State Of Emergency Declared After 7.1 Quake Rocks Southern California; Massive Aftershocks Shake Towns – Tyler Durden

The earth under Southern California is rumbling with about one aftershock every minute – Christina Maxouris

Trump’s Salute: Apotheosis of the Warfare State – “Granted. The Donald skipped American history class – along with much else that even modestly educated people still recall. But owing to his late life conversion to flag-hugging patriotism you would think he might have taken time to actually read the Declaration of Independence. Obviously not. We have scoured its 1334 words, and our recollection was fully vindicated. To wit, there is not a single mention of armed might, military exploits, unfurled flags, marching bands, battle hymns or occupied airports (sic!) etc.” – David Stockman

Trump’s Patriotism Vs. The New Anti-Americanism – “A specter of anti-Americanism appears to be rising on the left. Listening to the Democratic debates, and the depiction of the nation and its economy by the candidates, one would think we were living in the Paris of “Les Miserables” or the London of Charles Dickens.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Humanitarian aid supplies from USAID’Malicious Anti-Russian Propaganda’: Moscow Slams USAID Strategy Against ‘Malign Kremlin Influence’ – Sputnik News

Russia confirms plans to send S-400 anti-aircraft system to Turkey – Amie Ferris-Rotman and Kareem Fahim

Iran Calls UK Seizure of Its Tanker Maritime Piracy – “Throughout the post-WW II era, Britain has been and continues to be an appendage of US imperial policy — taking orders, saluting and obeying.” – Stephen Lendman

Foreign Policy is War By Other Means (VIDEO) – Tom Luango

Obama: Front Man for Washington’s Imperialism – “Obama was the “drone king” whose regime bombed 7 Muslim countries, overthrew the democratic government in Hondurus, overthrew and murdered Gaddafi, tried to do the same thing to Assad in Syria, overthrew the democratic government in Ukraine and demonized Russia and the Russian president, tried to undermine and overthrow the democratically elected Latin American presidents Morales, Chavez, and Ortega, constantly lied through his teeth, and met with the approval of the military/security complex and global capitalists.” – Paul Craig Roberts


Brave Congressman Blasts 2-Party System as ‘Existential Threat to America’ then Quits His Party – “Amash has been unafraid to challenge his own party on multiple occasions as they circumvented the constitution to wage illegal wars, erode gun rights, and grow the surveillance state. This uncompromising stance taken by Amash has made him an enemy to the neocons and establishment lackeys alike.” – Matt Agorist

Joe Biden Threatens Physical Violence Against Trump Again, Says: “He’s the Bully I’d Smack in the Mouth” – Jim Hoft

If I Only Had A Brain: AOC Fascism Then Flush – ” Are fascist Border Patrol agents forcing migrants to drink toilet water? Not quite. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has once again provided a week full of political comedy to entertain the sane masses. This week, she was caught making more factually questionable statements about Customs and Border Protection” – Jeff Charles

Why We’re Still Waiting On The DOJ Inspector General Report On Alleged Obama FISA Abuses – Matt Vespa

THE MEDIA’S DOUBLE STANDARD ON HILLARY AND IVANKA – “The media can’t have it both ways. Even though it will try to anyway. If it’s sexism to complain about Hillary Clinton, it’s sexism to complain about Ivanka Trump. Either the spouses and children of the guy in the White House have a legitimate role in national and international diplomacy.” – Daniel Greenfield

Why the Minimum Wage Can’t Solve the Poverty Problem – “A higher minimum wage is sold as a way to help millions out of poverty. The reality is that it only benefits a small minority to the cost of everyone else.” – Paul Boyce

Austin joins San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle in accelerated collapse toward third world living conditions with new homeless policy – J. D. Heyes

Meet the New European Union, Same as the Old One – Tom Luango

Foul play suspected in death of 36-year-old new media personality Joe Hagmann – Peter Barry Chowka

Terraforming & Transhumanism: Are You Ready To Accept Plus Live By Them? – “If readers are leaning toward a more “woke” state of consciousness that truly there is spiritual warfare, which we are living in now, then there is much more ‘wokeness’ to come when 5G ‘finally has arrived’ with super gusto and full throttle. Current times are running close to empty for human kindness, compassion, civility, truth and facts, accurate science and higher consciousness, but most of all, steadfastly promulgating the demise of a sane and rational human society in general, with emphasis on the United States.” – Catherine J. Frompovich

US government mulls banning encryption – “This would put everyone’s data at risk. But it also gives the government power we know they cannot be trusted with. Even if we forget about privacy concerns, the government has admitted to far too many massive security breaches to trust them with this level of data.” – Simon Black

Modern Minuteman – Wilderness Skills – R. Ann Parris

Some Like It Hot: Study Finds Chili Peppers May Slow Lung Cancer Development – John Anderer

Cabbage: Anti-Cancer Wonder Vegetable For Your Survival Garden – Jerry Greenfield

Making the Best of Powdered Milk, Part 3 – JR



The Fed and Wall Street Have their Worry Beads Out Over Deutsche Bank’s “Bad Bank” Idea – “Deutsche Bank has reported losses in three of the last four years; its share price has lost 90 percent of its value since February of 2007; as of the close of trading on Wednesday, Deutsche had $16.14 billion in common equity value versus $49 trillion notional (face amount) in derivatives” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

What’s a Bad Bank and How Can It Help Deutsche Bank? – Nicholas Comfort

RenTech Pulls Cash From Deutsche Bank As Insider Warns Of “Lehman-Style” Scene – Tyler Durden

Ten Big Steps down the Road to Recession – “The yield curve just inverted at its most critical level” – David Haggith

Inverted Yield Curve – Martin Armstrong

Don’t Let The Stock Market Highs Fool You… America Is In Trouble (VIDEO) – “And without a doubt, any rational person should be able to see the signs that the U.S. economy is going to crash. So it isn’t as if those that are preparing for the worst are being irrational.” – David Morgan

A Predictable Gold Price Attack – Now What? – Dave Kranzler

THEY Can Smash Gold & Silver All They Want, But The Cartel CANNOT CHANGE REALITY – “And what is the reality? Oh. Only that their decades of gold & silver price suppression is coming to an end.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.16EUR




Mark 13:8    For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.