Iran Denies Trying To Seize UK Tanker In Persian Gulf After Military Close Encounter – Tyler Durden

Bombs VS Bridges – How Two Empires Are Competing For Their Version Of The New World Order – “Western nations are showing all signs of impending collapse. This is despite the fact that the flagship of the Western world, the United States, continues to expand its empire across the globe. At the same time, the world is witnessing the “rise of China,” an empire in its own right though no one seems to have any interest in calling it what it is.” – Brandon Turbeville  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRANDON!!!

Opposing War Is The Best Approach To Revolution – Caitlin Johnstone

Russia Approves a Private $10 Billion Europe-China Highway – “Would add a trucking option to the New Silk Road” – RT

UN Caught Sending 24,000 Tons of Infested and Rotten “Aid” to Starving Yemenis – Randi Nord

Judge Rebukes Key Mueller Report ‘Russian Interference’ Claim – Questions Emerge As To Whether Russia Actually ‘Meddled’ At All – Susan Duclos

20 Crucial Questions Ahead of Mueller Testimony (VIDEO) – The Epoch Times

Schumer got thousands in donations from Jeffrey Epstein – Nikki Schwab

Sex, Lies, and Epstein/Clinton Flight Logs – “One can almost see Bill Clinton stepping up to the microphone in full dudgeon to say something like, “I did not have sex with any underage sex slaves on that man’s, Mr. Epstein’s, island on the 26 occasions I didn’t fly with him.”” – Daniel John Sobieski


Predatory “Green Capitalism” Is Monetizing the Air, and It’s Going to Cost You – Charles Hugh Smith

Cat-fight escalates: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hurls race card at Nancy Pelosi – Monica Showalter

Ocasio-Cortez says Pelosi is ‘silencing her’ with congressional responsibilities – “I was assigned to some of the busiest committees and four subcommittees,” AOC said. “So my hands are full. And sometimes I wonder if they’re trying to keep me busy.” – Andrew West  – DUH, ONCE AGAIN. WHAT DID SHE THINK YOU DO IN CONGRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Biden: Protector of the Deep State – Jeremy Kuzmarov

Omar’s love for her country? Which country? – Monica Showalter

The Death of Privacy: Government Fearmongers to Read Your Mail – Philip Giraldi

Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth CRISIS Part 2 – “The Rockefellers were just getting started with their eugenics plan back in the early 1900s, and by the time the 1960s rolled around, they were full steam ahead with their population control agenda – including the development of anti-fertility vaccines for both men and women.” – Corey Lynn  – PART 2 OF COREY’S EXCELLENT SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Restaurant Chain Announces Bankruptcy, Says Minimum Wage Hikes to Blame – Jon Miltimore

Boris Johnson Accused of Being “Donald Trump’s Poodle” – Mish

FDR Didn’t Save Free Enterprise. He Destroyed It. – Jacob G. Hornberger

The Shaking Won’t Stop: There Have Been More Than 10,000 Earthquakes In California And Nevada In The Last 7 Days – Michael Snyder

These Two Maps From ‘Successful Farming’ Help Explain Why We’re Heading For A Severe Food Crisis As Experts Monitoring ‘Global Cooling Earth Changes’ Warn Everything Is Speeding Up – Stefan Stanford

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Police Use License Plate Readers To “Grid” Entire Neighborhoods – MassPrivateI

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Survival Beans | Easy to Store & Cook | Favorite Recipes – Ken Jorgustin

10+ Vegetables That Double Your Health Status – Chris Black



Jerome Powell Fails The Gold Standard Test – ” In fact, if the dollar was backed by gold, the Fed would be irrelevant – the gold standard would take away completely any need for a Central Bank. Powell and his cohorts would not have any job at the Fed.The function of the gold standard, fist and foremost, is to stabilize the supply of currency in relation to the wealth output of an economic system. A Central Bank is not necessary to any economic system which has its currency backed by gold. ” – Dave Kranzler

Chairman Powell Moves toward my Recession Prediction and Helps Trump Trade War – David Haggith

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Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.59EUR




Luke 21:15    For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.