The Deep State Will Face Justice Soon! Right? – “We’re repeatedly told by reliable sources that these crimes won’t go unpunished — “justice is coming,” “buckle up!,” “tick tock,” “BOOM!” The DOJ is about to drop the hammer on the bad guys. Yet after two years of this drama, not a single indictment or prosecution Now we’re awaiting the much anticipated I.G. report on (FISA) abuse that’s going to blow Spygate wide open. Or not. So far, the I.G. is batting zero on justice.” – Peggy Ryan

IG Report on Comey Provides EVIDENCE Barack Obama Was Involved With Deep State Obstruction Trap of President Elect Trump – Joe Hoft

What Is Justice for McCabe? – Andrew C. McCarthy

Treasonous Ilhan Omar calls for UN occupation of the United States of America – Mike Adams

Omar Calls For The Protection Of A Notorious Terrorist Organization – Alicia Luke

America’s Billionaires Congealing Around Warren and Buttigieg – “The saving grace for these billionaires (and for the DNC) increasingly seems likely to be Senator Warren’s candidacy, which draws support away from Sanders, and therefore gives Buttigieg a chance ultimately to win the nomination.” – Eric Zuesse

Category 4 Dorian bears down on Bahamas, may skirt Florida – Tim Aylen

Last-Minute Emergency Supplies: What to Buy When the Shelves Are Almost Empty – Daisy Luther

Hong Kong Police Fire Live Rounds To Quell Protesters As Chaos Rules Streets – Tyler Durden

One Last Ceasefire Before Oblivion for Jihadists in Syria – Tom Luango

Brexit Gloves Come Off, Let the Massacre Begin Says Eurointelligence – Mish

Germany – Not Your Typical Vassal State Anymore – “There’s no use denying that the bilateral ties between Berlin and Washington have been in decline for quite some time. Among the reasons explaining this phenomenon one can name a wide range of brazen intelligence collection operations Washington’s agents have been conducting all across Germany. Those operations are only known to the general public due to the valiant efforts of a number of media sources that revealed American operatives being engaged in both the collection of sensitive information on regular German citizens and high-profile politicians at the same time.” – Grete Mautner

BRICS was created as a tool of attack: Lula – Pepe Escobar

Hockey Stick Climate Change Graph is Evidence-Free! Playing the Mann, not the Ball – “Conclusion: Better to Play the Ball, not the Mann Selling the public the idea of AGW is a big plank in the overall plan of Agenda 2030 (formerly Agenda 21). The idea is to convince people that humanity is killing the planet via CO2 emissions (which every single living human being contributes to just by virtue of being alive and breathing) – not by industrial pollution, pharmaceutical contamination of waterways, pesticides, deforestation and GMOs” – Makia Freeman

Pentagon Joins the War on Alternative Media – “Fake news is so threatening to America’s national security, the Pentagon’s DARPA research agency has announced it will launch a project to repel “large-scale, automated disinformation attacks. As usual, a translation is in order. DARPA is working on a system that will prevent news and analysis contrary to the establishment narrative from rising above the mosh pit that is the lower depths of social media.” – Kurt Nimmo  – IN REALITY DARPA SHOULD BE GOING AFTER CNN, MSNBC, NY TIMES, AND WAPO – THE REAL FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is one of the lists of blocked sites, the ones kept off the ‘Google Now’ news stream on Android phones. – Project Veritas  – OVER 400 BLACKEDLISTED SITES. BOOKMARK IT. WILL FEATURE IN SIDEBAR FOR FUTURE REFERENCE!!!!!!

Warnings About The Rise And Influence Of Independent Media Are Behind The Recent Attack Pieces Against Popular Conservative IM Websites – Susan Duclos


Don’t believe the hype – fires globally have actually declined 25% since 2003 – Sean Walton

Gardening When It Counts – Part 2 – A.K.  – PART 1 PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!

You’re Going To Get Cornholed – “They of course call it “Ring”, but it’s not — it’s Amazon. What could possibly go wrong with such a plan? Plenty. First, who says how long Amazon keeps that footage around? Forever must be your assumption. Further, while you may have consented by putting that thing on your house did you really give informed consent? And what about the people who live near you or happen to pass by? They most-certainly did not consent.” – Karl Denninger

Five Concerns about Amazon Ring’s Deals with Police – “More than 400 police departments across the country have partnered with Ring, tech giant Amazon’s “smart” doorbell program, to create a troubling new video surveillance system. Ring films and records any interaction or movement happening at the user’s front door, and alerts users’ phones. These partnerships expand the web of government surveillance of public places, degrade the public’s trust in civic institutions, purposely breed paranoia, and deny citizens the transparency necessary to ensure accountability and create regulations.” – Matthew Guariglia

NO JAIL for Cops Who Kidnapped Teen and Raped Her In the Police Van – Matt Agorist

Here’s The Best Example Yet Of Why Red Flag Laws Are A Terrible Idea – Bonchie

9 ‘Survival Guns’ That Will Keep You Alive In Any Situation – Zach Dunn

Alternate Routes During Evacuation or Bug out – Ken Jorgustin

18 Simple Habits That Create a Prepared Mindset – Melonie Kennedy

TEOTWAWKI vs. The Perfect Storm – Spice




Silver SCHWINGS as China Suffers From Inflated Pork Politics! – J. Johnson

The Three Most Important Things in Precious Metals Right Now: Silver, Silver, Silver (PODCAST) – Sprott Money

Note To Cartel: Smashing Keyboards Through Monitors Does Not Result In A Silver Price Smash! – “What an amazing week for silver! Everybody has an explanation about what’s been going on, but I do think the answer is really simple in that the cartel is no longer able to contain the natural, fundamental factors that are taking over the market.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Gold Silver Market Update (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler – “Another solid week for precious metal performances in fiat Federal Reserve note price terms. Especially with perhaps the two best bullion values at the moment, silver and platinum respectively.” – Silver Doctors

Mass Layoffs Are Back. Are You At Risk? – “Millions are going to lose their jobs in the coming recession. Will you?” – Adam Taggart

Opinion: Low interest rates are compounding the big problems facing pension funds – Amit Sinha

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.57EUR




Proverbs 25:23   The north wind driveth away rain: so doth an angry countenance a backbiting tongue.