Thank you, China, you’re wonderful – “Yes, all praise to the Chinese government’s “intervention” and “measures.” Translation: “Their brutal oppressive regime can exert iron control over their population. They can lock down 40 million people overnight in their cities. Wow. Sensational. It just so happens that this is exactly what we, the grateful world, need at this time. Funny how that happens, eh? A ‘raging epidemic threatening the planet’ emerges in a place where the controllers can throttle millions and millions of people. Look to their example. I’m not saying we, in the West, or anywhere else, should rush to emulate the ‘China strategy.’ BUT that day may come. Soon. China has broken the ice. If they can execute these ‘measures,’ so can we.”” – Jon Rappoport  – EXCELLENT POINT FROM JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The World Health Organization Just Declared a Global Emergency Over the Wuhan Coronavirus – Daisy Luther

THE CORONAVIRUS – CONTAINING PANDEMIC FEAR – “In today’s age, there are a thousand and one news and information outlets all creating narratives vying for the same thing, your attention. Each of them remain loyal to their own agendas, creating versions of events that aim to recruit people into their audience or belief. Everyone is interpreting, regurgitating, relaying, repeating, manipulating and spinning information. The truth today is literally whatever anyone wants it to be. Perception is a choice, therefore, to be fearful is also a choice. The Coronavirus story is an exceptional opportunity to see how fear is virally transmitted through information and perpetuated inside the imagination of the individual. Even if in the future the virus shows up on your doorstep, the reality of that experience will be far different from the original story about it created in your mind, but your story about it will determine how it actually affects you.” – Dylan Charles  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!

China says coronavirus death toll hits 213 as Britain, Russia report first cases – Sam Meredith, Weizhen Tan and Evelyn Cheng

‘Burning Bodies In Secret’ – New Accounts From Wuhan Detail Coronavirus Outbreak – Tyler Durden

Coronavirus Anger Rises as 9,692 Infected and a Massive 102,427 Monitored – “The geometric rise in coronavirus infections, suspects, deaths, and patients monitored continues unabated.” – Mish

CoronaVirus 2019-nCoV | No Symptoms 14-Days | What Could Go Wrong? – Ken Jorgustin

MSM To Create Public Panic Over Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic? (VIDEO) – Silver Doctors




Tales From the Crypt – “What a fatal mistake, allowing Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) to make himself the face of the Democratic Party. They would have been better off with another scion of Hollywood: the Phantom of the Opera. This grubby seditionist has marched the party into a wilderness of deceit and knavery that taints them all, and when this grotesque impeachment episode is over, a new chapter of consequences will open that should leave the party for dead. It’s hard to think of a more loathsome figure in US political history than Adam Schiff. What a fatal mistake, allowing Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) to make himself the face of the Democratic Party. They would have been better off with another scion of Hollywood: the Phantom of the Opera. This grubby seditionist has marched the party into a wilderness of deceit and knavery that taints them all, and when this grotesque impeachment episode is over, a new chapter of consequences will open that should leave the party for dead.” – James Howard Kunstler

The impeachment logic is really pretty simple – “Despite a truly eye-rolling amount of peripheral noise and distraction from Democrats, the fundamental facts of the presidential impeachment are clear and simple. There are only two: 1. Ukraine received the aid funds appropriated by Congress. 2. The Bidens were not investigated by a foreign government.” – Steven D. Bigler

Schumer Melts Down as Impeachment Implodes, Demands Every Senator Explain Their Impeachment Vote (VIDEO) – Cristina Laila

The Real John Bolton – “Bolton, who used student deferments and service in the Maryland National Guard to avoid serving in Vietnam, is a classic Chicken Hawk. He supported the Vietnam War and continues to support the war in Iraq. Bolton endorsed preemptive military strikes in North Korea and Iran in recent years, and lobbied for regime change in Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen.” – Melvin Goodman

Was The Bolton Leak Too Perfect? The Senate Grapples With The First Perry Mason Moment Of A Presidential Impeachment – Jonathan Turley

Nancy Pelosi Rants Incoherently that Trump Isn’t Acquitted Even If He’s Acquitted – Bonchie

Why Mitt Romney Must Prevent Joe Biden From Testifyng in the Senate Impeachment Hearings – Dave Hodges  – INTERESTING!!!

Is Bernie’s Hour of Power at Hand? – “Can a septuagenarian socialist who just survived a heart attack and would be 80 years old in his first year in office be elected president of the United States? It’s hard to believe but not impossible. As of today, Bernie Sanders looks like one of the better, if not best, bets for the nomination.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Elizabeth Warren Goes To War Against the First Amendment – Daniel Greenfield

The FBI Has Been Lying About Seth Rich – Craig Murray

A New US Air Force Video Game Lets You Drone Bomb Iraqis and Afghans – “The U.S. Air Force recently unveiled its newest recruitment tool, an online video game that lets you carry out targeted killings by drone in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.” – Alan Macleod

Nobody Sets Out To Become A War Propagandist. It Just Sort Of Happens. – “No eight year-old kid is sitting around dreaming of one day selling her integrity to help the western empire manufacture consent for the deployment of more highly profitable military equipment to yet another resource-rich geostrategic region.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Do All Countries have the Right to Fight Terrorism? – Jim Dean

China Virus Sinks Economy, Impeachment Disaster Continues, Everything Fake (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Is AIDS US $90B Taxpayer Dollars A Global Slush Fund? – “The U.S. Government’s PEPFAR is the largest funder of any nation to a single disease in the world, and the largest donor to the Global Fund, to the tune of over $90 billion to date. Despite this, due to the fact that the Global Fund is located in Geneva, Switzerland, it is not subject to U.S. taxation, jurisdiction, or law. Bill and Melinda Gates, Jeffrey Sachs, Kofi Annan, and Amir Attaran are listed as the founders of The Global Fund, but who really strategized and implemented its structure, its funding, and its “immunity” status?” – Corey Lynn  – GREAT ARTICLE FROM COREY, AS USUAL!!!!!!

Bats, Gene Editing and Bioweapons: Recent DARPA Experiments Raise Concerns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak – Whitney Webb  – WHITNEY’S ARTICLES ARE WELL RESEARCHED!!!!

Child molestor released from prison because ‘he’ now identifies as a ‘she’ – Simon Black

NFL bans pro 2A ad but Approves Michael Bloomberg’s $10 Million Super Bowl Gun Control Ad (VIDEO) – “According to the NFL, they rejected the ad because it promoted Firearms. No, it promoted the Second Amendment and Self Defense. I can’t stand the way Bloomberg exploits the black condition in America. Bloomberg doesn’t care about young black men dying, Because if he did, he’d be spending 10 million in our inner cities to provide economic opportunities, fix the broken educational system, and poverty to prison pipeline that drives the vast majority of the violence in our inner cities.” – Colion Noir

The US Government is Officially Funding the Study of Geoengineering – Derrick Broze

Global digital tax talks to move forward – Naomi Jagoda

If You Only Had One Tool – “In The Prepper Journal’s opinion it is a knife. The universal tool that has served humans since we first picked up a stick and realized we needed something to sharpen it order to make our point and carrying a boulder as a sharpening implement was not working out.” – Wild Bill

8 Mood Boosting Foods To Help You Beat The Winter Blues -Tricia Drevets




Big Fed Lie – “In real life you can always tell when someone has something to hide when they get really evasive in their answers. And boy was Jay Powell evasive in his press conference yesterday. Twice he was asked about the Fed’s policies causing risk assets to rise, twice he skirted with a non answer:” – Sven Henrich

Second-Order Effects: The Unexpectedly Slippery Path to Dow 10,000 – “Dow 30,000 is “unsinkable,” just like the Titanic.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Fed’s Plan to Cap Yields Signals Higher Gold and Silver Prices – David Brady

Gold & Silver Investing: The Amazing Untold Facts (VIDEO) – Steve St. Angelo

Printed Money Blowing The Bubbles Even Bigger – Dave Kranzler

Turnaround costs push Deutsche Bank to $6 billion loss – Tom Sims and Patricia Uhlig

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.29EUR




Psalm 91:9-10   Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;  There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.