US Empire: The Reality of the Greater United States – “The US Empire is not a term you will commonly hear when people refer to the United States of America. Nor is the Greater United States, American Empire or even just Empire. There is something of a taboo quality to using the word empire to refer to the US. Yet, that is precisely what it is.” – Makia Freeman

The Persistent Myth That Trump Opposes War – “This notion that Donald Trump is some kind of peace president, or even the notion that he puts any more inertia on the US war machine than his predecessor did, is contradicted by all facts and evidence we have available to us. Trump has not ended a single one of the wars his predecessors started, and has added dangerous escalations against Venezuela, Iran, and nuclear-armed Russia.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Bolton’s at it Again and Venezuelans Will Suffer – John Dangelo

Trump Regime Aims to Starve Venezuelans Into Submission – Stephen Lendman

Knowing Putin: It’s All About Occam’s Razor – Phil Butler

Is Putin covering up a nuclear disaster? Ambulances covered in protective film transport six Russians who suffered severe radiation poisoning in mystery explosion during ‘test of new hypersonic missile’ – Will Stewart

America Dumps INF Treaty. Time for Russian Missiles in Latin America? – Robert Bridge

We Don’t Need Red Flag Laws, We Need More Good Americans To Get Guns – “It isn’t time for red flag laws. It isn’t time for raising the age to buy a weapon. The time has come for you to purchase a weapon and start taking responsibility for your own life.” – Jesse Kelly

Gun rights supporters say Trump could lose their vote – Steven Nelson

Poll Suggests Most Republicans Back ‘Assault Weapon Ban’ – “How much support for a so-called “assault weapon ban” will we see in a month among Republicans? Further, let’s also remember how inaccurate polls have been as of late. Not only did polling suggest Brexit would lose in the UK, but it also noted that Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in for the presidency. Tell me, how is President Clinton’s time in the White House doing? Yeah, exactly.” – Tom Knighton

We Killed God, Family, And Community — And Now It’s Killing Us – Thane Bellomo

GLADIO STRIKES AGAIN! Another Walmart targeted with terrorist fear-mongering to strip gun ownership – State of the Nation

Politicians Promote Murder, Mayhem, & Terror to Propagandize Political Agendas & Consolidate Power – Doug “Uncola” Lynn

Biden Goes All In on the Race Issue – Patrick J. Buchanan

Rude Awakening – “Now that everyone and everything not “woke” is a racist, a white supremacist, and a domestic terrorist, the mau-mauing of America is complete. The mug of strong English tea on my desk (a beverage from the worst modern colonialist nation) happens to be white. It is ashamed and disgusted by its privilege of holding captive eight ounces of a beverage-of-color. The beverage’s final indignity, of course, is to be ingested in my white body, and turned into countless chemical reactions there that benefit me while annihilating the beverage’s existence, which surely amounts to cultural appropriation, a kind of servitude, and ultimately murder!” – James Howard Kunstler

What happens when only one side defines hate – Jeffrey T. Brown  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!

Protective Stupidity and the Manufactured White Nationalist Threat – “I’m probably as sick and tired of white supremacist canard as you are. I keep harping on it because I’m convinced it is a perfect storm, that is to say a chance for the state to aggravate already record-high political division to the boiling point and exploit it in order to expand the police state and outlaw free speech as terrorism and providing aid and comfort to Nazis, fascists, white supremacists, and nationalists.” – Kurt Nimmo

2020 Democrats: Trump is a white supremacist – “Why it matters … This is a big shift from calling the president a white nationalist.” – Mike Allen and Rebecca Falconer

Social Media Civil War – “The US government has to come up with very very strong legislation for social media, and it has to do that very soon. Because if it doesn’t, it risks those same social media inciting a civil war (that’s no hyperbole, that is real) on American soil.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Democrats refuse to condemn Antifa, their own brownshirts – Thomas Lifson

Harris Is Done – “Tulsi Gabbard did what hadn’t been done to any candidate yet in the debate the other night: She bent Kamala Harris over the lectern and butt-raped her from behind. It was one of the most-brutal moments in political TV I’ve ever seen — far worse than “you’d be in prison” (Trump’s infamous line aimed at Hillary, and quite-possibly one that cost her the election.)” – Karl Denninger

Andrea Mitchell Makes Excuses for Joe Biden’s Racial Gaffe, Blames Trump – “CBS and ABC continued ignoring former Vice President Joe Biden’s gaffes he made Thursday while on the campaign trail, one being similar to a racist comment he made in the past about President Obama. ” – Kristine Marsh

Epstein Documents Hit; Accuser Says Trump ‘Didn’t Partake In Any Sex With Any Of Us’ – Tyler Durden

Is China Hoarding Food, Gold And Other Commodities In Anticipation Of A Global Collapse? – Michael Snyder

FBI Surveillance Proposal Sets Up Clash With Facebook – “Agency solicits vendor proposals to collect data from Facebook, other social media to head off safety threats” – Jeff Horwitz and Dustin Volz

The Death of the Internet: Why sites like this are being taken down – Off Grid Survival

Farm Crisis Spreads As US Corn Exports Plunge To 19-Month Low – Tyler Durden

FDA moves to regulate CBD oil to protect Big Pharma’s profits – Ethan Huff

Prepping Has Gone Mainstream: Politics, A “Culture Of Fear,” Or A Return To What’s Been Lost? – Nicholas West

Two Pieces of Advice: Keeping a Low Profile and Storing Bug-Out Gear – J. G. Martinez D.

Can Organizer For Pantry Food Storage | What Works Best? – Ken Jorgustin

How To Build Your Own Soda Can Solar Heater – Fred Tyrell




Trump’s Fed Bashing is a Self-Inflicted Wound – Tom Luango

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Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.67EUR ▼




Proverbs 20:10  Divers weights, and divers measures, both of them are alike abomination to the Lord.