Where’s ‘bribery?’ Dems to charge Trump with abuse of power and obstructing Congress – “The Garbage Party has changed their impeachment narrative so many times now it’s impossible to keep up. It’s like the ‘charge de jour‘ – charge of the day – when it comes to figuring out exactly what President Donald Trump actually did to earn impeachment.” – National Sentinel

“Abuse Of Power” And “Obstructing Congress”? Is This Really The Best That The Democrats Could Come Up With? – Michael Snyder

FISA Report Reveals Clinton Meddled In 2016 Election – “No, not the Bernie thing… If Russia spending $100,000 on Facebook ads constitutes election interference, and Donald Trump asking Ukraine to investigate the Bidens is too – then Hillary Clinton takes the cake when it comes to influence campaigns designed to harm a political opponent.” – Tyler Durden

Don’t Expect Any Truth From Washington – “Horowitz’s real assignment was not to investigate, but to cover up the crime, which he did by finding that the FBI made a large number of “mistakes” that the FBI director promises new controls in place to prevent in the future. Thus Horowitz did his job. He converted crimes into “mistakes.” That is the way Washington works. Will John Durham’s criminal investigation of the Democrats, CIA, and FBI for their Russiagate hoax, an investigation that should include investigation of the complicit Presstitute Media who are without any doubt accessories to the crime, also prove me correct? When has the United States government told the truth about anything?” – Paul Craig Roberts – GREAT ARTICLE FROM PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just how bad was the FBI’s Russia FISA? 51 violations and 9 false statements – John Solomon

The IG **Admits** DOJ/FBI Attempted A Putsch – “The FBI and Department of Justice did, beyond reasonable doubt, intentionally target Donald Trump and his associates as a candidate and as President for surveillance and did, with corrupt intent beyond said reasonable doubt, intend to harm both him and his associates. This did not occur due to error. The manifest weight of the evidence as proved by fundamental, middle-school mathematics, is that this campaign was intentional, it was malicious, and given that it involved knowingly false statements to a court by means of omission it was criminal.” – Karl Denninger

Lou Dobbs: DOJ IG Report a ‘Whitewash,’ Shows ‘The Deep State’s Awesome Control of Our Permanent Bureaucracy’ (VIDEO) – Josh Feldman

Yet Another Calculated Horowitz Whitewash! – “HUGE Institutional Cover-Up! IG Horowitz Brazenly Hides Joint FBI-DoJ-CIA Coup Attempt Against Trump. Make no mistake about it: It’s an all-out war between Team Trump and Deep State.” – State of the Nation

So Obama knew all along about the FBI bid to spy on his rival – “Up until now, President Obama has said he knew nothing about the FBI bid to destroy his political rival, Donald J.Trump, as evidenced in the newly released and mighty critical Inspector General, report. Today, Obama’s claim is in tatters” – Monica Showalter  – WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM THE FORMER LIAR-IN-CHIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Joe Biden Gets Away With Calling A Voter A Fat, Dumb, Liar – “Trump insults a lot of people, and D.C. elites are horrified. But Biden can call an Iowa voter who asked a reasonable question about corruption fat and tell him Biden has a ‘much higher IQ.’ ” – Mark Hemingway

Pelosi Announces Democrats Will FINALLY Vote on Trump’s Historic USMCA Trade Deal After Stalling for Over a Year – And She Tries to Take Credit for It! – Jim Hoft

Why Tulsi Gabbard Should Not Skip The Next Debate – “Will She Continue To Be A Political Fighter — Or Become A Sideliner?” – Jake Mercier

Netanyahu-Pompeo Meeting Solidifies War Plan on Iran = Finian Cunningham 

Is it Jaw-Jaw or War With Iran? – Patrick J. Buchanan

After Monday Votes, Nearly 60 Second Amendment Sanctuaries In VA – Cam Edwards

The Mysterious Motive of Muhammad Alshamrani – “How often must this farce be endured? If, like me, you’ve been monitoring the main networks, CBS, NBC, and ABC, as well as PBS, steadily since late Friday morning, when the Pensacola attack was first announced, you will have noticed that the words “Islam” and “Muslim” are never mentioned. Will there come a time when the mainstream media, or some intrepid political figure, will dare to state the obvious?” – Hugh Fitzgerald

Italian Government Numbers Show 42% of Rapes are Carried Out by Migrants – “The numbers are similar in many other European countries that have accepted large numbers of migrants from North Africa and the Middle East. Figures released last year found that 58 per cent of convicted rapists and 85 per cent of all convicted assault rapists in Sweden were born outside of Europe.” – Paul Joseph Watson  – WHEN ARE THESE COUNTRIES GOING TO REALIZE THAT MUSLIMS BELIEVE IT IS OK TO RAPE INFIDELS. (SEE QUR’AN 4:23-24) THOSE YOUR RIGHT HANDS POSSESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Financial Times, Japan, and The Next Web Now Know “What Putin Wants” – “Russia’s president is moving to protect the Russian public from top-level propaganda. If Wikipedia can rearrange history, and if a generation of Russians grows up absorbing the bullshit, would President Putin be proud of that legacy? Here, let me show you how Wikipedia arranges history to suit the Russophobia mob.” – Phil Butler  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Myth of a Free Press in America and the West – “The dominant fourth estate long ago abandoned journalism the way it’s supposed to be — serving the imperial state and monied interests exclusively. Real news, information, and analysis is still available from independent credible sources unbeholden to powerful interests, mainly online.” – Stephen Lendman

The American Empire Will Fall, Not America Itself – Ulson Gunnar

Preparing the Stage: A Flawed Prospectus for War, This Time With Iran – Alastair Crooke

Nikki Haley says Confederate flag symbolized ‘service, sacrifice and heritage’ until mass shooter Dylann Roof ‘hijacked’ it – Nicole Lyn Pesce

Pensacola Shooting Is Not A Useful Gun Control Narrative – “The left never lets a juicy mass shooting go by without fingerpointing.” – Jeff Charles

Police Use Internet Surveillance Zones To Monitor Private Purchases Or Swaps – MassPrivateI

Survival 101: Focus on What Will IMMEDIATELY Kill You, NOT Irrelevant Details – Daisy Luther

Choosing a Hand Grain Mill (Flour Mill) That’s Best For You – Ken Jorgustin




Congress Still Covering for the Fed’s Bailouts – “Wall Street owns Washington DC – figuratively speaking. In literal terms, the largest banks in the nation own the Federal Reserve. They also bought and paid for a great number of DC politicians as evidenced by campaign contributions, Congressional voting records and sham oversight. Bailout This was on full display at last week’s Committee on Financial Services hearing.” – Clint Siegner

The Fed’s Repo QE: The Underlying Problems Are Escalating – Dave Kranzler

Why is the US Repo crisis ongoing? – “The US Repo crisis is something that seems to turn up every day, or if you prefer as often as we are told there is a solution to trade war between the US and China” – Shaun Richards

Bitcoin, Gold, Silver And Armageddon – “It will seem strange to many but there are a lot of people preparing for the end of the world. It’s not just the prepper community that has Armageddon anxiety, it’s quite a common thing. Who is to blame anyone for expecting the worst when the media pours out a never-ending flood of doom and gloom and desperately upsetting news?” – Clem Chambers

The International Money Laundering Cart of Suppression VS. Silver and Gold – J.Johnson

An American trucking giant is slated to declare bankruptcy — and it may leave more than 3,200 truck drivers stranded and jobless – “The trucking “bloodbath” of 2019 is ending on a remarkably sour note. Celadon, a truckload carrier that grossed $1 billion as recently as 2015, will file for bankruptcy on Dec. 11 or earlier,” – Rachel Premack

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.47EUR




1 Corinthians 8:5-6  For though there be that are called gods, whether in heaven or in earth, (as there be gods many, and lords many,)  But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.