The Resistance Digs Their Hole Deeper – ““No, you don’t understand. It was the Russians, I tell you, the Russians!” And so, with a holiday recess for Adam Schiff’s impeachment soap opera, and news that DOJ Inspector General Horowitz will unload in early December, the media vassals of the Deep State are giving you their own turkey gristle to chew on: “The Russians did it! Yes, really, they did! Believe us!” Perhaps The New York Times has hooked up to a direct line of Burisma’s product as they flood the darkened arena with eerie blue gaslight.” – James Howard Kunstler

The Real Bombshell of the Impeachment Hearings – “The most shocking thing to come out of the hearings thus far is confirmation that no matter who is elected President of the United States, the permanent government will not allow a change in our aggressive interventionist foreign policy, particularly when it comes to Russia. Even more shocking is that neither Republicans nor Democrats are bothered in the slightest!” – Ron Paul

Washington, the Cesspool of the World, Will Never Rat on Itself – “Former US Attorney Joe diGenova predicts that US Justice (sic) Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the Obama regime’s FISA court violations and US Attorney John Durham’s criminal investigation of the Russiagate hoax perpetrated by the CIA, FBI, Democratic National Committee, and presstitute media will be “very bad for people in the Obama administration. . . . it’s going to be devastating . . . it’s going to ruin careers.” For the sake of accountable government, I hope that Mr. diGenova is right. But I have my doubts.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Are the Pincers Closing on the Deep State? – Brian Joondeph

Trump in Wonderland: Off With His Head? – “Donald Trump’s millions of detractors without doubt see him as The Mad Hatter: But, no: He’s Alice. The President of the United States has disappeared down the rabbit hole and he’s in Wonderland – Complete with a Red Queen (Nancy Pelosi) shouting “Off with his head!” The great mistake foreign observers make observing the latest farce in Washington is assuming that there must be some order, rationality and linear logic behind it. There is none. It is Politics According to the Marx Brothers” – Martin Sieff

Here is What the Horowitz Report Should Conclude – Larry C Johnson 

Boomerang! Liberal Watchdog Group Publishes FOIA Documents To Target Giuliani, Fails to Realize Documents Detail Biden/Ukraine Corruption – Elizabeth Vaughn

State Department Releases Detailed Accounts Of Biden-Ukraine Corruption – Tyler Durden

Napolitano Goes Full Schiff – “The descent of Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano into foolishness continues.” – Daniel John Sobieski

CNN: Trump Is Leader Of ‘Destructive Cult’; Using ‘Mind Control’ On Americans – Steve watson

Snowflakes, Feminists & Antifa, Oh My!!! From Fascists To Failures In Just A Few Short Years, The ‘Insane Left’ Is Imploding Before Our Eyes! – Susan Duclos

Torturing and Killing Julian Assange Slowly – “In cahoots with the Trump regime, Britain is killing Assange slowly for the “crime” of truth-telling journalism the way it’s supposed to be.” – Stephen Lendman

Julian Assange’s health is so bad he ‘could die in prison’, say 60 doctors – “Group’s open letter calls for Wikileaks founder to be moved from London high-security jail to hospital” – Agence France Presse

Bloomberg Running for President to Rebuild America – “It’s unclear how Bloomberg will impact the Democratic race. He has enough money to drum up support but that will not buy him an entry into the debates. And if he takes votes from someone, will it be Biden?” – Mish

Epstein’s Latest Victim: A British Royal in a Midlife Crisis Who Couldn’t Control His Urges – Martin Jay

How Corrupt Are Illinois Politics? Let Us Count the Ways – “So, to review, Illinois — in addition to having 4 of its recent governors who’ve served time — presently has 3 state senators — and 30 politically-connected individuals and businesses — caught up in federal corruption investigations. Forget “the Chicago way” — “the Springfield way” seems intent on putting that meme to shame.” – Susie Moore

Media Decries ‘Epidemic’ Of Gun Violence As Rates Decrease – Tom Knighton

Monsanto: science and fraud are the same thing – “Especially when the media agree” – Jon Rappoport

Governments Created Too Many Criminals. Now They Want More Regulations to “Solve” the Problem – Ryan McMaken

2 million Americans don’t have access to running water and basic plumbing – “This lack of access ‘makes it difficult to stay healthy, earn a living, go to school, and care for a family’” – Meera Jagannathan

You’re Never Alone: Tech Tyranny And Digital Despots– Nov. 25 – “How Much Do We Live Through Our Phones?” – Laura Valkovic

How “Embracing the Suck” Will Help You Survive When the SHTF – Graywolf

Solar Minimum Madness: Is Thanksgiving’s Winter Wonderland A Preview Of The Bitterly Cold Winter To Come? – Michael Snyder




Will The Global De-Dollarization Collapse The Greenback? – Andrew Moran

Ticking Time Bomb – Sven Henrich 

Eat, Drink & Be Thankful (Because The US Economy & Markets Will Be Crashed Next Week?) – “If the cartel brings the hammer, which I think they will bring, then get ready for a spike in the gold-to-silver ratio:” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

It’s Official: JPMorgan Chase Is the Riskiest Big Bank in the U.S. – “Among the biggest banks on Wall Street, JPMorgan Chase has the largest exposure to derivatives, with $45.2 trillion exposure, according to the National Information Center graphic.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

What’s Behind the Subprime Consumer Loan Implosion? (VIDEO) – The Wolf Street Report

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.65EUR




Psalm 21:8  Thine hand shall find out all thine enemies: thy right hand shall find out those that hate thee.