Coronavirus covert operation – “Notice that, in all these insider pronouncements, whatever they are, there is a re-enforcement of the basic idea that THE VIRUS is the cause of the “epidemic.” BUT REMEMBER, “THE VIRUS” IS THE BASIC COVER STORY. Planners of a covert op want people to buy the basic cover any which way.” – Jon Rappoport

The Grim Reality About Pandemics They Don’t Want You To Know: “No Country is Prepared” – Sara Tipton

Coronavirus Moves to Europe and the Dangerous Side of Globalization (VIDEO) – Harley Schlanger

Coronavirus spreads to Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Iraq, Spain, Algeria, Austria and Brazil while cases explode in Italy by 45% in one day – Mike Adams

CDC Warns of Coronavirus Spread in USA: ‘Disruption to Everyday Life Might Be Severe’ – Joshua Caplan

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is A Crisis Now Obvious To All (VIDEO) – Chris Martenson

China Virus Accelerating End Stage of Fiat Currency Disease (VIDEO) with Wayne Jett – “Jett says the China virus crisis is not a coincidence. Jett thinks that it is happening now because the Deep State is hitting the global economy and Donald Trump in an election year to stop him from winning a second term. I am quite convinced of it. I think, most likely, there was some communication behind the scenes at some level indicating either you stop these investigations and prosecutions that you are planning . . . or we are going to do this. They got a ‘NO’ on that, and so the so-called virus has been released. . . . ” – Greg Hunter

Did the 5G rollout in Wuhan damage the innate cellular defense cells of the population, putting the people at risk of complications and death from coronavirus? -Lance D Johnson

How to Prepare for a Coronavirus Quarantine – “This article is written with the non-prepper in mind, so if you’re new to the preparedness world, you’re in the right place. Let’s start with a very basic list and then I’ll go into more detail further on in the article. Imagine that right this minute, you had to stay home for a month. What would you need that you don’t already have?” – Daisy Luther  – FOR THOSE THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN INTO PREPPING, THIS IS A GOOD ARTICLE FROM DAISY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most Animals Can Harbor But Are Not Sickened By Coronavirus Because They Internally Produce Vitamin C 24/7 – “Vaccine Could Make Coronavirus Infections Worse” – Bill Sardi

Coconut oil eyed as possible treatment for coronavirus infection – CNN Philippines Staff

Natural Protection Strategy Against Viruses, Including the Coronavirus – Charles K. Bens, Ph.D. (Green Med Info)



The Looming Financial Nightmare: So Much for Living the American Dream – “Consider: The government can seize your home and your car (which you’ve bought and paid for) over nonpayment of taxes. Government agents can freeze and seize your bank accounts and other valuables if they merely “suspect” wrongdoing. And the IRS insists on getting the first cut of your salary to pay for government programs over which you have no say. We have no real say in how the government runs, or how our taxpayer funds are used, but we’re being forced to pay through the nose, anyhow. We have no real say, but that doesn’t prevent the government from fleecing us at every turn and forcing us to pay for endless wars that do more to fund the military industrial complex than protect us, pork barrel projects that produce little to nothing, and a police state that serves only to imprison us within its walls.” – John W. Whitehead  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump to detail US coronavirus efforts, Schumer seeks $8.5B – “Trump also criticized some news media coverage of the coronavirus, accusing news outlets of “panicking markets.”” – Darlene Superville  – TRUMP NEEDS TO REALIZE THAT THE STOCK MARKET IS NOT THE ECONOMY. IT’S THE GOODS AND SERVICES THAT THE VIRUS IS AFFECTING!!!!!!!!!

Trump faces ‘black swan’ threat to the economy and reelection – “Even Trump‘s leading allies acknowledge the deadly coronavirus could present an existential political threat for the president in an election year.” – Dan Diamond and Nancy Cook

The Chaotic Debate In South Carolina – “The South Carolina debate was one of the worst-moderated presidential debates in recent memory. Despite the moderators’ inability to control anything and the frequently insipid questions they asked, the debate nonetheless provided more insight into the candidates’ foreign policy views than the last time these candidates met. Since the previous debate included virtually no discussion of foreign policy, that was not a high bar to clear. Mike Bloomberg was finally challenged to defend his claim that Xi Jinping is not a dictator. His response was extremely awkward and invited well-deserved mockery from Sanders.” – Daniel Larison

The Democrat debate looked like a mixed martial arts cage fight – “Who could have imagined that the debate in Charleston on Tuesday would be worse than the previous one, the one during which Elizabeth Warren went after Bloomberg with a scythe, Bernie did his wild-eyed crazed thing, and Biden fell flat?” – Patricia McCarthy

WTH…? Biden Claims Half the Population of the United States Has Been Killed by Gun Violence Since 2007 (VIDEO) – Cristina Laila

‘I Bough…—I, I Got Them’: Bloomberg Almost Admits to Buying Members of Congress -Jake Johnson

Bernie Sanders’ socialist freebies literally cost more money than there is in the world: How’s he gonna deliver? – Jon Dougherty

Assange lawyer brings up claim US mulled ‘kidnapping and poisoning’ of publisher – here’s what we know – RT

ASSANGE EXTRADITION: Assange Helped Manning Crack Password to Download Video Games, Not State Secrets, Court is Told – Joe Lauria

Debunking The Smear That Assange Recklessly Published Unredacted Documents – Caitlin Johnstone

Police State US/UK v. Julian Assange – “Tuesday was day two of Assange’s Orwellian extradition hearing — a scripted extrajudicial show trial. Like virtually always in the modern era, Britain is in cahoots with the Trump regime to crucify Assange for the “crime” of truth-telling journalism — revealing US high crimes of war and against humanity both right wings of its war party want suppressed.” – Stephen Lendman

Official Investigation into the shooting death of DHS whistleblower Philip Haney continues – Peter Barry Chowka

While Putin Defends Russia Israel Helps Create a Terminator World – Phil Butler

The Politics Of A Coronavirus Pandemic Hitting The United States – Will There Even Be A 2020 Election If American Cities Are Locked Down During TEOTWAWKI? – Susan Duclos

The Global Economy Was Sinking Long Before The Coronavirus Appeared – “In order to determine if a geopolitical or economic threat is legitimate, I find it helps to watch how the mainstream propaganda narrative flows and changes. Who benefits the most if you and the majority of people have no contingency plan? Who has something to gain by trying to convince you to ignore the obvious? As mentioned, if they can’t win by conning the liberty movement into turning a blind eye to the facts, they have decided to let us know that it doesn’t matter and we will still be made to suffer for our defiance. This confirms my long-time argument that prepping is only the beginning of the fight; it is a means to an end. The real fight will be for our freedoms and the freedoms of future generations.” – Brandon Smith  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM BRANDON AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gun Election 2020: Democratic Hopefuls Draw Their Battle Lines – “Make no mistake, the candidates vying for the upcoming Democratic nomination have one thing in common: They’re gunning for our Second Amendment rights. If anyone had any lingering doubts, Tuesday’s debate in South Carolina illuminated each and every anti-gun position. ” – Personal Defense World

The Ultimate Guide to Debating Gun Control: Part Three – José Niño  – EXCELLENT SERIES OF ARTICLES FROM JOSE. PARTS ONE AND TWO PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!

Musical Chairs in the White House – “On the job training in the intelligence community.Here in the Land of Oz, otherwise known as Washington, one continues to run into people who should know better who insist that they have a friend in the White House who confirms that President Donald Trump is really a man of peace being obstructed as he seeks to withdraw the United States from senseless wars in Asia. ” – Philip Giraldi

Civil War Rumblings? Republican Efforts to Redraw Map Along Ideological Lines Point to Dark Days Ahead – Robert Bridge


1 in 5 Europeans says secret Jewish cabal runs the world, survey finds – CNAAN LIPHSHIZ/JTA

Facial Recognition Is Spreading Faster Than You Realize – Garfield Benjamin

Brain Scans Reveal Structural Differences In People With “Smart Phone Addiction” – Arjun Walia

Why You Need To Rethink Your Bug-Out Decision – Bill White




“A Cry For Help”: Global Sell-Off Accelerates On Rising Coronavirus Panic – Tyler Durden

The Economic Cataclysm Ahead – “The economic storm hasn’t passed; the false calm is only the eye of the financial hurricane.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Cycles: What Goes Up Comes Down – “Coronavirus will disrupt transportation, retail sales, manufacturing, global trade and more. Governments may be embarrassed by their inadequate responses to the pandemic. Expect more civil unrest. Coronavirus could be used as a scapegoat for a global debt reset, the Fed’s failed policies, recession, or a stock market correction.” – Gary Christenson

“The Jig Is Up!” – Covid-19 And The Defenestration Of The Central Bankers – David Stockman

Powell Painted Into a Corner…Again – Craig Hemke

It’s The Virus, Stupid – “The biggest issue will not be the cases or even deaths, it will be that ever more of the things we have come to rely on far away lands for, will slowly cease to arrive on our shores. Some of it will be trinkets we never needed, but some of it will also be things without which our lives and communities can no longer function the way we’re used to.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Markets Wiped by Coronavirus Fears (VIDEO) with Peter Schiff – Boom Bust

PRECIOUS METALS INVESTOR ALERT: Prices Are Heading Into An Entirely New Market – “Even though the silver price sold off today, it’s all due to speculative paper trading. Think about it. Would someone want paper contracts worth 50 surgical masks, or would they want 50 surgical masks? Don’t let the paper price of silver bother you. It will come down to how many ounces you own.” – Steve St. Angelo  – GOOD POINT FROM STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 8.80EUR




1 Corinthians 1:20   Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?