Did Nancy Pelosi Just Make One Of The Biggest Political Mistakes In History? – Michael Snyder

Trump Team Bets Impeachment Will Backfire on Democrats – “Releasing record of call with Ukrainian president is part of a strategy to convert controversy into advantage” – Michael C. Bender

Democrats Reveal the Real Purpose of the Impeachment Investigation – “The Democrats know that there is no impeachable offense. What they intend to do is to use the investigation to look into every aspect of Trump’s life and try to make dirt out of things unrelated to his talk with the Ukrainian president. This “impeachment investigation” is a political act to help their candidate win the next presidential election.” – Paul Craig Roberts

From the Anti-Russia Brouhaha to the Ukraine Brouhaha – Jacob G. Hornberger

Forget The Impeachment Circus…Here’s What Congress Should Really Investigate! (VIDEO) – “While the country is being dragged through the three ring impeachment circus – which is all about politics and nothing about policy, President Trump’s secret wars and interventions across the globe continue. Venezuela, Middle East, Lithuania…the intervention is on overdrive. But Congress has no interest in its Constitutional obligations when it comes to war. Political theater is far more exciting…” – Ron Paul


New York Times, Washington Post Front Pages Deceptively Slice Ukraine Call Transcript To Implicate Trump – Tristan Justice

Blatant Media Lies About Trump-Ukraine Non-Scandal Are Never-Ending – “The media’s smear campaign on President Trump rests on information that is obviously fabricated — and the whole charade sounds all too familiar.” – Chrissy Clark

When Hillary Clinton Colluded with Ukraine – “Where are the congressional hearings on Hillary’s collusion with Ukraine?” – Daniel John Sobieski

Three Democrats Sought Ukraine Collusion To Bring Down Trump – “The letter from three hard-left senators, Dick Durban of Illinois, Patrick Leahy of Vermont, and Robert Menendez of New Jersey, went to Yuriy Lutsenko, Ukraine’s general prosecutor. The three wrote “to express great concern about reports that your office has taken steps to impede cooperation with the investigation of United States Special Counsel Robert Mueller.”” – R. Cort Kirkwood

‘Impeachment’ Is Nothing Less Than A Full-Scale Communist Coup Attempt By Treasonous Democrats Who Long Ago Sold Out America And The American People For Globalism – Stefan Stanford

Fox News’ Jesse Watters OWNS Juan Williams: ‘Trump’s sons stopped doing international business after dad became president, Biden’s son STARTED after dad became VP’ (Video) – National Sentinel

Trump Frees Himself From Bolton – but Robert O’Brien Will Be Just as Bad – Philip Giraldi

This is How the Elite Will Shut Down Your Free Speech – Kurt Nimmo

Greta the Angry – “Those who are befuddled and beleaguered by climate nonsense look to Greta Thunberg as if she were another Joan of Arc. Those of us who live in reality see her as being hopelessly mired in the arrogance of untruth. Yes, Greta’s childhood has been stolen from her, but it isn’t America that’s done that – it’s her parents who have allowed her to be prostituted in this manner. It is the leftist politicians and their ilk who are milking her youth and gullibility and her hunger for acceptance who have stuck her up on a tilting pedestal. I’m as uncomfortable watching her as I am seeing a parent mistreat a child in public.” – Deana Chadwell

GRETAgate: Crisis Actor Greta Thunberg Takes Climate Change Fear-mongering to a Whole New Level – “The NWO Globalists Mind-Control a 16-Year-Old with Asperger’s into the Poster Child for Global Warming. A highly sophisticated and stealthy psyop brought to you by George Soros & Company” – State of the Nation

Sorry Democrat Voters, Gun Legislation Will Have To Wait; Your Party Prefers To Work On Impeachment – Sarah Lee

Will the Trump Administration Push Gun Control? – “To Trump’s credit, he has firmly rejected the generic ban proposals typical of Democrats, which include universal background checks and bans on so-called “assault weapons.” Nonetheless, his initial flirtation with gun control should leave gun owners worried – as is the mercurial nature of the Trump presidency, which has been a rollercoaster of political drama from one issue to the other.” – José Niño

Heritage Foundation’s Amy Swearer Destroys Assault Weapon Ban Argument – “Wow. I wasn’t familiar with Swearer’s work before now, but I’m definitely going to be following her going forward. She just laid down a powerful defense of the Second Amendment and assault weapons with both fact and emotion.” – Tom Knighton

“THAT is why law-abiding citizens buy millions of these firearms.” Amy Swearer To House Judiciary (VIDEO) – The Heritage Foundation  – MS. SWEARER’S TESTIMONY IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

US Government Adds Almost Half a Trillion Dollars to National Debt in One Month – Peter Schiff

The 5G Pushback Is Here – “You may have noticed mystery towers going up all around the region where you live. The new cell towers are going incognito, dressed as trees.” – Rosanne Lindsay

Still Deceiving Yourself That Population Replacement Is a Conspiracy Theory? – “If you think ‘Le Grand Remplacement’ and ‘White Genocide’ are nothing more than rightwing fearmongering, then boy are you in for a nasty surprise… Europe’s wake-up call is just around the corner, and it’s going to come as a cold shower to many.” – Mike Walsh

How Employees & Employers Get Bled by Health Insurance – “How Employees & Employers Get Bled by Health Insurance by Wolf Richter • Sep 25, 2019 • 54 Comments • Email to a friend Something is seriously wrong with this system.” – Wolf Richter

China’s new ‘super camera’ can instantly pinpoint specific targets among tens of thousands of people -Tracey Shelton

Five Antibiotics You Already Own (in Your Kitchen) – Travis Noonan

Waste Disposal Methods Required For SHTF – Bob Rodgers




Sailing Through a Global Storm Without Enough Hot Air – “So, tell me this: how can the Fed ever have reasonably expected it could suck the hot air out of those inflated markets and not deflate the bubbles? The Fed believed it could release the hot air (massive quantities of money created out of thin air) without deflating the hot-air balloons it created.” – David Haggith

Repo Madness – An Enormous “Margin Call” – “For now the Fed is going to plug the funding gap at the banks with these Repo operations. But my bet is that the problem is escalating rapidly. It is much bigger in aggregate globally than anyone can know, just like in 2008.” – Dave Kranzler

GOLD vs. PAPER MONEY: Production Cost Is A Good Indicator Of Real Value – Steve St. Angelo

These Silver Buyers Are Staying Resolute! – J. Johnson

Crypto Bloodbath: One Day Wonder or More Coming? – Mish

Cryptos Tumble For 3rd Day As “Manipulation” Fears Build – Tyler Durden

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.76EUR




Job 18:10  The snare is laid for him in the ground, and a trap for him in the way.



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