Hillary & the Conspiracy of Relentless Suicides – “The real test will be if Ghislaine Maxwell ends up mysteriously dead now that she has been at least seen in Los Angeles.” – Martin Armstrong

NYC Medical Examiner Rules Jeffrey Epstein Death Suicide By Hanging – Alicia Luke  – DID YOU REALLY THINK THAT THEY WOULD RULE IT A MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Epstein Pedo Perpetrators Evade Justice – “Now that Jeffrey Epstein is conveniently out of the picture, the pedo sex slavery case will shift to his co-conspirators, according to Attorney General William Barr. ” – Kurt Nimmo

The Hillary Clinton Email Saga Just Got A Lot Weirder – Bonchie

Portland braces for violence at far-right rally — entire police force will be on duty – Jonathan Vigliotti

Antifa Flyer Threatens False Flag Terrorism Upon Innocent Americans This Weekend As Portland Prepares For Total Chaos – “Leftist Terrorists Threaten To Dress As Trump Supporters While Carrying Out Violence” – Stefan Stanford

Where Oh Where Can Tucker Be (VIDEO) – “Where oh where can Tucker be? Last week I predicted that Tucker Carlson was next in line for the “treatment” from the violent left. It appears that the Left has had the final say. Why is Tucker gone without so much as a word? Was he suspended for standing up to the left? It would appear so” – The Common Sense Show

Is White Genocide in Our Future? – “Where is “white privilege” when a refuge from Iran can call for the eradication of President Trump and everyone who elected him and remain a University of California professor and TV host? Isn’t Reza Aslan a terrorist? He is calling for the President of the United States and half of the US population to be killed. Doesn’t this deserve investigation? How can a gun owner be investigated if a terrorist like Aslan is not investigated? Aslan hasn’t even been censored by Twitter.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Control Criminals and Crazies, Not Guns – Daniel Greenfield

Raising the Red Flag: Americans Fear a Gun Grab on the Horizon – “Gun ownership has prevented untold deaths, assaults and robberies over the years, yet that positive news rarely features high in the media. By comparison, the public is bombarded with endless days of non-stop reporting with every Columbine, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas and El Paso tragedy to the point that it seems only a matter of time when the pendulum of public opinion swings in favor of major anti-gun laws. Such a day would most likely herald in an epic showdown between US liberals and conservatives the likes of which the country has never seen.” – Robert Bridge

You Cannot Legislate Morality – “It’s the same thing every time we have a mass shooting in America. Before the shell casings have time to cool the same people are calling for more gun control. Their solution for mass killings is to disarm all of the law abiding citizens so everyone can feel better about themselves thinking they did something. The people calling for these new laws are the same people that fight for the right to murder a million babies a year so it is hard to take them seriously when they complain about a lot of people being killed. ” – Tom Chatham  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beto O’Rourke calls for mandatory gun buyback, licensing – Sean Walton

It’s Not Gun Problem It’s A Culture Problem – Letter to the AmmoLand Editor – “When are Republicans going to stand up and defend the Bill of Rights? The President campaigned on and has emphasized his promise to defend the Second Amendment.” – Richard S

Mass Media’s Phony Freakout Over Bernie’s WaPo Criticism Is Backfiring – “Power is the ability to control what happens. Absolute power is the ability to control what people think about what happens. Our rulers are rapidly losing this absolute power. People are waking up.” –

‘How is that non-news?’ Lee Camp REVEALS why MSM choose to ignore Honduras & Brazil unrest – RT

U.S. issues warrant to seize Iran oil tanker ‘Grace 1’ after Gibraltar judge orders its release – Kim Hjelmgaard

US Rubber-Stamp Court OKs Repeat Act of Maritime Piracy Against Iran – “Time and again, hard evidence shows the US is a nation run by hawkish right-wing extremists, dismissive of the rule of law and democratic values they abhor and don’t tolerate. Operating exclusively by their own rules, they maintain that UN Charter principles and other international law applies to other nations, not imperial USA.” – Stephen Lendman

America’s Benevolent Bombing of Serbia – James Bovard

US Seeks to Become World Political Schemers – “On an practically daily basis, representatives of the present political élite of Washington and US media voice accusations of Russia, China and some other countries which allegedly try “to interfere” with the internal affairs of the US.” – Valery Kulikov

The New York Times Is Clueless About Conservatives – “A recently released transcript shows just how biased the New York Times really is and how little they want to do to fix it.” – David Marcus

UK must accept US food standards in trade deal, says farm chief – “Zippy Duvall, head of the American Farm Bureau, said US farmers were keen to trade with their British “friends”. But he said fears over practices such as washing chicken in chlorine and using genetically modified (GM) crops were not “science-based”. The US has said the UK will be “first in line” for a trade deal after Brexit. But some fear the UK will have to compromise on standards currently enshrined in EU law in order to secure a deal with Washington.” – BBC

Strange Jeep Followed ICIG Investigators Probing Hillary Email Scandal – Investigator’s House Broken Into, Computers Stolen, Trash Rummaged Through – Cristina Laila

Playing Role of Pesticide ‘Cheerleader,’ EPA Rebukes Calif. With Ban on Warning Labels for Roundup – “It’s the Environmental Protection Agency, not the pesticide protection agency.” – Andrea Germanos


How to Remove Glyphosate from the Body and Restore Digestive Health – “Chlorine dioxide (CD) has the incredible ability to breakdown glyphosate into components that the human body can actually use as nutrients to support healthy processes in the body.” – John P. Thomas

EMP and Its Effects On Your Day To Day Equipment – David Andrew Brown

Mom-Approved Back-To-School Preparedness Kits For Kids – “We moms can’t always be around to help when our kids need it. Having some handy items stashed away in a backpack for the kids to use can also teach them the importance of preparedness and the beginning steps of self-reliance.” – Sara Tipton




Midwest Farm Loan Repayment Issues Hit Highest Level Since 1999 – Tyler Durden

BLOODY SUNDAY: Seems Like Gold & Silver Will Get A Brutal Beating When The “Markets” Reopen – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

At This Rate, It Will Take 100 Years to Pay Off America’s Student Debt – Shahien Nasiripour

Freight Shipments Suffer Steepest Drops since Financial Crisis, Overcapacity Balloons – “For Trucking and Railroads, it’s Hangover Time.” – Wolf Richter

FUNDING THE MONSTER STATE: FDR, NIXON AND THE GOLD STANDARD (VIDEO) – “On August 15, 1971 Richard Nixon closed what was called the “gold window.” Since then, the purchasing power of fiat money has dropped 80% while gold has gone up from $35 then to the $1500 range today.” – Tenth Amendment Center

Gold Nears Record Highs In Euros as Deutsche Falls To New Record Low Showing Bank Contagion Risk – Gold Core

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.23EUR




Matthew 10:16   Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.