About Trump – “The timing is right for everyone to understand what Donald Trump is doing, and try to decrypt the ambiguity of how he is is doing it. The controversial President has a much clearer agenda than anyone can imagine on both foreign policy and internal affairs, but since he has to stay in power or even stay alive to achieve his objectives, his strategy is so refined and subtle that next to no one can see it. To start off, let’s clear the one aspect of his mission that is straightforward and terribly direct: he’s the first and only American President to ever address humanity’s worst collective flaw, its total ignorance of reality.” – Sylvain LaForest

Impotent Republicans Are a Joke—the Democrats Don’t Take Republicans Seriously – “Republicans come across as impotent, powerless, and stupid. They have stood there impotently while two of their more effective fundraisers and political advisers, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, were framed in broad daylight by the utterly corrupt Russiagate special prosecutor Robert Mueller and sentenced to prison. This never happens to Democrats. Only to Republicans. The Epstein case has disappeared. Mueller was empowered to investigate Trump’s cooperation with Russian influence on his election. No one gave Mueller the task of investigating the long ago and unrelated financial affairs of Manafort and Stone.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Epstein Story Killed by ABC in 2015: Was It Done to Protect the Clintons? – Philip Giraldi  -PHILIP NAILS THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rabid left turns on Obama – Monica Showalter

Roger Stone’s Politicized Lynching – “The conviction of Stone and others connected to Trump had nothing to do with Mueller’s mandate, everything to do with politicizing what never should have been undertaken in the first place. If Stone’s activities were connected to Dems, no charges would have been brought against him, no prosecution, no conviction of anything. He and others convicted are victims of the colossal Russiagate hoax, one of the most shameful political chapters in US history — Ukrainegate its illegitimate spinoff.” – Stephen Lendman

The Bidens and Burisma – “We the people are expected to believe that the actions (and specific threats) of Hunter Biden’s influential and politically connected father had nothing at all to do with shutting down the investigation of Burisma.” – John Leonard

Ugly Airship Doomed to Crash: The Presidential Campaign of Elizabeth Warren – “The US Deep State would be delighted to have Warren and she has already been Blessed and Sanctified by them through the Secular Confirmation of being featured with a fawning cover story profile in “Time” magazine.” – Martin Sieff

Bernie Sanders Vows “Very Important” White House Role for Ex-Waitress Who Spends All Day on Twitter – “Secretary of Defense? Secretary of the Interior? Secretary of Holding Bernie’s Drool Cup? The sky’s the limit. It’s like a socialist cinderella story. But the good news is that with Bernie you get two for one. You don’t just get Bernie in the White House. You get Ocasio Cortez in the White House. Just imagine the video of her raving at its ‘bougie’ interior.” – Daniel Greenfield

The OPCW and Douma: Chemical Weapons Watchdog Accused of Evidence-Tampering by Its Own Inspectors – Jonathan Steele

The Hugely Important OPCW Scandal Keeps Unfolding. Here’s Why No One’s Talking About It. – “The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is now hemorrhaging evidence that the US and its allies deceived the world once again about yet another military intervention, which should be a front-page story all over the world. Yet if you looked at American news media headlines you’d think the only thing that matters right now is indulging the childish fantasy that Donald Trump might somehow magically be removed from office via supermajority consensus in a majority-Republican Senate.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Populism Isn’t For Sale Anymore – “There’s something happening that the unelected oligarchs I like to call The Davos Crowd hate more than anything else. They can’t seem to buy people off anymore. When we look around the world today at the plethora of popular/populist uprisings both peaceful and unruly we see the same thread running through them at their core. The people simply don’t believe that the system works for them anymore.” – Tom Luango

Full Interview With Prince Andrew Is Out, and It Gets Worse – Nick Arama

Muslim candidates faced hatred in 2018 political races. This year, 26 won election nationwide – Niraj Warikoo

Pope Proposes New Sin: Thou Shalt Not Destroy the Harmony of the Environment – “Pope Francis is fed up with deniers, so much so he is on the verge of declaring a new sin. Pope Francis proposes Adding ‘Ecological Sin’ to Church Teachings.” – Mish

‘What Matters’? Facts Don’t, When NBC Demands Gun Control Now! – Nicholas Fondacaro

Nasty Flu Season Dead Ahead – “To flu shot or not to flu shot – that is the question. The answer may not be clear to you, but one thing is: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning the public that a particularly nasty flu season is expected.” – Leesa K. Donner

FACEBOOK APP IS SECRETLY ACCESSING IPHONE USERS CAMERA – “But Facebook says not worry: it’s only a bug…” – Mac Slavo

How to Defend Your Home and Yourself When the SHTF – Selco

Kerosene vs propane: Which is the better heating fuel? – Grace Olson

Small Unit Tactics Recommended for Smart Preppers – David Andrew Brown



Fed Fears Next Crash Fatal (VIDEO) with John Rubino – “Every sector of the U.S. economy is so over indebted I don’t see how we go on much longer. The Fed is desperately trying to prolong this thing.” – Greg Hunter

Global Trend Against Cash Intensifies as China Joins the Squeeze – Lubomir Tassev

Gold Price Is Not The Price Of Gold – “The gold price is determined in a Casino with massive leverage and has nothing to do with the real price of physical gold.” – Egon von Greyerz

LA port sees biggest October box drop in 24 years – Michael Angell




1 Thessalonians 5:6  Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.



In the howling wind comes a stinging rain
See it driving nails
Into the souls on the tree of pain
From the firefly, a red orange glow
See the face of fear
Running scared in the valley below

Bullet the blue sky
Bullet the blue sky
Bullet the blue
Bullet the blue

In the locust wind comes a rattle and hum
Jacob wrestled the angel
And the angel was overcome
You plant a demon seed
You raise a flower of fire
See them burning crosses
See the flames higher and higher

Bullet the blue sky
Bullet the blue sky
Bullet the blue
Bullet the blue

This guy comes up to me
His face red like a rose on a thorn bush
Like all the colors of a royal flush
And he’s peeling off those dollar bills
Slapping them down
One hundred, two hundred
And I can see those fighter planes
And I can see those fighter planes
Across the mud huts where the children sleep
Through the alleys of a quiet city street
You take the staircase to the first floor
Turn the key and slowly unlock the door
As a man breathes into a saxophone
And through the walls you hear the city groan
Outside is America
Outside is America

Across the field you see the sky ripped open
See the rain through a gaping wound
Pounding on the women and children
Who run
Into the arms
Of America

( Bullet The Blue Sky by Bono and The Edge )