Geraldo Rivera: “This Poor President,” His Whole Tenure In Office Defined By “Snitches And Rats And Backstabbers” – Tim Hains

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Russiagate and Ukrainegate Scams — Further Proof of America’s Deplorable State – “Discredited as a scam doesn’t matter. Russiagate remains the Big Lie that won’t die — Ukrainegate following the same pattern as long as Trump remains president.” – Stephen Lendman

Judge Napolitano’s Descent into Foolishness – “Consistent with Fox News Channel’s continued listing to port, Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, once a staunch defender of objective truth, has provoked a firestorm with his agreement with Democratic clown car passenger Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) that President Trump committed a crime in his July 25 phone conversation with Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky.” – Daniel John Sobieski

Bill Maher Dishes on Biden Crime Family, “If Don Jr. Did What Hunter Biden Did, “It Would be All Rachel Maddow Was Talking About” (VIDEO) – Jim Hoft  – HOW TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CNN Lavishes Praise on Criminality of the CIA – “It is perfectly logical for the corporate media to slobber praise on the CIA, the progenitor of its current format of endless propaganda, lies, and alternate versions of reality.” – Kurt Nimmo

Adam Schiff Epitomizes the Total Collapse of Democratic Party Integrity – “The Democrats are betting their future on their lies being shielded by their media whores and that the insouciant American people will hear nothing but false allegations against Trump repeated endlessly, as was the case with Russiagate.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Pelosi admits to not reading Ukraine phone call transcript, then proceeds to make false claims about it – Sean Walton

DOUBLE STANDARD: Obama Administration asked Ukraine to investigate Paul Manafort – Andrew West

Sheer Brilliance: AOC Points Out That Raising The Poverty Line Would Show That More Americans Live In Poverty – Sister Toldjah

Want To Save The Environment? De-Fund The Pentagon. – “There is no single, unified entity that is a larger polluter than America’s dishonestly labeled “Department of Defense”. Its yearly carbon output alone dwarfs that of entire first-world nations like Sweden and Portugal; if the US military were its own country it would rank 47th among emitters of greenhouse gasses, meaning it’s a worse polluter than over 140 entire nations” – Caitlin Johnstone

Greta Thunberg and Big-Biz’ Climate Charade – “Greta Thunberg’s story isn’t one of inspiration and activism – it is one of child exploitation, one of manipulating public perception, and one of re-entrenched special interests desperately seeking an audience – any audience – still gullible enough to believe in and help reconstruct the facades used to cover up their otherwise transparent and self-serving agenda. The environment needs to be saved, but not by big-business’ “Fridays for Future” charade.” – Tony Cartalucci

The Illusion of Control – “The US empire may be history’s last.” – Robert Gore

Pentagon Wants AI to Interpret ‘Strategic Activity’ Around the Globe – Jack Corrigan

How Holes in the Burning Saudi Oil Fields Narrative Could Draw the US Into a War With Iran – “It is inconceivable to the United States that a “rag-tag” force like Yemen’s Houthis might, with home-made weapons, outdo the hundred-billion-dollar might and sophistication of the state-of-the-art systems Washington has lavished upon the Saudis.” – Mnar Muhawesh

America’s Banality of Evil – “The reality is that Trump has been waging war against Iran throughout his presidency. His war consists of economic sanctions, whose aim is to impoverish and inflict death on the Iranian populace, including children and seniors, as a way to bend Iran’s regime to his will or to have it ousted from power and replaced by a pro-U.S. regime. Many Americans don’t think of sanctions as weaponry of war. That’s because they seem so benign.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

It’s a Numbers Game in the Coup to Stop Johnson and Brexit – Tom Luango

UK’s Johnson Plays Court Jester for Trump to Wreck Iran Deal – Finian Cunningham

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Repo Madness – An Enormous “Margin Call” – Dave Kranzler

So Much For Goldilocks – “Stock prices are high and fairly stable, while interest rates are low and fairly stable. A casual observer might infer from this that the global financial markets are experiencing one of those fabled Goldilocks moments where everything is just right. But under the surface things are anything but just right.” – John Rubino

DOJ: JPM Gold & Silver Desk a Crime Scene (VIDEO) with Bill Murphy – “After years of whistleblowing by the Gold Antitrust Action Committee (, GATA co-founder Bill Murphy returns to Reluctant Preppers to weigh in on a breakthrough announcement of charges by the US DOJ of an ongoing investigation into criminal activity by the Gold & Silver trading desk of JP Morgan and others.” – Reluctant Preppers

Ag – Huge Purchases means Lower Prices!! – “JPMorgan has been a member of the “Creature From Jekyll Island” since the beginning of the Federal Reserve. This is Titanic and Lusitania all tied together, how far down the rabbit hole will the investigations go?” – J. Johnson

The Cartel Wants Us To Think Gold & Silver Are Set To Go Over Niagara Falls – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart




Proverbs 1:25  But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof: