Coronavirus Panic Goes Global: S.Korea Warns Of “Watershed Moment” As Italy Confirms 3rd Death, Cancels Venice Carnival: Live Updates – Tyler Durden

Internet SHUTDOWN begins in Wuhan, China to stop the spread of truth and hide the severity of the outbreak from the world – JD Heyes

Fewer than 600 people “officially” tested for coronavirus in the entire United States; massive cover-up under way as 47 U.S. states have tested ZERO people – Mike Adams

No need for face masks says Australia’s chief medical officer, as Victoria braces for pandemic – Jennifer Duke, Rachel Wells and Tate Papworth

US Biowarfare Act Author: Studies Confirm Coronavirus Weaponized (VIDEO) – “In this interview, the Author of the US Biowarfare Act, Professor Francis Boyle uncovers four separate studies which he claims confirm as ‘smoking gun’ evidence the Wuhan Coronavirus known as COVID19 was in fact weaponized.” – Spiro Skouras

Coronavirus: How WHO Corruption Helped It Spread (VIDEO) – China Uncensored

Locusts Could be the Next Plague to Hit China – “APOCALYPSE NOW? The voracious insects already have ravaged parts of Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. China may be next. How much more can it take?” – Brendon Hong





Bernie Wins But We Still Don’t Have the Results – “Numerous sites have declared Bernie the winner by a landslide, but once again we gave caucus delays.” – Mish

MSNBC Melts Down As Bernie Sanders Projected To Win Nevada Caucuses – Justin Caruso

Smearing Bernie Sanders – “Just before Tulsi Gabbard announced her candidacy for the presidency as a Democrat, NBC ran a smear piece that suggested Vladimir Putin and the Russians loved her. This smear was then repeated and amplified by Hillary Clinton, who suggested Gabbard was being groomed by the Kremlin to run as a third-party candidate, thereby ensuring Trump’s reelection in 2020. There was no evidence for any of these claims — none. Yet Gabbard was put on the defensive and her campaign (still ongoing) has been essentially redlined by the mainstream media. Now it’s Bernie Sanders’s turn.” – W.J. Astore

Intelligence Sources: All Candidates Are Russian Agents But Pete Buttigieg – Caitlin Johnstone

Democrats Already Blaming 2020 Defeat on Russia – “How can you tell that the Democrats don’t even expect to win in 2020? The Russia stuff is back on the table and it’s now being used to push claims that Russia is once again backing Trump. This is all but an admission that they don’t expect to win in 2020 and so they’re preemptively going to claim that the election was rigged.” – Daniel Greenfield

Coronavirus: US says Russia behind disinformation campaign – Jessica Glenza

Russia Behind Campaign to Blame US for Coronavirus Outbreak? – “False accusations allege Russian social media accounts are “sow(ing) discord” by claiming the US is waging “economic war on China,” including by a CIA manufactured bioweapon, namely the coronavirus (COVID-19). English-language Russian media RT and Sputnik are falsely accused of linking the US to the virus outbreak and spread to damage Washington’s image on the world stage — already irreparably damaged by its war on humanity. In response to the phony accusation, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denounced it as “deliberate fake” news.” – Stephen Lendman

William Barr’s Adjudication Of Spygate Will Determine His Legacy – Patrick J. McShay  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

DHS Whistleblower against Obama Administration Philip Haney Found Dead – Shot and Killed – Jim Hoft

Suicide? BS – “Oh do come on folks. Right. He was found outside his car with (1) a gunshot wound to the chest and (2) a firearm right near his body. I assume there were powder burns on his chest, which would be consistent with a contact or near-contact discharge. But if you think about this why would he get out of the car before shooting himself? In addition, he was engaged to be married. Is either of those consistent with a suicide? I think not.” – Karl Denninger

Philip Haney: Whistleblower and Happy Warrior – “The press worked hard to ignore Phil and his book. His story didn’t jive with their pro-Obama “moderate Muslim Brotherhood” fairy tale narrative. Phil’s irrepressible intellectual and moral commitment to the meliorative counter jihad efforts made him a persona non grata to any main stream media beyond FOX News. Phil was on the trail of the terrorists behind the attacks in both San Bernardino and Orlando. But those cases were shut down by the Obama Administration.” – Joe Martin

Is AIDS US $90B Taxpayer Dollars A Global Slush Fund? Chpt 3: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Corey Lynn  – EXCELLENT AND WELL RESEARCHED SERIES OF ARTICLES FROM COREY. A MUST READ. PARTS ONE AND TWO PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

ASSANGE EXTRADITION: Did Sen. Warner and Comey Crush Assange Immunity Deal? – Ray McGovern

Chief magistrate in Assange case received financial benefits from secretive partner organisations of UK Foreign Office – Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis

In 2020, More People are Enslaved on Earth Than Ever Before in Human History – Matt Agorist

Canada and the Lima Group. Criminal Conspiracy Against Venezuela – Ken Stone and Mark Taliano

The U.S. is the World Leader of Bio-Weapons Research, Production, and Use Against Mankind – “Manmade viruses meant for warfare, whether for economic destruction, starvation, or mass death, are the workings of the truly evil among us. Predation at this level is relegated to those in power; a president for example, could give the order to wipe out millions due to his inability to control a problem he caused and perpetuated, and then lay blame on the victims.” – Gary D. Barnett  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM GARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sexualization, Pornography, and Grooming in the Schools – “Concerned citizens all over the country are joining the resistance to what the sexual-radical Left calls “comprehensive sex education” (CSE). We are not against sexual education, but we are absolutely against the inappropriate, pleasure based components within CSE that we feel harm our children[.] … Elementary age children do not need to learn about masturbation. Teens should not be told that the pull out method is more effective than they think.” – Amy Contrada  – PARENTS, DO YOU PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THEY ARE TEACHING YOUR KIDS IN SCHOOL. MORE INDOCTRINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden puts gun manufacturers on notice: ‘I’m coming for you. Period’ – Sean Walton

Illinois Gun Owners Fight Back Against Proposed Regulation Changes – Tom Knighton

5 Biggest Pesticide Companies Are Making Billions From ‘Highly Hazardous’ Chemicals, Investigation Finds – Jordan Davidson




Gold Signaling A Financial System Disaster Will Hit – “And it’s not just gold. The Fed is already hinting that more money printing is coming. Powell suggested at his semi-annual Congressional testimony that QE would be used in the next recession. A couple other Fed officials this week confirmed that the FOMC is preparing to crank up the printing press even more than it has been running since mid-September. But why does the Fed feel compelled to warn us that more money printing/currency devaluation is coming if, a Powell told Congress, “the economy is in a good place?”” – Dave Kranzler

Mapping out the Banking Elite’s Goal for a Cashless Monetary System – Part One – Steven Guinness

When It Comes to Raw Power, Few Have More of It Than Central Bankers – Per Bylund

Subprime Credit Card Delinquencies Spike to Record High, Past Financial-Crisis Peak, as Other Consumers Relish the Good Times. Why? – Wolf Richter




Exodus 9:15  For now I will stretch out my hand, that I may smite thee and thy people with pestilence; and thou shalt be cut off from the earth.



Trouble in the city, trouble in the farm
You got your rabbit’s foot, you got your good-luck charm
But they can’t help you none when there’s trouble.

Trouble, trouble, trouble
Nothing but trouble.

Trouble in the water, trouble in the air
Go all the way to the other side of the world, you’ll find trouble there
Revolution even ain’t no solution for trouble.

Trouble, trouble, trouble
Nothing but trouble.

Drought and starvation, packaging of the soul
Persecution, execution, governments out of control
You can see the writing on the wall inviting trouble.

Trouble, trouble, trouble
Nothing but trouble.

Put your ear to the train tracks, put your ear to the ground
You ever feel like you’re never alone even when there’s nobody else around ?
Since the beginning of the universe man’s been cursed by trouble.

Trouble, trouble, trouble
Nothing but trouble.

Nightclubs of the broken-hearted, stadiums of the damned
Legislature, perverted nature, doors that are rudely slammed
Look into infinity, all you see is trouble.

Trouble, trouble, trouble
Nothing but trouble.

( Trouble by Bob Dylan )