Trump Explains What Iran War Would Look Like Under His Watch – Tyler Durden

Trump, Iran, and Anything American – “n a rebound from his last minute cancellation of what would have resulted in the murder of countless Iranians, President Trump went back on the war path Tuesday (at least in oratorical fashion), once threatening murder and mayhem.” – Kurt Nimmo

John Bolton’s Blueprint for War on Iran – Stephen Lendman

Iran Calls Trump RETARDED So Trump Threatens OBLITERATION As Gold And Crypto SOAR!!! (VIDEO) – Press For Truth

How Evil Wins: The Hypocritical Double Standards of Political Outrage – “Please spare me the media hysterics and the outrage and the hypocritical double standards of those whose moral conscience appears to be largely dictated by their political loyalties. Anyone who believes that the injustices, cruelties and vicious callousness of the U.S. government are unique to the Trump Administration has not been paying attention. No matter what the team colors might be at any given moment, the playbook remains the same. The leopard has not changed its spots. Scrape off the surface layers and you will find that the American police state that is continuing to wreak havoc on the rights of the people under the Trump Administration is the same police state that wreaked havoc on the rights of the people under every previous administration.” – John W. Whitehead

Iran Is Ready for War! Is the United States? (VIDEO) – “Iran is ready for war, both in the Middle East and inside the United States with their terrorist cells. Iran may be ready, but the question is, will the United States be ready for war? Here is the story…” – The Common Sense Show

Pro-War Media Wants to Destroy Tucker Carlson for Attacking Ruling Class and Neocons – Amalric de Droevig

Trump’s Foreign Policy: Choosing Enemies Very Selectively – Brian Cloughley

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Dossier 2.0 — Mueller’s ‘Black Cash’ Ledger – Daniel John Sobieski

Survey: Americans Have Remarkably Ignorant Attitude Toward Nukes And North Korea – “The narrative that the use of nuclear bombs was a tragic but necessary means to end World War II is a lie that the US has used its cultural hegemony to circulate around the world, much like the lie that America was mostly responsible for Germany’s defeat and not the USSR.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Breakouts, burns and zingers: What to watch in Dem debates – Laurie Kellman

Republicans want Donald Trump to ignore the Democratic debate fray. He’s making no promises. – John Fritze and Michael Collins,

De Blasio quietly dumping NYC’s homeless on other cities – “So much for “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…” as far as New York mayor Bill de Blasio is concerned.” – Thomas Lifson

White House to Hold Social Media Summit – “Move comes as Facebook and Google are under attack in Washington; Trump claims sites are biased against him” – John D. McKinnon and Catherine Lucey

California on verge of becoming our first ‘third-world’ state as disease, trash, homelessness plague biggest cities – Jon Dougherty

The Dying Days Of An Empire – “The US no longer has the economic, political or military might to dictate to the entire world any terms it wants to. Those days are long gone. That ended in Vietnam. Trump’s living in the last century, while Bolton and Pompeo, they live in their own time and world.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer


The Media Needs To Stop Hiding The Truth About Illegal Immigrant Crime – Dave Seminara

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Google buries search results in escalating attack on all independent health, nutrition and vaccine information – Ethan Huff

Time To Counterpunch Erroneous Pro-Vaccine Hype & Abuse – Catherine J. Frompovich



The Pain Of This New Economic Downturn Is Starting To Show Up All Over The Country – Michael Snyder

The Diminishing American Economy -“Since June 2009 Americans have lived in the false reality of a recovered economy. Various fake news and manipulated statistics have been used to create this false impression. However, indicators that really count have not supported the false picture and were ignored.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Merrill Lynch Caught Criminally Manipulating Precious Metals Market “Thousands Of Times” Over 6 Years – “Remember when it was pure tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory to accuse one or more banks of aggressively, compulsively and systematically manipulating the precious metals – i.e., gold and silver – market? We do, after all we made the claim over and over, while demonstrating clearly just how said manipulation was taking place, often in real time. Well, it’s always good to be proven correct, even if it is years after the fact.” – Tyler Durden  –  AND IT’S STILL GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time for an International Gold Reset – Gary Christenson

The Real Reason the Deep State Hates Russia… And What it Means for Gold – International Man  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!

Inflation Chickens Will Come Home to Roost (VIDEO) with Peter Schiff – Greg Hunter

Wealthy Families Attacking COMEX & LBMA Now, DEMANDING Delivery Of Physical Gold & Silver – “The end game for the gold & silver price suppression is now, and the question is how fast does it play out?” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart




Isaiah 56:10  His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.