Race Hustle – “After two double rounds of Democratic Party debates, one thing is for sure: the characters onstage are followers, not leaders, and they’re following each other off a cliff like so many Wile E. Coyotes, while the Golden Golem of Greatness streaks, beeps, and tweets across the buzzard flats below like the fabled Roadrunner. In an epic and bizarre case of mimesis, the Democratic Party is mau-mauing itself into America’s political slum, complete with a rank-and-file demographic dependent on government largesse and an infestation of bad ideas, like the scurrying rats and cockroaches of the ghettos they pander to so relentlessly.” – James Howard Kunstler

US ‘Democracy’ – A Spectacle of War Party – “With over 20 Democratic party candidates vying for the US presidential election in 2020, there appears to be an abundance of choice from a glance at the mere number of contenders. But the superficial optics are far from “2020 vision”. Unfortunately, lamentably, on crucial foreign policy concerning militarism, war and peace, and on relations towards Russia and China, there seems little difference between the crowded field. The single notable exception, so far at least, is the Hawaiian congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.” – Strategic Culture Foundation

Defending Tulsi From the Programmed War Propagandists – “The corporate media, reflecting the talking points of the establishment and the war party, keeps harping on Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard about Bashir al-Assad and gas attacks that never occurred.” – Kurt Nimmo

WaPo Publishes Gabbard Smear Piece Filled With Blatant Lies – “Whoever controls the narrative controls the world, and shameless war propagandists like Josh Rogin are the attack dogs of establishment narrative control.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Empire Is Coming for Tulsi Gabbard – “The second debate among Democratic hopefuls was notable for two things. The lack of common decency of most of them and Tulsi Gabbard’s immense, career-ending attack on Kamala Harris’ (D-Deep State) record as an Attorney General in California. Harris came out of the first debate the clear winner and Gabbard cut her down to size with one of the single best minutes of political television since Donald Trump told Hillary Clinton, “Because you’d be in jail.” Gabbard’s takedown of Harris was so spot on and her closing statement about the irresponsible nature of the Trump Administration’s foreign policy was so powerful she had to be actively suppressed on Twitter.” – Tom Luongo

Presidential Aspirant Tulsi Gabbard: Unqualified for Being Anti-War – “US anti-war presidential aspirants are automatically disqualified from holding the nation’s highest office or any congressional leadership position. The only bonafide US anti-war president in modern times was eliminated for transforming himself from a warrior to peacemaker in office. The lesson of Jack Kennedy is burned into the consciousness of his successors.” – Stephen Lendman

Tulsi Gabbard Is This Election’s Ron Paul – ““The similarities to Dr. Paul’s campaigns are striking,” one of Paul’s former aides said of Gabbard’s presidential run.” – Rosie Gray

CNN Panel Indulges Conspiracy Theory About Gabbard Running as Russian-Backed Third Party Candidate – Ryan Foley

Donald Trump, Trade Dictator -Jacob G. Hornberger

Promises, Taxes, And Empty Pockets – “Did you feel a slight tug in your pockets the other night? No, it was not a dark psychic force that infiltrated your fortress of solitude. Instead, it was the taxes that will come out of your wallet to cover the billions and trillions of dollars in promises recently made by the 20 Democrats on the debate stage. ” – Andrew Moran

The rise and fall of superhero Robert Mueller – Matt Taibbi

BREAKING: Unbelievable! Deep State FBI Helped Hillary Clinton Erase and Bleachbit Data Off Laptops and Hammer Phones – Joe Hoft

Did U.S. Attorney General Barr Just Trade James Comey’s “Memogate” for “Spygate”? – Doug “Uncola” Lynn

Obama reportedly upset about far-left swing of Democratic contenders – “Life’s tough for the ever-vacationing former President Obama. As if the licking flames of the Mueller report’s aftermath, getting ever closer to him, weren’t enough, there’s also the 2020 presidential race. Via his media buddies at CNN, he’s got word out that he’s not happy with the extreme leftward turn of his fellow Democrats in the 2020 race.” – Monica Showalter

A Multicultural Mugging of Uncle Joe – “Today, much of the career record of Joe Biden — his opposition to busing, his credentials as tough-on-crime, his support for NAFTA, his backing of the Iraq War, his career-long support of the Hyde Amendment — is seen not as a record to be proud of, but a record to be ashamed of, and a record to apologize for. How do progressives, many of whom regard Biden’s career as an embarrassment, embrace him as their leader and agent of progressive change if he wins the nomination?” – Patrick J. Buchanan


SCARCITY vs. abundance: How globalists enslave humanity by creating artificial scarcity in everything: Money, health, knowledge, energy and more – Mike Adams

Baltimore’s Homicide Rate Is So High, Residents Could Claim U.S. Asylum If They Weren’t Americans – Ellie Bufkin

The Last Western Empire? – “Simply put, Asia will replace the Western World. But – crucially – this time around no empire will come to take the place of the AngloZionist one. Instead, a loose and informal coalition of mostly Asian countries will offer an alternative economic and civilizational model, which will be immensely attractive to the rest of the planet.” – The Saker

China Is Extremely Angry, And They Now Consider The United States To Be Enemy #1 -Michael Snyder

Trump Trade, Fed Cut, Trump Wins in Court (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Only Superman Can Save Julian Assange Now? – Phil Butler

Where Have Pedophiles Within The “Elites” & World Governance Gone Now That Jeffrey Epstein Is Locked Up & On ‘Suicide’ Watch? – Catherine J. Frompovich

Snowden Goes on the Offensive With New Book, Plans to Reveal How Social Media Spies on Users – C. Mitchell Shaw

Game-Changer: What’s Behind US-Turkish Conflict Over The S-400 Deal – South Front

US Troops Are Back in Saudia Arabia – This Will End Badly – Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)

Take Your Tariff Screaming AND SHOVE IT – “I’m tired of this crap. CNBS — all the financial lies we can tell — just ran a segment with a “hypothetical” $50 pair of canvas shoes made in China. They claimed the 10% tariff will make it about $59. Bull****. The tariff is paid, in theory, on the price at the point of export. In other words the factory in China makes shoes for Frobozz Shoe Company. They charge Frobozz $15 for that pair of shoes on a container-load basis. The tariff is laid on that $15 price that Frobozz pays, which is not $9 — it’s $1.50!” – Karl Denninger

An Epidemic Of Attacks Against Trump Supporters Is Completely Ignored By The MSM – Is It Any Wonder They Are Hemorrhaging Viewers, Readers And Employees? – Susan Duclos

MSNBC’s Outrageous Allegations Against Trump That Can’t Be Ignored (VIDEO) – “MSNBC has entered into a new low in journalism. The American public has grown weary of the Trump name-calling and the endless calls for his impeachment. Most of us just tune out this barbaric behavior and ignore it. However, what MSNBC just did cannot be ignored. ” – The Common Sense Show

Don Lemon Devotes Two Debate Nights to Depicting Trump and His Voters as Racist – Geoffrey Dickens

From Texas To Missouri To South Carolina To Colorado To Washington, ANP Readers See ‘The Big Picture’: The Countdown To SHTF Has Begun If These Shortages Are ‘The New Norm’ – “One Reader Warns Us: ‘I Believe There Is More To This Than Meets The Eye'” – Stefan Stanford

We Don’t Have a Violent Gun Problem, We Have a Violent People Problem – Ken Jorgustin

Florida Voters Could See a Major Gun Grab on the Ballot in 2020 – DJ Parten

Do You Believe in “Conspiracy Theories?” An FBI Report Says You’re a Potential Domestic Terrorist – “While some of the theories mentioned are pretty far-fetched, the First Amendment protects free speech – and that includes conspiracy theories. Most people who believe that there are pedophiles in our government or who question the official reports of heinous events will never become violent. But now, it appears they may become targets of suspicion based on their thought crimes.” – Daisy Luther

FBI Wants Tech to Track Social Media for Criminals and Terrorists Before They Act – Brandi Vincent  – THE SURVEILLANCE MILITARY/POLICE STATE MARCHES ON AS YOU CAN SEE FROM NUMEROUS ARTICLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Battlefield Surveillance Comes to Your Town – “All-seeing 24/7 video surveillance technology, first developed for use in war, is now affordable enough to be used domestically to fight crime and terrorism. Some lawmakers are wary.” – Christopher Mims

Pentagon testing mass surveillance balloons across the US – Mark Harris

Bioweapons: Lyme Disease, Weaponized Ticks, Plum Island & More – Makia Freeman

Air Force to deploy ground-based lasers in first field test of ‘directed energy’ weapon – Aaron Gregg  – THE MILITARY HAS HAD DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS FOR YEARS!!!!!!!


Emergency Preparedness On A Budget – Bob Rodgers

Beginner’s Guide To Preparing For A Quarantine – Carmela Tyrell

Where Is Published Scientific Literature Regarding Non-Ionizing Radiation, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) & Microwave Radiation Hazards? – Catherine J. Frompovich




More Fake News About Jobs: Part 2 – Paul Craig Roberts

Families Go Deep in Debt to Stay in the Middle Class – “Wages stalled but costs haven’t, so people increasingly rent or finance what their parents might have owned outright” – AnnaMaria Andriotis, Ken Brown and Shane Shifflett

Gold / Silver May Be Breaking Free From Manipulation – Dave Kranzler

Gold & Silver Hold Up Well While Broader Markets Continue To Sell Off – Steve St. Angelo

Why Silver will be the “Star of the Show” (PODCAST) – Sprott Money News

Silver Prices – The Next Five Years – Gary Christenson

We’ve Entered The Final Stages Of A Fiat Currency (VIDEO) – Silver Report Uncut

The Fed Rate Cut Shows the Fed Is Either Clueless or Lying. Or Both. – Ryan McMaken

Jobs Hype Won’t Work Much Longer (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff




2 Samuel 1:27  How are the mighty fallen, and the weapons of war perished!