Russiagate Investigation Now Endangers Obama – “The problem in America isn’t either Obama or Trump; it’s neither merely the Democratic Party, nor merely the Republican Party; it is instead both; it is the Deep State. That’s the reality; and the process that got us here started on 26 July 1945 and secretly continued on the American side even after the Soviet Union ended and Russia promptly ended its side of the Cold War. The US regime’s ceaseless thrust, since 26 July 1945, to rule the entire world, will climax either in a Third World War, or in a US revolution to overthrow and remove the Deep State and end its dictatorship-grip over America.” – Eric Zuesse  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Looming Dark Age of Business Warfare – “The United States of America is waging an undeclared war on Russia. It’s a war for empire, a struggle to keep in place a system that can never be sustained. And it’s a conflict that will ultimately lead to a new dark age. This is a report about the unusual business that foreign policy has become.” – Phil Butler

Interminable impeachment – “Democrats will not let impeachment end as an issue: They cannot. Their left has insisted on President Trump’s removal since his arrival. Democrats have always been dependent on their left, but now more than ever. And Democrats have rarely entered an election with a weaker presidential frontrunner or a more confused path to a nominee.” – J. T. Young

Biden Makes a Really Pathetic Attempt to Explain Why He Won’t Testify in an Impeachment Trial – Beth Baumann

Biden: ‘Millions Crossing Border’ From Venezuela, ‘Destabilizing Bolivia’ (But Bolivia Has No Border With Venezuela) – Nick Arama  – POOR JOE, LOSING IT MORE AND MORE EVERY DAY. HE WAS VICE PRESIDENT FOR 8 YEARS AND DOESN’T EVEN KNOW HIS GEOGRAPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“If He’d Take It, Yes” – Biden Considers Obama For Supreme Court Nomination – Tyler Durden

Tulsi Gabbard is positioning herself to pick up the pieces after the Dems implode in the 2020 election – Thomas Lifson

Democrats Blame Jews, Trump for Latest Anti-Semitic Stabbings In NY – Bonchie

Despicable: Black attacks on Jews are rooted in Democrats’ coddling of anti-Semites – Monica Showalter

‘We have the resources’: Democratic presidential candidates propose trillions in spending amid debate over what’s doable – Toluse Olorunnipa

Time to Cry for Bolivia – “The United States and Britain and their tame pets have become George Orwell’s Oceania – and they do not even know it. First, Brazil, the demographic giant of the Western Hemisphere with its limitless natural resources and offshore deep ocean oil wealth was destabilized and its own popular, four times democratically elected legitimate government was toppled. A racist, unelected harsh repressive army-backed regime was immediately set up to be met with comforting approval from the US Right and Wall Street and with even more comforting Silence from the US Fake Center and Soft Left.” – Martin Sieff

Did Macron and Johnson Negotiate a Hard Brexit in October? – “Something odd is happening with Brexit.” – Tom Luango

An American Was Just Killed In A Rocket Attack In Iraq Just After Pompeo Set The Stage To Blame Iran (VIDEO) – The Last American Vagabond

Narrative Managers Claim White Helmets Founder Was Driven To Suicide By Syria Skeptics – “Imperialist spinmeisters are trial-ballooning a new Syria narrative that is so breathtakingly stupid it needs its own article solely for the purpose of mockery.” – Caitlin Johnstone

CLIMATECHANGEgate: Hidden Agenda Behind the Huge Hoax and Global Criminal Conspiracy – “There is another major component to this geoengineered Climate Change fraud. Weather events are now routinely geoengineered and weaponized into what are essentially false flag weather attacks. This highly destructive and deadly type of weather warfare is being used for several reasons. First and foremost among them is the NWO manufactured need to advertise Climate Change as a real threat to humanity.” – State of the Nation

2020 Prognostication and the End of this Blog – “Below I enumerate the reasons we will be unable to effectuate meaningful political and social change in America and why I have decided this blog is pointless.” – Kurt Nimmo  – AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No More Weirdos – ” Since 9/11, the United States has responded to the threat of Islamic terrorism by scouring the earth for Muslims of every sort to import into the country. The theory is that by importing tens of millions of Muslims from places the American military has bombed for decades, the miasma that is causing Muslims to commit terrorism will dissipate. It’s lunacy, but the result is places like New York City suddenly have a new class of weird foreigner. Inevitably, these various weirdos, imported and domestic, will not only agitate against the main, but begin to attack one another.” – Zman

California, Despite Tough Gun Laws, Tops Nation in Mass Killings – “The media tends to characterize mass shootings by the rare incidents of mass killings of random people in public places. The reality is that a majority of mass shootings are personal. Many involve gang violence. Others, family and workplace breakdowns.” – Daniel Greenfield

Putting a Final End to the Denial of UN Troops On American Soil – “Nobody takes more criticism over the issue of UN troops on American soil that Steve Quayle and myself. I grow weary of fielding criticisms from the ignorant. The proof of voluminous and public. My recommendation if one does refuses to believe the multitude of sights is to visit another website. ” – Dave Hodges

Tax Man Cometh With Hidden Tax Increases for 2020 – Mish

USA Exports More Blood Than Soybeans or Corn – “Many areas of the U.S. are struggling to meet the blood needs of local residents even as the country supplies 70% of the world’s plasma. Most for-profit donation centers are in the poorest areas where residents sell plasma to help pay for food and shelter. Big Pharma also targets college students, advertising money for books in exchange for plasma used to feed antiaging technology startups.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Disaster Looms as Antibiotics Lose Their Efficacy – Dr. Robert J. Rowen

Potential Food Shortages – “It is just an assumption on my part but I would be willing to bet that if you did a study more rural people are apt to be prepared with extra on hand supplies than their suburban or urban counterparts. Having less inventory of products in our rural areas could greatly impact our ability to survive a societal upheaval such as a second civil war.” – 3AD Scout  – AS THE AUTHOR POINTS OUT, THERE MAY NOT BE FOOD SHORTAGES IN WAL-MARTS AS SOME PEOPLE SUGGEST. BUT RATHER HOW THEY ARE CONTROLLING THEIR INVENTORY!!!

How To Survive A Road Trip In Severe Weather – Patrick Peterson




Market “Melt Up” Continues – “This stimulus is the largest ever outside of a ‘recession’ or ‘financial crisis,’ which should lead to the obvious question of ‘what exactly is going on we don’t know about?” – Lance Roberts

Germans Rush to Buy Gold as Draft Bill Threatens to Restrict Purchases – Graham Smith

Which Wolf Will You Feed In 2020? (VIDEO) – Chris Duane

Cracks Are Showing On The Surface Of Once “Safe” Top Tier Malls – Tyler Durden




Psalm 34:13  Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.




Us and them
And after all we’re only ordinary men

Me and you
God only knows it’s not what we would choose to do

“Forward!” he cried
From the rear
And the front rank died
And the general sat
And the lines on the map
Moved from side to side

Black and blue
And who knows which is which and who is who?

Up and down
And in the end it’s only round and round and round

“Haven’t you heard
It’s a battle of words?”
The poster bearer cried.
“Listen, son,”
Said the man with the gun,
“There’s room for you inside.”

“Well, I mean, they’re gonna kill ya, so like, if you give ’em a quick sh…short, sharp shock, they don’t do it again.
Dig it? I mean he got off light, ’cause I could’ve given him a thrashin’ but I only hit him once.
It’s only the difference between right and wrong, innit? I mean good manners don’t cost nothing, do they? Eh?”

Down and out
It can’t be helped but there’s a lot of it about

With, without
And who’ll deny it’s what the fighting’s all about?

Out of the way
It’s a busy day
I’ve got things on my mind
For want of the price
Of tea and a slice
The old man died

( Us and Them by Pink Floyd )