The Pathocracy of the Deep State: Tyranny at the Hands of a Psychopathic Government – “It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about Democrats or Republicans. Political psychopaths are all largely cut from the same pathological cloth, brimming with seemingly easy charm and boasting calculating minds. Such leaders eventually create pathocracies: totalitarian societies bent on power, control, and destruction of both freedom in general and those who exercise their freedoms. Once psychopaths gain power, the result is usually some form of totalitarian government or a pathocracy.” – John W. Whitehead

America Is Gone – “Let’s face it — since WWII we’ve become so pussified and terrified of telling someone the truth, facing facts and dealing with them, that what made America worthwhile in the first place no longer exists.” – Karl Denniger  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM KARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Democracy a Dying Species? – Patrick J. Buchanan

Americans Are Dangerously Out of Touch With Reality – “The notion that Russia “controls” the US is absurd. That this conspiracy theory has taken root in the US says a lot about the public’s grip on reality.” – Ulson Gunnar

Russkies In The Democrat Woodwork? – “Hillary Clinton sees Red in a sea of blue.” – Sarah Cowgill

Everyone Is a Russian Asset – “America laughed at Hillary Clinton’s remarks about Tulsi Gabbard, but her ideas fit perfectly in the intellectual mainstream. Hillary Clinton is nuts. She’s also not far from the Democratic Party mainstream, which has been pushing the same line for years.” – Matt Taibbi

Bernie Blasts Hillary’s “Outrageous” Gabbard “Russian Asset” Smear – Tyler Durden

If Donald Trump Is Impeached, That Will Be A Sign That All Hell Is About To Break Loose In America – Michael Snyder

Leftist heroes of the Week? Hillary, Schiff, and Mitt – “We should all realize that the Democrats are floundering badly, like fish out of water, because their activists, their defenders in league with the corrupt media, are the grossly dishonest and deluded Hillary Clinton; Adam Schiff; and now the poor, pathetic Mitt Romney. Pelosi is right there with Schiff; she’s the wind beneath his little flapping wings.” – Patricia McCarthy

Anxious Democratic Establishment Asks, ‘Is There Anybody Else?’ – Jonathan Martin   – HOW ABOUT MITT, HE ACTS LIKE ONE!!!!!!!!

Has Pierre Delecto Killed Mitt Romney’s Political Career? – “A self-styled paragon of ethical behavior, Romney ‘fesses up to Twitter pseudonym.” – Graham J Noble

Only Cowards And Sadists Support The Persecution Of Assange – Caitlin Johnstone

Julian Assange teary and confused in court as he is dealt another blow in extradition battle – Cait Kelly  – OBVIOUS SIGNS OF BEING DRUGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slow-Motion US/UK Killing of Julian Assange – “Establishment media are in cahoots with US/UK ruling regimes against Assange for the “crime” of truth-telling journalism abhorred in the West — totalitarian rule where these societies are heading” – Stephen Lendman


Forget Syria. What Is The U.S. Doing About The Failed State On Its Southern Border? – “A failed state just surrendered a drug lord’s son and a whole city to a drug cartel. In a sensible world, this would ring alarm bells in the Pentagon.” – Sumantra Maitra

Blitz and Destroy and Move on – Leaving Chaos and Refugees – Brian Cloughley  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump’s Foreign Policy Strategy Is All About the 2020 Elections – Federico Pieraccini

Western Media Silent as China Enslaving Citizens in Concentration Camps, Demolishing Churches – Jack Burns

Is Syria Withdrawal a Prelude to a US Build-up Against China? – Darius Shahtahmasebi

Wages in Venezuela Are As Low As $3 a MONTH As Hyperinflation Continues – J. G. Martinez D.

Venezuela’s water system is collapsing – Anatoly Kurmanaev

Bolivia at Crossroads – Choosing Between Continued Success or Handover to US Hegemony – Peter Koenig

Brexit Coin Toss: Heads Johnson Wins, Tails Johnson Wins – Mish

Trudeau Cons Canada Again – “Justin Trudeau secures another government despite a term of scandals.” – Andrew Moran

Corporations Use “Money USA 20/20” Event To Expand Facial Recognition Worldwide – “Forget the Bilderburg Group meetings and how the world’s power elite meet in secret to help shape governments. Because Riseup’s, Money 20/20 events puts them to shame. This week, October 27-30, Riseup’s second annual and highly influential “Money 2020 USA” event will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Money 20/20 USA 2019’s agenda focuses mainly on creating a global digital banking system and will also focus on AI’s, biometrics and digital ID’s. But one panel discussion in particular caught my eye. The discussion titled “Building Fusion Centers And Combatting Evolving Threats” by Anil Markose, Senior VP for Booz Allan Hamilton, is designed to promote Homeland Security’s Fusion Centers and the spread of biometrics to track people of interest.” – MassPrivateI

Major Alert Terror Attack in Europe (VIDEO) with Ole Dammegard – Jason Liosatos Outside The Box

Chicago Mayor proposes doubling city’s tax on food and drinks at restaurants, including at airports – Sean Walton

Law enforcement orgs backhand Beto over his ‘asinine’ plan to take our AR-15s and AK-47s – National Sentinel

Giffords Begins Massive Push To Back Anti-Gun Candidates In 2020 -Tom Knighton

Gun Rights Group to Heritage Foundation: There Is No Such Thing as a ‘Good Red Flag Law’ – Ryan Frasor

Prescription For Violence: The Corresponding Rise of Antidepressants, SSRIs & Mass Shootings –

Citizens Up In Arms Against 5G Wireless Technology Roll-Out: Are Their Concerns Justified? – Lloyd Burrell

Are California’s Power Outages Predicting The Future Of Our Electric Grid? – Bill White





Liz Warren Wants To Know If JPMorgan Caused Repo Turmoil To Force Fed Into Launching QE – “Did JPMorgan intentionally collapse liquidity in funding markets, setting off a chain reaction that culminated with the Fed resuming QE4 less than a month later?” – Tyler Durden

Yes, Gold “Just Sits There” and That’s Quite a Feat – “The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Zweig famously referred to gold as a “Pet Rock” in 2015. He was blasted by people who understand that gold is no passing fad, and it serves some very important roles in an investment portfolio.” – Clint Siegner

Start thinking about silver before it becomes popular again – Simon Black

The ownership of central banks – David Bholat and Karla Martinez Gutierrez

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.18EUR




Isaiah 1:5  Why should ye be stricken any more? ye will revolt more and more: the whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint.