sanders and endorse the destruction of his legacy. Pride simply won’t let him,” – Joe Cunningham

Obama squirms about that Biden endorsement – “Imagine having to endorse an idiot…a guy everyone knows you think is an idiot…” – Monica Showalter

‘What More Do You Need to Know?’ Health Insurance Stocks Drive Wall Street Rebound on Biden Super Tuesday Wins – “Biden is the preferred candidate for the financial markets.” – Eoin Higgins

Dutiful Democrat candidates follow orders and self-terminate – “You have to give them credit: the Democrat establishment has carefully cultivated and trained a massive welfare state clientele over the decades, and when the word goes out, boy, does everybody fall in line. This is true even when the designated candidate is the monumentally stupid and corrupt Joe Biden.” – Frank Friday

Repeal the Patriot Act – “I have been writing for years about the dangers to human freedom that come from government mass surveillance. The United States was born in a defiant reaction to government surveillance.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Trump Regime’s Other Phony Deal of the Century Unravelling – “It’s not a peace or ceasefire deal. The so-called “Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan” is subterfuge — guaranteeing nothing to its long-suffering people because the US doesn’t operate this way, serving its own geopolitical interests by controlling and exploiting other nations. The US came to Afghanistan to stay, permanent occupation planned, the same plan in all its war theaters, waged to transform nations into vassal states — ruled by installed puppet regimes subservient to US interests.” – Stephen Lendman

U.S. Breaks Its Just Signed Agreement With The Taliban – “Today a U.S. fighter jet bombed a Taliban unit which was fighting with an Afghan government checkpoint. The air attack came just a day after U.S. President Trump had a telephone call with the Taliban leaders in Doha. The Taliban will likely see this as a breach of the recent ceasefire agreement between the U.S. and the Taliban.” – Moon of Alabama  – THAT DIDN’T LAST LONG. SO MUCH FOR THE MEDIA HYPE!!!!!!

Acute crisis in Syria’s Idlib demanded our direct talks, Putin says as he meets Erdogan in Moscow – RT

Erdogan or Erdo-gone in Turkey? – Tom Luango

Turkey’s Muslim Invasion of Europe Is Being Prevented by, Who Else? – Russia – “The latest installment of the interminable Syria tragedy could be interpreted as Greece barely blocking a European “invasion” by Syrian refugees. Well, it’s more complicated than that. What Erdogan is in fact weaponizing is mostly economic migrants – from Afghanistan to the Sahel – and not Syrian refugees.” – Pepe Escobar

Could China’s Overlapping Crises Spiral Out of Control? – Charles Hugh Smith

What Trump must do to stop the slaughter of Nigerian Christians – William Murray

Is Prince Andrew Being Protected by the FBI Over His Paedo Affair With Virginia Roberts?- Martin Jay

Houston’s Mayor Turner Partners with Tech Companies to Build a Surveillance City (VIDEO) – The Conscious Resistance

Glyphosate and other pesticides linked with increased risk of childhood leukemia – GM Watch




“In The Eye Of The Storm”: Futures Plunge On Surge In Virus Cases, California State Of Emergency – Tyler Durden

EXPOSED: The Fed’s Deepest Secret – “Does the Federal Reserve directly intervene in the stock market? That is, has it become its own Plunge Protection Team? And does any evidence exist for it? Graham Summers is senior market strategist at Phoenix Capital Research. And his researches have shoveled up some odd and exotic findings: For years now, I’ve noted that anytime stocks began to break down, “someone” has suddenly intervened to stop the market from cratering…” – Brian Maher

Demand for Fed’s Repo Loans Surges Past $100 Billion a Day as 10-Year Treasury Hits Lowest Rate in 149 Years – “Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell certainly has an odd notion of what constitutes an “orderly” market.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Powell Painted Into a Corner…Still – Craig Hemke

Memo to President Trump: Cut Tariffs Not Interest Rates – Peter Schiff

Negative interest rates in the US are virtually guaranteed now – Simon Black

U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Sales Surge First Three Days In March Due To Global Contagion – Steve St. Angelo

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 7.04EUR




Ecclesiastes 12:9    And moreover, because the preacher was wise, he still taught the people knowledge; yea, he gave good heed, and sought out, and set in order many proverbs.



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