Why Everything Is Fucked – “Because every adult on this planet started off tiny, helpless, impressionable, and surrounded by gargantuan madmen, and it made it almost impossible to be sane. That’s why.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Fake News Alert: Headlines Paint False Picture Of Ukraine Aid Freeze – “Misleading headlines appear to have been deliberately written to imply a sequence of events that might incriminate the president but, in fact, the articles beneath those headlines concede that a hold was placed on the aid well before the Trump-Zelensky phone call. In each case, that one, vital fact is buried several paragraphs into the respective reports.” – Graham J Noble

NEVER FORGET – The way Democrats abuse President Trump today is the way they see all Americans who challenge their evil – News Target

Trump’s Letter to Pelosi – “None of the presstitutes fact checked the impeachment charges. As the presstitute media has again made completely clear, it is focused on controlling our minds by substituting its opinion for the facts.” – Paul Craig Roberts

No, We Can’t Just Get Along – “Do you actually read the Horowitz Report? I mean, like actually read it? Not listen to the talking heads, but you, yourself, sit down with that nice “book” and have a read. The public hearing in the Senate was damning. In fact it was ******ning, with all that connotes.” – Karl Denninger

Joe Who? Obama Privately Telling Top Donors To Rally Around Warren – Tyler Durden

The Ratings for the Latest Democrat Debate Were a Dumpster Fire – Bonchie

Hillary Clinton’s Long, Strange Twitter Afterlife – “The tweets have helped conjure an image of the former candidate you might call Unchained Hillary, or, as some of her Twitter followers have dubbed it, Hillary with “zero f—s left to give.” ” – Joanna Weiss

Cartel Money Man: “We Control All the Territory” Used to Smuggle Migrants – Luis Miguel

Their Own Documents Proved the Govt Blew $3 Trillion on Afghanistan and LIED. Congress Immediately Authorized Almost a TRILLION More for 2020 – Daisy Luther  – HEROIN AND OIL ARE LUCRATIVE BUSINESSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another U.S. Soldier Dies for Nothing in Afghanistan – “If the latest U.S. soldier just killed in Afghanistan, as yet unidentified, was married, I can’t help but wonder what U.S. officials are going to say to his (or her) spouse and possibly children when they offer her the flag that draped his casket at his funeral. “He died protecting our freedom.” Or “He died for enduring freedom in Afghanistan.” Or “He died doing his duty.” Or “He died as a patriot.” Whatever they say, of course, will be a lie, just as the entire military escapade in Afghanistan has been based on lies from the beginning and still is. Those lies have been established beyond any doubt with the Washington Post’s recent release of secret military documents that the Pentagon fought fiercely to keep secret from the American people. I suppose they could say to his widow and children, “He died to protect lies.” But that would seem pretty crass.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Nord Stream 2: Washington to “Free” Europe From Freedom to Decide for Itself – “Ironically, in order to preserve Europe’s “freedom” the US has now resorted to punishing interests in Europe – and in Germany specifically – for freely choosing to do business with Russia.” – Tony Cartalucci

U.S. Media Bias Creates False Pictures Of Russia – “The latest Putin bashing piece in the New York Times is headlined: It’s Putin’s World. We Just Live in It.” – Moon of Alabama

Holiday Season Hypocrisy Revisited – “Tis the season for frenzied buying of stuff people don’t need, ignoring what’s most important. What matters most is what most Americans, others in the West, and most elsewhere are denied — notably peace, equity and justice. Joy to the world during holiday season doesn’t exist. How can it with endless US wars on humanity raging at home and abroad, with democracy a meaningless figure of speech in the West, not reality, with predatory capitalism the beating heart of these nations’ politico/socio-economic systems, enforced by police state harshness.” – Stephen Lendman  – HOW TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

St. Greta exploits Australia’s bushfire crisis, gets rebuked by Prime Minister Morrison – Thomas Lifson

Lie of the Day: Going 100% Green Will Pay For Itself in 7 Years – Mish

Christmas in Flyover Land – “All the people of America, including the flyovers, are responsible for the sad situation we’re in: this failure to reestablish a common culture of values most people can subscribe to and use it to rebuild our towns into places worth caring about. Main Street, as it has come to be, is the physical manifestation of that failure.” – James Howard Kunstler

Chicago’s Corruption Continues & Business As Usual In The Streets Under New Mayor Lightfoot (VIDEO) – Conservative Resurgence

The Lies That Are Used for Denying the Legitimacy of Crimea’s Breakaway – Eric Zuesse

Boris Johnson’s Victory Heralds a Golden Era in US-UK Relations – Con Coughlin

Bill filed to regulate ‘assault’ weapons and ban “high-capacity” magazines in Kentucky – Sean Walton

Two Mass Shootings: 13 Shot in Chicago and 7 in Baltimore – Where is the Media? – “In yet the latest cases of covered-up urban violence, two more mass shootings this weekend have received very little national coverage. You see, the mainstream media and the democrat party don’t give two shits about gun violence, especially when it happens in black communities — which they also don’t really care about. If they can’t spin the story into some neo-nazi fantasy shooting that can be used to go after all white gun owners, then they have nothing to say on the subject.” – Off Grid Survival

Chicago Shooting Reveals Failures In Criminal Justice System, News Media – “If Chicagoans are going to get serious about the violent crime plaguing their city, then they have to face facts. Career criminals are being released back onto the streets with a slap on the wrist in many cases. Violent criminals are memorialized as victims of gun violence by an anti-gun media that hates to acknowledge legal gun owners acting in self-defense.” – Cam Edwards  – CRIMINALS WILL ALWAYS HAVE GUNS, MEANWHILE THEY WANT TO DISARM LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Is America: 10 Examples That Show How Dramatically The U.S. Has Changed As We Approach 2020 – Michael Snyder

The TSA and Security Theater: Understanding American Airport Security Following 9/11 – Sam Jacobs

The Hidden Military Use of 5G Technology – Manlio Dinucci

Day 10: Technocracy And Education – Patrick Wood  – GOOD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Italian exorcist says society risks collapse due to ‘aggressive Satanism’ – Elise Harris

Survival camps cater to new fear: America’s political unrest – Reuters

Volcanoes in the US – Disasters Waiting To Happen – Bob Rodgers

How to Build a HINGED HOOPHOUSE for a Raised Bed Garden (VIDEO) – “Today I want to show you how to easily build a hinged hoophouse for a raised bed garden so you can be eating fresh veggies all year long.” – The Gardening Channel With James Prigioni

Healthiest Spices | What are the Healthiest Spices? – Ken Jorgustin





Trump and the Stock Market Are the Winners in the Fed’s Repo Loan Binge; Here’s the Losers – “U.S. investors and U.S. citizens are also the big losers. A euphoric stock market undermines the case in Congress for making the critically-needed reforms of Wall Street’s mega banks before they blow themselves up again with derivatives.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

America’s Economy Is the Biggest Bubble Ever (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Gold vs cash in a crisis – “Mattress stuffers or bullion holders? Who fares better in a crisis? North American investors are divided between those who believe the decade-long stock market bull is going to keep running into the 2020s, and investors who, wary of something terrible happening, are hoarding cash and gold. ” – Ahead of the Herd

How Amazon Gains Control & Domination (VIDEO) – Wolf Street Report

“Rates Were Pushed Off The Cliff By The Central Banks” – ” When Central Banks print money – in our case dollars – at a rate that exceeds the amount of wealth produced to “back” that money printed, it begins to diminish the value of each extra dollar created.” – Dave Kranzler

$20 Silver Price By The End Of 2019? (VIDEO) – Silver Doctors

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.91EUR




Matthew 1:23   Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.