Putin Laughs After Grinning Trump Says “Don’t Meddle In The Election Please” – Tyler Durden

Trump should go full frontal after Supreme Court ruling on Census – “Maybe there should be less pussyfooting around as to what this question is really about?” – Monica Showalter

US will sanction any country that buys oil from Iran, no exemptions – special envoy – RT

Latest Weapon of US Imperialism: Liquified Natural Gas – Federico Pieraccini

Tulsi Gabbard Wrecks Dems With Powerful Anti-War Debate Answers – “Gabbard has made ending American intervention abroad the defining issue of her campaign.” – Christian Britschgi

Media And Public Disagree On Tulsi Gabbard’s Debate Performance – “Most of the above media have long avoided to mention Gabbard and to discuss her political positions. It is quite evident that the mainstream media do not like her anti-regime-change views and are afraid of even writing about them.” – Moon of Alabama


Memo To Trump: Trade Bolton For Tulsi – “If she makes it into the second round, Gabbard could become the catalyst for the kind of globalist vs. nationalist debate that broke out between Trump and Bush Republicans in 2016, a debate that contributed to Trump’s victory…” – Patrick J. Buchanan  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM PAT!!!!

Scripted US Presidential Debates – “So-called presidential debates are well-rehearsed, scripted theater — featuring bombast over substance, slogans and one-liners over solutions, and promises made to be broken if elected. Republicans and Dems are two sides of the same coin, not a dime’s worth of difference between them on issues mattering most — notably war over peace, corporate empowerment over governance serving everyone equitably, and police state harshness over the rule of law.” – Stephen Lendman

Say Anything! – “My favorite moment in the Wednesday night “B” Team installment of the Democratic primary debates was Julian Castro’s “defense” of transgender abortion rights. Say what…? I almost dropped my bag of Dinamita Mojo Criollo Doritos. Did that really come out of Little Julian’s mouth? Apparently so. But how does it actually work? Like, say, in theory, someone “transitioning” from female-to-male gets inadvertently knocked-up after a (perhaps mistaken) romantic encounter with an actual man and has to, you know, get rid of the little problem zhe has acquired? Could be… but is this a relatively common occurrence down San Antone way?” – James Howard Kunstler

Kamala Harris Is An Oligarch’s Wet Dream – “Harris is everything the US empire’s unelected power establishment wants in a politician: charismatic, commanding, and completely unprincipled. In that sense she’s like Obama, only better.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Democrat Zoo – Debates Part II – Key Takeaways – Mish

Second Democrat Debate: Same Beer With A Lot More Foam – Graham J Noble

“2020 Race Is Over” Post-Mortem Of Second Dem Debate: Kamala Crushes Bernie & Biden – Tyler Durden  – IF IT COMES DOWN TO BETWEEN GABBARD AND HARRIS, GABBARD WOULD BE THE SANER OF THE TWO, BUT THE MSM AND DEMS WON’T SEE IT THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rivals target Biden as Democrats’ rifts emerge on age, race – “” – Juana Summers and Steve Peoples

Moderators Ask Zero Questions About National Debt In First Two Democratic Debates Combined – Peter Hasson

Free Press? NY Times Admits It Sends Stories To US Govt For Approval Before Publication – free Thought Project

The Communist Plot to Take Over America Proceeds Unimpeded Even Under Trump – “The Greatest Psyop of the 2oth Century Enters the Final and Perilous Phase in the Third Millennium” – State of the Nation


New Crop Loss Map Shows A Trainwreck Unfolding Before Our Eyes: ‘Farmers Across The World Are Calling Out In Unison About Catastrophic Growing Conditions’ – “For Those Who Aren’t Prepared For What’s Being Unleashed, It’ll Be ‘Dying Time'” – Stefan Stanford

Iranium ConFUSION Part 1: The costs of war and the likelihood of quick victory – ” the president’s words sound overconfident to me. Let’s remember how we were assured the war with Iraq was over in a mere hundred days, even though we are still at some levels fighting it almost twenty years later, and Iraq was no longer Iran’s equal in military might. Let’s remember how we would be welcomed as the Great Liberators of Iraq. Let’s note that we still have a number of these “short” wars draining our treasury of trillions of dollars years after they began, costing us our own lives and killing hundreds of thousands of people in other nations.” – David Haggith

Obama’s Immigration Chief: It Was OBAMA, Not Trump, Who Was Responsible For So-Called ‘Cages’ – Joseph Curl

Cory Booker’s Bogus Claim That Gun Licensing Reduces Crime – Tom Knighton

Citizen Question Blocked, Crazy Dem Debates, Economy Warning (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Everyone’s Got a “Surveillance Score” and It Can Cost You BIG Money – “The Chinese government is currently implementing a social credit system to monitor its 1.3 billion citizens (China already has 200 million public surveillance cameras). Facial recognition technology and personal data from cell phones and digital transactions are being used to collect intimate details about people’s lives, including their purchasing habits and whom they socialize with. While the United States government has yet to implement such a system, companies in the country are, ” – Dagny Taggart

Facebook May Pose a Greater Danger Than Wall Street – Ellen Brown

Blatant Election Rigging: Twitter Wants To Make Sure We NEVER Have Another President Like Trump – Michael Snyder

2020 Axis of Evil: Google, Paypal, and G_n Confiscation (VIDEO) – The Patriot Nurse

Bayer purchased Monsanto with European taxpayers’ money – GM Watch

Missing 411 – Examining Unexplained Disappearances In The Wilderness of North America – “I bet you didn’t know that there is an unexplained phenomenon linked to how people are going missing in National parks in the United States. This phenomenon is actually quite common, and there are countless missing cases where absolutely no trace of the person has been found.” – Arjun Walia  – THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR SEVERAL YEARS. THE “COAST TO COAST” PROGRAM HAS HAD GUESTS COVER THIS SEVERAL TIMES!!!!!!

Learning To Recognize and Treating Heat Disorders J- Bob Rodgers

Post-TEOTWAWKI: Groups and Retreats, Pt. 2 – E.M.  – PART 1 PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!



Wall Street Banks, In Drag as Trade Associations, Fight Indictments for Manipulating Precious Metals Markets – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Silver Will Pause Before Going Higher – Chris Vermeulen

What Does Your Toilet Paper Have to Do With Inflation? – “Manufacturers have been engaging in “shrinkflation,” leaving consumers paying more for less, but stealthily.” – Bill Rice Jr

The Fed’s Stealth Stimulus Has Arrived – “It’s not so stealthy.” – Wolf Richter

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.81EUR




Proverbs 3:35   The wise shall inherit glory: but shame shall be the promotion of fools.