Russia to ban entry of Chinese nationals to halt virus – The Associated Press

Coronavirus up to 20 times more likely than Sars to bind to human cells, study suggests – “New strain appears to be more readily transmitted from human to human than Sars, Texas researchers find” – Gigi Choy

Coronavirus: Who is Controlling the Information? Are Potential Government Actions More Dangerous than the Actual Virus? – “Is the current coronavirus “pandemic” really threatening modern civilization as we know it, or is it being hyped to appear much worse than it really is? To answer this question, it depends on where you get your information, and how you interpret that information.” – Brian Shilhavy

Wuhan Mother Speaks Out “No Beds, No Medicine, All Lies” – Mish

Did the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship “Quarantine” Just Infect More People with Covid-19 and Spread It Further? – Daisy Luther

Why are 712 people in Washington State being “monitored” for coronavirus infections, but NOT TESTED? -Mike Adams

The global search for a vaccine to prevent coronavirus infections (VIDEO) – “Chinese and global institutions are investing huge amounts of time and money to find a viable vaccine that is safe and has no side effects. A major first step in the process is animal testing, which recently got underway at various labs around the world.” – South China Morning Post

10 Very Important Questions That The Mainstream Media Should Be Asking About This Coronavirus Outbreak – Michael Snyder

“Mandate of Heaven” in Jeopardy – “Over 60 million Chinese in several major cities are under “lock-down” where individuals are confined to their homes and may only leave once every three days to buy groceries. Streets are empty, stores are closed, trains and planes are not moving, and factories are shut. The Chinese economy is slowly grinding to a halt. This not only affects China’s economy as a whole, but the contagion filters down into individual companies that are dependent on China both for supply chain inputs and final sales.” – Jim Rickards

“Keenly Aware”- FDA Braces For Drug And Medical Supply Shortages From China – Tyler Durden




Trump Accuses “Mini Mike” Of “Sinister” Campaign Violations Ahead Of Dem Debate Debut – Tyler Durden

Trump Frustrated About Unprosecuted Deep State Crimes (VIDEO) with Kevin Shipp – “What the President is doing is tweeting and communicating with the American people because the press is going to cover it up, and the Deep State is not going to let that sort of thing out. This is the beauty of his tweets . . . . He is telling us what is really going on. . . . These prosecutors, going all the way back to Mueller . . . have engaged in prosecutorial misconduct, and nothing has been done to them.” – Greg Hunter

Tulsi’s Populist ‘Country-First’ Anti-War Crusade – “She’s hitting all the right notes for many Americans and plans to take her campaign all the way to the convention.” – Hunter DeRensis  – HOWEVER THE MAINSTREAM WON’T GIVE HER A VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poll: Sanders Leads The Field, Bloomberg Qualifies For His 1st Debate – Domenico Montanaro

Bloomberg’s Rising Polls Show The Power Of Billionaire Narrative Control – “Whether it’s running ads, buying up media outlets, funding think tanks or incentivizing politicians to regurgitate the desired lines, billionaires are constantly using their wealth to shore up narrative control, because they understand that whoever controls the narrative controls the world.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Michael Bloomberg: Smirking Id Of America’s Elites – “He says he’s ‘fiscally conservative and socially liberal.’ What that amounts to is dehumanizing authoritarianism.” – Matt Purple

Michael Bloomberg Flunks Ag 101 – “Mike Bloomberg deserves a chapter unto himself in “The Ignorance and Tyranny of Self-Anointed Experts.”” – Geoffrey P. Hunt

Bloomberg camp’s “dire” warning: Sanders soon unstoppable – Mike Allen

The Dem ad campaign aimed at taking down Bernie – Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman

Everything You Wanted to Know About Pete Buttigieg, But Were Too Afraid to Ask – “Rhodes Scholar. Afghan vet. Mayor. An impressive resume, to be sure, but to have made the fantastic leap from local politics to the doorstep of the Oval Office – at the age of just 38 – seems altogether impossible without some serious behind-the-scenes connections.” – Robert Bridge

Democracy Dies in the Washington Post: WaPo op-ed argues for having elites decide presidential nominees -Monica Showalter

Out Of Control And Getting Worse – Attacks Becoming More Frequent Against Conservatives While Liberals Become Increasingly Unhinged As The 2020 Presidential Election Nears – Susan Duclos

Emails: Burisma Consultant Linked To Hunter Biden Approached Top State Department Official To Arrange Ukraine Meeting – Chuck Ross

Who’s Complaining About Investigations Now? – “now, as Barr looks into how it all started, some voices that were part of that frenzy are changing their tune about the value of investigations. They now express concern about investigations, and concern that Barr is politicizing the Justice Department to go after perceived political enemies. Where were they when the Steele dossier burst onto the scene in January 2017, with its extremely damaging and unsupported allegations, Where were they when the Justice Department cooked up the idea that Flynn had violated the Logan Act, the 1799 law under which no one has ever been convicted,” – Byron York

Julian Assange Must Be Freed, Not Betrayed – John Pilger

So Long, Oregon – Conservatives Plan Idaho Escape – “Moving Oregon’s border will solve a problem for rooted right-leaning Oregonians who want liberation from leftist governance.” – Kelli Ballard

Global Centralization Is The Cause Of Crisis – Not The Cure – “Once you understand the globalist mindset, almost everything they do becomes rather robotic and predictable. It should not be surprising that the World Health Organization (WHO), a branch of the United Nations, has been so aggressive in cheerleading for the Chinese government and its response to the coronavirus outbreak. After all, China’s communist surveillance state model is a beta test for the type of centralization that the UN wants for the entire planet. They certainly aren’t going to point out that it was China’s totalitarian system that allowed the outbreak to spread from the very beginning.” – Brandon Smith  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRANDON!!!!!!!!!

Compliance 101: Gun-Toting Cops Endanger Students and Turn the Schools into Prisons – “Just when you thought the government couldn’t get any more tone-deaf about civil liberties and the growing need to protect “we the people” against an overreaching, overbearing police state, the Trump Administration ushers in even more strident zero tolerance policies that treat children like suspects and criminals, greater numbers of school cops, and all the trappings of a prison complex (unsurmountable fences, entrapment areas, no windows or trees, etc.). The fallout has been what you’d expect, with the nation’s young people treated like hardened criminals: handcuffed, arrested, tasered, tackled and taught the painful lesson that the Constitution (especially the Fourth Amendment) doesn’t mean much in the American police state.” – John W. Whitehead  – A MUST READ FROM JOHN, AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘We can’t have Turkish laws on French soil’: Macron vows to fight foreign imams preaching ‘Islamist separatism’ – RT  – SMARTEST THING MACRON HAS EVER SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omens, Portents, Karma and the Mandate of Heaven – “The question of legitimacy isn’t limited to China.” – Charles Hugh Smith

‘Nothing left’: Kenyan mother’s fields stripped by locust swarm – Reuters

Uganda army fights voracious desert locusts – Michael O’Hagan

Emerging Evidence on Continuing Allied Lies About the War in Syria – “One of the clearest indicators of the legitimacy or otherwise of Western military actions is the coverage that is given to it by the western media. When evidence emerges that the given military action was at best ill-founded and more often blatantly illegal under international law, then the western media is silent as to any criticism. Alternatively, it gives undue prominence to self-serving and frequently blatant falsehoods about the actions in question.” – James ONeill

Photos From Final Liberation of Aleppo Demonstrates How MSM Narrative Was False All Along – “Western mainstream media outlets simply cannot show the results of the recent liberation of Western Aleppo in Syria without first doing much editing and damage control work on the television screen. While Western outlets continue the tired line that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is “killing his own people” and that the poor democracy-loving “freedom fighters” armed, trained, and directed by the Western powers are nothing more than victims, scenes from Syria easily challenge any perceptions western audiences may have had regarding recent events there” – Brandon Turbeville

BREAKING: Switzerland’s environmental agency announces national moratorium on 5G – Michael Alexander  – THERE’S AT LEAST ONE SMART COUNTRY OUT THERE!!!!!!!!

WATCH: Sen. Amy Klobuchar Says Gun Buyback ‘Not Gun Confiscation’ – “A mandatory buyback is nothing but gun confiscation, Senator. If you take tax dollars I don’t want to give you, and you require those be spent to unfairly trade for private arms you never sold me, that’s confiscation. We didn’t authorize you to use our tax dollars this way. You didn’t sell us our guns. And we never agreed to allowing you to “buy them back.”” – Personal Defense World

Why Every Prepper Should Be Familiar with 80% Firearms – Bob Rodgers




The Fed is a “Pickle” – “The politicians and economists at the Fed are gambling with the health of the economy, purchasing power of the dollar, individual savings, Fed credibility, pension funding, and retirements. The gamble will work poorly for most people, but the Fed will protect the political and financial elite.” – Gary Christianson

U.S. GDP Could Get Hammered – Nomi Prins

30,000 Contracts Multiplied by 5,000 Ounces Equals… – Rory Hall  – GOOD ARTICLE ON JP MORGAN’S SILVER MANIPULATION FROM RORY!!!!!!!!

Greed Unbounded: “A Slow-Motion Looting” – “I made the observation back in 2004 that the elitists would keep the financial and economic system from collapsing using printing money and debt for as long as it took for them to sweep every last crumb of middle class wealth off the table and into their own pockets” – Dave Kranzler

Who Bought the $1.3 Trillion in Debt the US Government Added to its $23-Trillion Pile in 12 Months? – “Treasury securities are hot. The Fed backed up the truck. US banks & others bought too. But China dumped” – Wolf Richter

QE won’t cure the coronavirus or the economy (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Move Along Citizen, Nothing To See Here (But Deposit Theft) (VIDEO) – “AITS (Average Inflation Targeting) new acronym for negative interest rates. Commercial Banks will be complicit with FED in next crisis. “Hold still, little fish! All we intend to do is gut you”.” – McAlvany Financials

Paul Krugman Returns to Perpetuating the Big Lie for Wall Street – “This time he’s told such a doozie of a lie that there is no longer any doubt that he’s on a mission to restore Wall Street’s credibility, even if he has to rewrite the history of the financial crash and every official report that’s been published on it.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

What Do Crashing Emerging Market Currencies Signal About Future Gold and Silver Prices? – J. Kim

Silver Bullion To $50/oz and When to Sell Gold or Silver? (VIDEO) – Gold Core

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.90EUR




Proverbs 13:11  Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase.



Researcher In Laboratory Is Analyzing Blood Sample In Test Tube