Does the United States Still Exist? – “America has been stripped of its cultural consciousness. The US has become a Tower of Babel, a territory that has lost its identity and is disunited by the Identity Politics created by diversity and multiculturalism. Without unity there is no country.” – Paul Craig Roberts

I Hear That Train a’Comin’ – “The Republican Party is a train of booby-trapped freight cars that can blow at any time. The engine is running on the fumes of the financialized economy. The engineer, Mr. Trump, only has his eye on the gauge that represents the stock market, which produces the gaseous emanations running his train. The Democratic Party is carrying seventeen gondola cars of the worst political scandal in US history:The Dem’s train also includes the circus cars of its identity politics hustlers, Reps AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley plus the sideshow of so-far-suppressed Joe Biden ” – James Howard Kunstler  – EXCELLENT AS USUAL!!!!

Why Trump Will Win In 2020, And Easily – “I still remain convinced that the one dimensional Trump haters, the same people who would accuse me of supporting him, don’t understand how or why that means he will win easily in 2020. Well, that, and they have nobody to put up against him. Joe Biden is not just a joke, he’s an old and stale joke. Kamala Harris is an attempt to cross Obama with Hillary. Bernie Sanders is a wonderful man, but he should be the campaign manager for a younger prospect, but who isn’t there. And Tulsi Gabbard is being actively suppressed by the DNC, like Bernie Sanders four years ago. All the rest of the field are mere bystanders.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Finally! Billionaire Pedophile Epstein ARRESTED! More Elite Child Trafficking Arrests to Follow – Jack Burns

Epstein Arrest: Peak Swamp? – “But this is more than just Hillary and Bill. This is likely far deeper a rabbit hole than anyone in D.C. wants to admit. Don’t think for a second that Epstein hasn’t been blackmailing very prominent people for years. Because he has. And they are all now scared to death. And Robert Mueller is up to his neck in this. Because it was Mueller who helped Epstein mostly get off the hook the last time and had the court documents sealed.” – Tom Luango   -EXCELLENT INSIGHT FROM TOM!!!!!

Here’s why Jeffrey Epstein was arrested now and who’s really behind it. – “The Epstein arrest is specifically directed at Trump” – State of the Nation  – AND A DIFFERENT TAKE ON THE EPSTEIN AFFAIR!!!!


FACT: Trump is no perv, was the only one who helped prosecutors nail serial child molester Jeffrey Epstein – “In fact, the attention should be on former President Bill Clinton and noted constitutional law professor Alan Dershowitz, the former of whom took at least two dozen trips with Epstein on his “Lolita Express” — his personal Boeing 727 airliner — when he even ditched his Secret Service detachment. Granted, then-private citizen Donald Trump did travel in the same high society social circles in New York City and was pictured with Epstein. And while that alone proves nothing, the hostile mainstream media is attempting to use that connection as de facto evidence that the president is just as guilty as Epstein. However, this is what the same outlets are not reporting:” – Jon Dougherty

Guess Whose Daughter Is Reportedly a Prosecutor in Jeffrey Epstein Case – “Maurene Comey, daughter of former FBI Director James Comey, is reportedly a prosecutor in the new criminal case against convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.” – Alberto Luperon  – ANOTHER FIX FOR THE CLINTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Census Is About GOVERNMENT LEGITIMACY – Karl Denninger

THE STORM HAS ARRIVED. (VIDEO) – “This REAL NEWS update was immediately deemed as “NOT suitable for most advertisers” by You Tube. Which begs the question, is You Tube in the business of actively trying to protect child sex traffickers like Jeffrey Epstein, who was just re-arrested for crimes against children?” – SGT Report

Frog-Marching Trump Toward War on Iran – Ron Paul

Piracy on High Seas… US and British Aim to Sink Iran Nuclear Deal – “The seizure of two million barrels of Iranian crude oil by British commandoes is a blatant act of piracy aimed at provoking Iran into war. Also, confiscation of the supertanker in Britain’s Mediterranean territory of Gibraltar seems aimed at sinking the last chances for the international nuclear accord being upheld.” – Finian Cunningham

Iran Seeks Nukes? The Big Lie Won’t Die – “The US and Israel are nuclear armed and dangerous. So are Britain and France — joined at hip with Washington’s imperial agenda, featuring naked aggression and other hostile actions.” – Stephen Lendman

Europe Freaks Out Over Minuscule Iranian Uranium Enrichment – “Leave it to CBS News and all the other establishment propaganda mills to spin the obvious.” – Kurt Nimmo

Iran exceeds uranium enrichment level set by nuclear deal as Europe fails to resist US sanctions – RT

Trump Tariffs Help Sink US Steel: Investigating a Trump “Big Win” – “US Steel wanted Trump to put tariffs on Chinese steel imports. The company is not at all pleased with the results. Big Win!” – Mish

Then They Came for…Betsy Ross? Jefferson? July 4th? AMERICA? – John Derbyshire

Will CIA Come Clean on Spygate? (VIDEO) – The Epoch Times

Violent Antifa Has Members Arming Themselves – Tom Knighton

Trump’s Fourth-of-July Crowd Matches His Huge Inauguration Crowd – “Right after Trump’s inauguration, I ran an article about how incredibly fake the news coverage was about his inauguration. (Those reading my site know I’m not a big Trump fan, but credit where credit is due and calling fake where calling fake is due.) But now we have the photo below of the mall packed out even on a rainy day. And what did the mainstream press do; they speculated before the event that the crowds would be pathetic just like they did for Trump’s inauguration. Not bad for a rainy day:” – David Haggith

Professor Hristo Mermerski: Quackery Or The Real Cure For Cancer? – Carmela Tyrell

How NOT to Build Your SHTF Medical Kit and What NOT to Do With It – Selco




Is Baoshang Bank China’s Lehman Brothers? – F. William Engdahl

When Everything from Bat Guano to Quatloos Is Soaring, Speculative Euphoria Has Reached an Extreme – Charles Hugh Smith

Gigantic Wealth Transfer Coming (VIDEO) with Gregory Mannarino – “The IMF calls Deutsche Bank (DB) the most “systemically dangerous” financial instruction in the world. So, when a major announcement about DB cutting stock trading around the world happens over the weekend, some think danger is popping up in the global financial sector again. ” – Greg Hunter

Meet the JPMorgan Whale that Ate Deutsche Bank’s Stock Trading Business – “But before you get too comfortable with the notion that it’s okay if an American bank is beating the socks off a German bank, Deutsche Bank is a major derivatives’ counterparty to most of the big banks on Wall Street according to a 2016 report from the International Monetary Fund — its health, or lack thereof, could spill over onto Wall Street” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank Plan Fails to Convince Analysts as Shares Drop – Macarena Munoz Montijano

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.82EUR ▼   – DOWN ALMOST 5% TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Psalm 140:8    Grant not, O Lord, the desires of the wicked: further not his wicked device; lest they exalt themselves. Selah.