Reindeer Games – “Apparently, Mrs. Pelosi wants to play Hide the Salami with the impeachment bill. She invoked some slippery procedure to stash it where the sun don’t shine in the hope that the senate won’t be able to follow through with its duty to try the very charges set out in the bill. How’s that gonna go over when the details are actually sorted out?” – Apparently, Mrs. Pelosi wants to play Hide the Salami with the impeachment bill. She invoked some slippery procedure to stash it where the sun don’t shine in the hope that the senate won’t be able to follow through with its duty to try the very charges set out in the bill. How’s that gonna go over when the details are actually sorted out?” – James Howard Kunstler

America on the Ropes – “The impeachment proceedings orchestrated by the idiot House Democrats with the aid of the corrupt FBI, CIA, NSA and presstitute media have been a boon for Republican fundraising. What is disturbing about the impeachment and Russiagate is that these orchestrated actions are an attempt to overturn a democratic election. The US now engages in actions against its own population like the actions Washington recently engaged in against Venezuela, Bolivia, Honduras, and Ukraine. It is disturbing also because it demonstrates that there is no integrity in the media or the American security agencies. Without the support of the media and security agencies, the Democrats would not be able to orchestrate such obvious hoaxes.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Trump Not Officially Impeached So Far? – Stephen Lendman

Trump Impeachment… Slapstick Diversion From Reality – “For all the grandstanding drama and feverish media coverage, the storyline – like all pantos – is scant in credibility. What was truly sad, however, is how the impeachment fiasco dominated other news, thereby drawing the curtain on several far more significant events.” – Finian Cunningham

Is Impeachment Backfiring on Democrats – Patrick J. Buchanan

Is Pelosi Committing ‘Obstruction of Congress’ By Sitting on Articles of Impeachment? – Nick Arama

Disgraceful: Now Adam Schiff claims VP Mike Pence is implicated in ‘Ukrainegate’ – “The only thing worse than House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff’s ridiculous, unsubstantiated claims about the Trump administration is the fact that the Garbage Party’s propaganda media continues to give him air time.” – National Sentinel

A Plot To Make Pelosi President? Now Adam Schiff Wants To Go After Vice-President Mike Pence… – Michael Snyder

The PELOSI CONSPIRACY: New World Order Globalist Cabal using Deep State to execute a coup behind the coup – “Pelosi’s marshaling the utterly fraudulent impeachment process is a glaring demonstration of her resolve to depose Trump anyway she can. Now we see that Speaker Pelosi is once again using puppet Adam Schiff to do her dirty work. As if Shifty Schiff has not already destroyed his credibility as no other politician in American history. Nonetheless, Pelosi has already sicced her attack dog on yet another Trump administration heavyweight. As follows: Operation President Pelosi — Adam Schiff Announces He’s Going After Pence” – State of the Nation

Nancy Pelosi, Not Trump, Is Provoking A Constitutional Crisis – “By refusing to send articles of impeachment to the Senate, Pelosi is asserting the primacy of the Democrat-controlled House over the GOP-led Senate.” – John Daniel Davidson

What in the absolute hell did I just watch? (VIDEO)  – WATCH PELOSI SPEAKING GIBBERISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not a single official involved in “Spygate” has yet to be indicted, much less convicted and sent to prison – “Once upon a time, it was a crime in the United States to engage in a plot to overthrow a duly-elected president. If such an operation were to occur during wartime, one would call it “treason.” If in peacetime, it’s “sedition” at a minimum. Come to think of it, it’s still a crime to attempt an overthrow — a coup, if you will — of a duly-elected president. That’s what the “Spygate” scandal is really all about when you boil it down to the bare essentials.” – JD Heyes

Tulsi Gabbard’s Take On Trump’s Impeachment Has An Important Conscious Takeaway – Joe Martino

Where’s Biden? 2020 Democratic front-runner barely speaks in debate – John Gage

Joe Biden Goes Full Hillary In Last Night’s Debate – Bonchie

Joe Biden is coming for your job – “So much for the old lefty propaganda slogan: ‘Putting People First.’ Joe Biden is coming for your job. Your livelihood. Give it up, or he’ll give it up for you, because he’s got bigger priorities than your mere putting food on the table. You can give up that job for an ‘opportunity’ of his choosing. He said as much at last night’s Democratic debate.” – Monica Showalter

Democrats Debate Wine Caves and Purity Tests: Who Won? – Mish

Our Fragmentation Accelerates – “As our fragmentation accelerates, shared economic interests are ignored in favor of divisive warring camps that share no common interests.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Impeachment War on USA, Dems Take Guns, Economic Update (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Get Ready For War: FL Sheriff Warns Citizens To Arm Themselves – “What is our nation coming to? Impeaching the president when no actual crime has been committed. Taking away our Second Amendment rights. It’s so surreal. We have state governments fighting against federal agencies trying to protect us from the surge of illegal immigrants and human and drug trafficking. Politicians want to force us to give up our guns while mass shootings are becoming more frequent, and violent organizations like Antifa are gaining more power. On top of all that, you know things are critical when law enforcement tells citizens to arm themselves and be prepared for war.” – Kelli Ballard

Boris Johnson’s Brexit Deal Clears First Vote As Pound Slides – Tyler Durden

The ECB & its Green Agenda – Martin Armstrong

Water Wars is the Future We are about to Face – Ron Henry

China’s GLOBAL TAKEOVER & The FALL Of The US Empire (VIDEO) with G. Edward Griffin – World Alternative Media

Day 7: China Is A Technocracy – Patrick Wood

Why Western Media Ignore OPCW Scandal – Strategic Culture Foundation

Gun Rights Group Warns: U.S. Senate to Vote on Gun Control Funding -Teresa Mull

Everytown Demands Sheriffs, Police Denounce 2A Sanctuary Movement – “Bloomberg-backed gun control groups Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action are having a hard time coping with the stunning rise of the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement, to the point that they’re now objecting to Second Amendment Supporters using their First Amendment rights to oppose their anti-gun agenda.” – Cam Edwards


Aldi Supermarkets Will Be Giving Away Free Food To The Needy On Christmas Eve – John Vibes

“Pig Ebola” Is Now Running Wild In Indonesia, And It Has Already Killed About One-Fourth Of The World’s Pigs – Michael Snyder






More Than 9,300 Stores Closed Across US in 2019 – Jack Phillips

Over 40% of Consumers in Some States Have Delinquent Household Debt, Data Indicate – Bill Lucia

THE GLOBAL DEBT TICKING TIME-BOMB: The Reason To Own Gold & Silver – Steve St. Angelo

Total Set-Up For A Complete Reversal Of Fortunes…?!? (VIDEO) – “Trump has been impeached, but Congress has skipped town and won’t be back until 2020! Still, the stock market’s skeptical of this whole impeachment thing, hitting new highs again, and gold & silver have been pinned down, all week long. What’s it all mean? It means we seem to be set-up for the ultimate reversal of fortunes where the stock market comes crashing down as gold & silver soar! In addition to those topics, we have an interesting update on the US military securing rare earths, and the news is not good.” – Silver Doctors

What Is Unfolding Right Now Is Truly Shocking – Gerald Celente

Party like it’s 1999 – “The Fed is blowing an asset bubble. And just like in 2000, here we are:” – Sven Henrich

Repo Madness Is Also Being Used to Paper Over Massive Forward Dollar Swap Losses Globally? (VIDEO) – “Not only is the Fed buying around 90% of new US Treasuries being issued (according to Daniel Amerman’s new article) but the Fed is also apparently bailing out the global dollar shortage and bad derivatives bets in the forward dollar swaps market?” – Wall Street for Main Street

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.07EUR




Ezekiel 34:16  I will seek that which was lost, and bring again that which was driven away, and will bind up that which was broken, and will strengthen that which was sick: but I will destroy the fat and the strong; I will feed them with judgment.