Trump Slams Impeachment “Hoax” & Climate Change “Prophets Of Doom” During Davos Address – Tyler Durden

McConnell Sets Out Impeachment Rules – “Schumer despairs as McConnell defuses Democrat plans.” – Mark Angelides

Go Home Greta – “I have a lot of sympathy for Greta Thunberg, and I’m sure she means very well. But I have no sympathy for the PR people that she allows to surround her, and who make millions of dollars off of her name and appearances. Nor do I think Greta had grasped at age 16 the full complexity of the systems that have led to what she protests against. Very few adults have either, so that’s hardly her fault. The movement also has too little attention for what younger people themselves contribute to the descent into chaos. If you don’t start with yourself, how are you ever going to tell others what to do? How many phones and gadgets and cars do you have? Do your clothes also say Made in China?” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM RAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Michael Bloomberg’s ‘Journalists’ Propagandize for More U.S. Aggressions – Eric Zuesse

Bernie Sanders thunders about ‘corruption’ … and gives Joe Biden a pass – “The socialist’s hypocrisy runs thick with this one.” – Monica Showalter

Hillary Clinton: Nobody Likes Bernie – “One of the most curious things to watch after the 2016 election was the unrelenting reclamation project called Hillary Clinton. It seems the unending work of powerful figures in the Washington and Hollywood establishment. The project now has a name: “Hillary.” It is the latest documentary on Hulu that seeks to show how Hillary was a victim of sexism but remains the oracle of our age. It seems like powerful figures will not stop in this reclamation project until people relent and agree that Hillary lost because of sexism, Comey, Sanders, self-loathing women, a conservative cabal, and other late additions to the Clinton black list. The recurring suggestion that that there was no reason why the voters would oppose Hillary so it must have just been sexism.” – Jonathan Turley

New China virus claims sixth victim as holiday travel stokes risk – Reuters

Cases Of China’s New Mystery Virus Have Quadrupled, Human-To-Human Transmission Confirmed, And It May Soon Arrive Here – Michael Snyder

The Military and State Can’t Handle the Trump Truth – Larry C Johnson

Pompeo: New US Policy Authorized Drones Strikes on Russian, Chinese Leaders – “Is Pompeo’s statement to the Russia hating establishment, an open threat against a foreign leader, carelessness, hubris or insanity? Is President Trump ready to back Pompeo, as he did with the disastrous Soleimani killing? We then have to ask, how can such statements be made with no pushback from congress or the media, not a single word? Has America become suicidal?” – Gordon Duff

Pompeo in Fascist Colombia – “Fascist Colombia is a narco-terrorist state, providing an illicit drug super-highway to the US and other countries. The nation is notorious for terrorizing and murdering trade unionists, campesinos, human rights workers, journalists, and others opposing ruthless regime policies, along with supporting US imperial interests. On Monday, Pompeo showed up in Bogota at a so-called Western Hemisphere Counterterrorism Ministerial meeting. The US and Colombia are the hemisphere’s leading state sponsors of terrorism, notably hostile to peace, equity, justice, the rule of law, and sovereign independent democracies like Venezuela.” – Stephen Lendman

George Soros Launches Campaign to Silence ‘Climate Deniers’ on Youtube! (VIDEO) – Spiro Skouras

Is Mass Civil Disobedience Our Future? – “Virginia gun owners believe their moral obligation to protect families, friends and themselves in a violent society justifies their right to keep and carry firearms, no matter what the Virginia legislature says.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

ENOUGH On The 2nd Amendment Bull**** – Karl Denninger  – GOOD READ FROM KARL!!!!!

Thousands of Gun Owners Rally in Virginia, Nothing Bad Happens – “Thousands of gun owners descended on Virginia’s capitol today to show their opposition to impending infringements on their Second Amendment rights, and, not surprisingly, the hysteria spread by the mainstream media about inevitable violence all turned out to be false alarms.” – Teresa Mull

VA Democrats Vow To Ignore Voices Of Richmond Ralliers – “If 20,000+ people show up to tell you what they think, that’s usually a sign you should probably at least consider listening. That’s especially true when they’re calling for you to respect their rights. That’s about how many people showed up in Richmond, a powerful reminder that Virginians aren’t united behind this anti-gun nonsense. However, despite the massive numbers that showed up, Democrats in the state have vowed to basically ignore them.” – Tom Knighton

Letter: Thoughts From a Richmond 2A Rally Attendee – D.D. in Virginia

CBS Claims a ‘Week’ of ‘Violence’ Occurred Before Virginia Gun Rally – “Since there was no violence what so ever at the gun rights rally in Richmond, Virginia on Monday, CBS Evening News apparently decided to make-up some fake news and claim there was.” – Nicholas Fondacaro


Localism in the 2020s (Part 3) – Scaling Politics – ” Much of the frustration in the county can be traced to this state of affairs. We’ve been losing control of our individual lives and communities in order to feed the insatiable beast of empire, and worst of all, we’ve been convinced that the answer is to fight each other for this centralized power so at least our team can be in charge of the bossing around.” – Michael Krieger   – PART 3 IN A SERIES OF EXCELLENT ARTICLES FROM MICHAEL. READ THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How To Be A Mentally Sovereign Human – “Mental self-rule is not for everyone. It is not for cowards. It is not for the lazy or complacent. It’s not for those who do things only because there’s some material or egoic reward in it for them. These people are destined to have their minds ruled by others. Mental sovereignty is for those who put truth above all else, and who see truth as its own reward. Their dedication to learning what’s true never ceases. These people rule their own minds.” – Caitlin Johnstone

When the Blood Boils: Vaccines and Autism – Jon Rappoport  – LONG BUT EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How Repurposing Makes You A Better Prepper – Bill White



Gold Trade Usage & Price Effect – ” GOLD & SILVER DUE TO RISE The true save haven is precious metals. Their price could rise double or triple quickly.” – Jim Willie  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything But Commodities Is In A Bubble! – J. Johnson

Prepare for the Central Bank Tsunami (VIDEO) – The Money GPS

The Dawn of the Dead on Wall Street – Peter Schiff

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.52EUR




Proverbs 15:7   The lips of the wise disperse knowledge: but the heart of the foolish doeth not so.