Hunter Biden Admits He “Probably Wouldn’t” Have Got Ukrainian Board Seat Without VP Father Joe – ” though he acknowledged that he exercised poor judgement in maintaining those associations.” – Tyler Durden  – LIKE IT WAS JUST POOR JUDGEMENT FOR HILLARY TO PUT HER EMAILS ON A PRIVATE SERVER. MAYBE TRUMP SHOULD START USING THAT TERM; AS IT IS OK WITH THE MSM IF THE DEMS SAY IT WAS JUST POOR JUDGEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Won’t Age Well – “Oh boy…. The Hunter Biden “rescue attempt” interview is up. I predict this is going to age very poorly. One of the better questions: Would you have gotten those jobs if your last name wasn’t Biden?” – Karl Denninger

It used to take a high crime and misdemeanor to get impeached. Now it just takes someone being concerned – Jack Hellner

No Crimes or Misdemeanors – “Since the day he was sworn in, opponents of President Trump have been trying to impeach him.” – James Ostrowski

Latest Dem Impeachment ‘Witness’ Fiona Hill WAS NOT EVEN WORKING IN WHITE HOUSE at Time of Trump Call – But was Very Upset with Call – Huh? – “According to reports Ms. Hill was not even working in the White House at the time of the call with the Ukrainian president on July 25th. Hill resigned before the call. So it’s not clear why they needed to speak with her for 11 hours. Hill had ZERO knowledge of the call, and only heard rumors. Democrats don’t care. They want to impeach Trump on rumors. What a clown show.” – Jim Hoft

The Rise and Fall of CNN, the Most Busted Name in News – “You call “the news” The Situation Room, as if you’re breaking vital stories every 30 seconds. You plow the same ground over and over, until not even weeds can grow in the soil. You fill your basket with the eggs of the “progressive agenda.” You go all in. You fake stories. You do a bizarre version of affirmative action with your on-air talent, as if this will result in “fairer” coverage. And day by day, the public realizes you’re crazy.” – Jon Rappoport  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veritas Exposes The Lie At CNN’s Heart – “Looking for unbiased news coverage? Click right past CNN.” – Jeff Charles

All Eyes Open For A ‘Red October’ Surprise As Democrats Invoke The ‘Communist Playbook’ With The Release Of The IG Report Bumped Back To The End Of October – “America’s Political War May Be About To Go To A Whole New Level” – Stefan Stanford

Follow The Money Bags to George Soros | Behind the Deep State (VIDEO) – Alex Newman

ABC News Caught In The Act With Fake News Video (Surprised?) – “ABC News was just busted using two year old gun range footage while reporting on Turkey ‘slaughtering’ the kurds in the wake of a US withdrawal from the region.” – Ken Jorgustin

We can’t stress enough just how FAKE the Washington establishment media really is, as evidenced by another NON-scandal involving a violent Trump parody video – National Sentinel

Without Evidence, NBC Tries to Tie Violent Video to President Trump – Nicholas Fondacaro

Cop Found Guilty in Killing of Unarmed Naked Veteran Suffering from PTSD – “Instead of reaching for his pepper spray, his Taser, or a baton, a DeKalb County police officer drew his gun and killed an unarmed and naked veteran suffering from bipolar and post-traumatic stress disorders.” – Matt Agorist – HOPEFULLY THE SAME THING WILL HAPPEN TO THE OFFICER WHO JUST SHOT A YOUNG GIRL IN FORT WORTH FOR NO REASON. THIS FEARING FOR THEIR LIFE EXCUSE IS GETTING OLD,  PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Controlled Explanations Rule the Western World – “Now that the lying machine that comprises the US and Western media has failed with the Russiagate propaganda, the machine has switched to Chinagate.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Victory or Fire: That’s the Plan for Hong Kong – “It’s become quite clear to me that the situation in Hong Kong is now about regime change through economic terrorism. What started as peaceful protests against an extradition law and worry over reunification with China has morphed into an ugly and vicious assault on the city’s economic future.” – Tom Luango

Is the Interventionists’ Era Over for Good? – Patrick J. Buchanan

Russia the Biggest Winner in Syria’s Pact With Kurds – Mish

Kurds face stark options after US pullback – Pepe Escobar

Washington is Wrong Once Again – Kurds Join Assad to Defend Syria – Ron Paul

Europe Can No Longer Trust the United States. Better Look Eastwards – Brian Cloughley

Madrid is making martyrs out of Catalan independence leaders & Spain may not survive the backlash – Salmond – RT

On The Insufferable Hillary Clinton – “The woman’s narcissism and hubris are insufferable, especially given that she is guilty of many crimes and has been enabled by federal law enforcement throughout her entire “career.” As a life-long grifter, she has always been about the money and has used her political station to accrue money via elaborate pay-for-play activities and/or just plain corruption.” – Stu Cvrk

AOC Backs Beto O’Rourke’s Gun Grab, Calls It ‘Taking A Stand’ – “From the moment she took office, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been in the limelight. A far left radical, it’s not surprising to see that she’s anti-gun. It’s a key point for Democrats lately and while there are some pro-gun Democrats, someone as far left as AOC isn’t likely to be one of them. Especially as a New York socialist.” – Tom Knighton

Are We Blocking Out the Sun? – F. William Engdahl

Historic Midwest Blizzard Has Farmers “Expecting Massive Crop Losses – As Devastating As We’ve Ever Seen” – Michael Snyder

YouTube, Google, Facebook and Vimeo are complicit in the massive polio outbreak cover-up: It’s all caused by vaccines -Ethan Huff

6 Warning Signs That Civil Unrest Is IMMINENT – J. G. Martinez D.

7 SHTF Food Sources You Didn’t Think About – Bill White

911 Dispatchers To Monitor 30+ Million CCTV Cameras In Real-Time – MassPrivateI

How To Incorporate Meal Planning Into Your Food Storage (Free Meal Planning Printable Included!) – Erica Nygaard




QE4ever Arrives in One Quantifiable Quantum Leap! – “It’s QE4ever, Baby! The Fed’s latest move back into quantitative easing took a quantum leap in a single day with last week’s rush announcement of major permanent money injections to begin this Tuesday. Since the Fed adamantly denies it is doing what it is doing — going back to quantitative easing (because they legally have to deny it) — we could just call it the Fed’s new quantitative mechanics.” – David Haggith

“Baghdad Jerome” Powell Denies the Fed Is Using Financial Crisis Tools – Clint Siegner

The Dutch Central Bank Endorses The Gold Standard – Dave Kranzler

SILVER PRICE UPDATE: Key Technical Levels While The Underlying Fundamentals Improve – Steve St. Angelo

WE ARE IN A CRASH, That’s the Bottom Line (VIDEO) with David Jensen – SGT Report

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.04EUR




Proverbs 19:5  A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape.