America: A Land Without Truth – “After 17 days, the report of the civil engineering team remains unmentioned in the American media except for a local Alaska TV station and a local Alaska newspaper. The report went straight into the Memory Hole. The vast majority of the American people will never know that the information has been kept from them. The pile of lies that constitutes American awareness is very high. Indeed, it is as high as the hundred-story twin towers: the lies about Gaddafi and Libya, Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons,” the Taliban, Osama bin Laden, Yemen, Pakistan, China, Russian invasions, World War II, World War I, Vietnam War, overthrows of Latin American governments, Ukraine, Spanish/American war, and on, and on. All of these lies have been exposed, but the facts have been kept from the vast majority of Americans.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Trump deploys reinforcements to Persian Gulf to defend ‘American oil’ & other assets, not US allies – RT

Can Trump Still Avoid War with Iran? – “A more fundamental question arises: If the United States was not attacked, why is it our duty to respond militarily to an attack on Saudi Arabia?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Trump Pounces On Biden-Ukraine Scandal As Whistleblower Story Flips On Dems – Tyler Durden

No Quid Pro Quo Imbroglio – “US Democrats and MSM are running down a blind alley, telling themselves there’s light at the end. It has become a mass delusion. For the largest part, it has been for some four years now. You would think they’d learn something along the way, but there are very few if any signs of that. Someone comes up with a rumor, a snippet of something, and the entire crowd jumps and runs away with it. This happens a few times a week. Four years is 200 weeks. Granted, it was worse when they still had the idea they could keep Trump from the presidency, but now that idea has morphed into impeachment, and they just keep at it.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM RAUL!!!!

The Dems Need to Make Up Their Mind if Trump is a Russian or Ukrainian Asset – “Is it too much to ask the Democrats to at least pick one conspiracy theory and stick with it?” – Daniel Greenfield

Soros and the ‘whistleblower’ non-scandal – “Oh, boy, hold onto your hats. The latest propaganda campaign to discredit President Trump has Soros roots” – Thomas Lifson

Novelty Joke PM From Fake Country Meets With Trump, Silent On Assange – Caitlin Johnstone

The Russian Spy Who Wasn’t? Defamation Case Accuses U.S., U.K. Intelligence Of Using Michael Flynn For Spygate Hoax – “Svetlana Lokhova pieced together an apparent coordinated effort that connected U.S. and British intelligence and media outlets to paint her as a Russian spy and take down Flynn — creating a scandal for President Trump.” – Margot Cleveland

Warren’s momentum spurs new attacks from 2020 rivals – Bill Barrow

(Drunk and Shirtless) Bernie Sanders sings “This Land is Your Land” with Soviets 1988 (VIDEO) – Keiper Bros

Firing Bolton: Bait and Switch or Changing Tack? – Tony Cartalucci

‘Total Massacre’ as U.S. Drone Strike Kills 30 Farmers in Afghanistan – “Amnesty International said the bombing “suggests a shocking disregard for civilian life.”” -Eoin Higgins

What’s the British royal family going to do about that Epstein problem? – “The pedophilia scandal from President Clinton’s Lolita Express buddy, Jeffrey Epstein, is like a sort of swamp monster, dragging down the otherwise impervious elites into the deep.” – Monica Showalter

WHAT DEEP STATE ??? – “How much more evidence do we need to identify Wall Street as the nexus of a force that has an objective of controlling the U.S. government ?” – Olde Reb

Environmentalism Leads to Technocracy – Tim Kirby

Dems Veto Red Flag Law for Gangbangers – “Why did the Democrats kill an attempt to red flag known gang members? And if Beto O’Rourke is going to come and take our guns, particularly our AR-15s, is he going to start on the south side of Chicago?” – Daniel John Sobieski

“Rambo: Last Blood” Has Angry Leftist Reviewers Calling It A “Trumpian Fantasy” – “Nothing makes me want to see a movie more than a leftist movie critic. Every time they have nothing but bad things to say about it, you can usually expect to see a pretty good flick. No one is coming to a Rambo movie to watch him talk about his feelings as he works through his toxic masculinity with his effeminate therapist named Sebastian. We came to watch him kill bad guys. What gets the critics’ goat is that a movie dared to make the bad guys people south of the border and that the situation coincides with a real-world news item in the form of a border crisis,” – Brandon Morse

US Navy Corruption Levels Put the Third World to Shame – “Admirals are so beholden to defense contractors they will choreograph phony trials and accept broken ships anyway” – Navy Matters

Constitution Day 2019: The Hidden Domestic Surveillance Crisis – Patrick Eddington

Authoritarians are racing to take away your liberties before the coming debt collapse – “Are you baffled by the sudden aggressiveness of the push to confiscate your guns and silence your voice? Why are both the First and Second Amendments under such seemingly desperate assault by authoritarian tyrants? The answer is that people in high places know that a global debt collapse is on the verge of breaking out, and when the chaos comes, they don’t want the masses to be able to speak out or fight back.” – Mike Adams

And So It Begins: FAA Shuts Down Airspace as People Start to ‘Storm Area 51’ – Elias Marat

Storm Area 51: The Human Invasion At The Alien Compound – Kelli Ballard

Moody’s: Illinoisans on hook for more than $18,000 per person in public pension debt, highest in nation – Cole Lauterbach

Infuriating Report Reveals DMVs Across the US are Selling Your Personal Info and Making Millions – Matt Agorist

Detailed Strategies For Surviving An Ambush – “Ambushes are of special concern to preppers and survivalists because, in a crisis, there may be looting bands who prey on others in order to sustain themselves. If worst comes to worst, and a total break-down of law and order occurs, criminal elements will have an almost free hand to victimize others. Surviving an ambush will certainly not be an easy task, but these strategies should give you an idea on how to prepare and what to expect.” – David Andrew Brown



US Banks Have $1.4T in Excess Reserves Yet Need Daily “Emergency” Fed Actions – “Complete Control? That the Fed has to do these operations is a guaranteed sign that things are not under control.” – Mish

Fed Admits Failure of ‘Plan A’ to Control Money Market Rates, Shifts Back to Repos (which was ‘Plan A’ till 2008) – Wolf Richter

Ag/Au – Rigged is Rigged, Pure and Simple! – J. Johnson

JP Morgan tries to blame decade’s old Bear Stearns acquisition for gold manipulation that goes all the way to the LBMA – “But wait! There’s more! Of the three primary bankers involved in the manipulation and price rigging, one of them is actually on the Board of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) who is responsible for the ‘fixing’ of prices twice a day for gold.” – Ken Schortgen

Silver’s Outlook Got Wildly Bullish This Week For A Very Specific Reason (That Most People Missed)! – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

China’s Golden Corridor – Gold Reserves and Negative Yield – Marin Katusa




Matthew 23:3  A ll therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not.



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