Trump Unleashes On Uber-Hawk Bolton: We’d Be Fighting “The Whole World At One Time” – Tyler Durden  – IT’S TIME FOR TRUMP TO CAN BOLTON AND START CLEANING UP HIS OWN “SWAMP”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bolton’s Brazen Iran Lies Never Stop – Daniel Larison

As We Face Armageddon the Western World Is Leaderless – “The moronic warmongers in high office—Bolton, Pompeo, and Pence—and their Israel Lobby masters are determined, and they have not abandoned their campaign for war with Iran. Of course, the liars say that Iran will just accept its punishment for defending its territory and there will be no war. But this is not what Iran says. I believe Iran. Some of the tiny percentage of people in the Western World who are still capable of thought regret that Trump called off the insane plan. They think the consequences would have been the destruction of the Saudi and Israeli governments—two of the most evil in history” – Paul Craig Roberts

Boxed in by Neocons and the Media, Will Trump Launch Iran War? – Ron Paul

Doofus-in-Chief Tries to Make Up for Failing to Start WWIII – “The only conclusion I can reach about Donald Trump is he’s an ignoramus that shouldn’t be anywhere near the White House. This is underscored by a series of tweets he posted on Saturday.” – Kurt Nimmo

As War Drums Beat for Iran, Remember, Lies And Propaganda Started Nearly Every War In US History – Matt Agorist

Supporting War, Deploring Peace, How US Media Operate – “Both extremist right wings of the US war party never met a sovereign independent state it didn’t want to rape and destroy. US media are willing accomplices, supporting what demands denunciation. Today’s key geopolitical issue is whether Trump regime hardliners will get DJT to go along with their rage for war on Iran.” – Stephen Lendman

Provoking Iran Could Start a War and Crash the Entire World Economy – Federico Pieraccini

Russia warns of repeat of 1962 Cuban missile crisis – Reuters

President Trump announces delay of mass immigration raids that were to start Sunday – Phil McCausland and Julia Ainsley

Giving Trump Credit (But Not Too Much) on Iran – Maj. Danny Sjursen

Trump: “Major Additional Sanctions” Coming For Iran Monday – Tyler Durden

Starvation Sanctions Are Worse Than Overt Warfare – “Starvation sanctions kill people. Tens of thousands of Venezuelans have reportedly already died as a result of this administration’s relentless assault on their economy; those human beings are no less dead than they would have been if the US had killed them by dropping cluster bombs on Caracas. Yet these deaths have received virtually no mainstream media coverage, and Americans, while they strongly oppose attacking Iran militarily, have had very little to say about Trump’s attacks on the nation’s economy. The economy which people use to feed their children, to care for their elderly and their sick.” – Caitlin Johnstone

New High in U.S. Say Immigration Most Important Problem – “Americans’ concern with immigration continues to be heightened, as 23% name it the most important problem facing the country. This is by one percentage point the highest Gallup has ever measured for the issue since it first began recording mentions of immigration in 1993.” – Jeffrey M. Jones

Trump Full of Laughs: “Hillary Clinton was a Great Candidate” – Mish


Just like the 1930s, this trade war has the potential to turn nasty – “Echoes of that decade are getting uncomfortably loud as Trump imposes tariffs and the eurozone devalues its currency” – The Guardian


Brazilgate is Turning into Russiagate 2.0 – Pepe Escobar

As the EU Refuses More Migrants, Thousands TRAPPED in the Balkans Are Overwhelming the System – Selco

Global Espionage Attack on Trump Worst in History (VIDEO) with Kevin Shipp – “They used illegal subcontractors . . . so the FBI could spy and abuse the 702’s. That is huge. It’s one of the most vast violations of the Constitution and Title 18 U.S. Code criminal law. . . .This is the biggest espionage story in western history without a doubt.” – Greg Hunter

Deep State Set Up Gen. Flynn To Be Falsely Convicted After He Uncovered Clinton Funding of Global Terrorist Operation – State of the Nation

CRIMES & COVER-UPS (VIDEO) with Donald Jeffries – “In this far reaching conversation we also discuss the liberal agenda to kill free speech and take down President Trump.” – SGT Report

Clapper Hears Barr’s ‘Chilling’ Footsteps – Daniel John Sobieski

Spygate: Trump Holds All the Cards (VIDEO) – The Epoch Times

Does America’s next civil war begin in Oregon? Gov. Kate Brown orders state police to round up Republican lawmakers at gunpoint – Mike Adams

Shocking Before And After Photos Reveal The Truth About The Widespread Crop Failures The U.S. Is Facing In 2019 – Michael Snyder

How Wall Street Colonized the Caribbean – “Scrubbed from the pages of glossy coffeetable books, the history of U.S. imperialism can be found in the archives of Wall Street’s oldest, largest, and most powerful institutions. The expansion of banks such as Citigroup into Cuba, Haiti, and beyond reveal a story of capitalism built on blood, labor, and racial lines.” – Peter James Hudson

All It Took Was Radical Liberal Policies To Turn U.S. ‘Utopian’ Cities Into Hell-Holes – This Is What They Want For America – Susan Duclos

Early Democratic Field Splits Into Two Tiers – “Ahead of the first primary debates this week, Biden, Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, Harris have opened clear lead” – Ken Thomas and Julie Bykowicz

Sanders to propose canceling entire $1.6 trillion in US student loan debt – Jeff Stein

House Party – “As the first of 12 presidential debates blows in at mid-week like an evil patch of bad summer weather, twenty candidates vie for the position of Ole Massa on the Democratic Party plantation, and the air is gravid with bad vibes. One highly-favored entry, Mayor Pete (Buttigieg) of charming South Bend, Indiana, stepped into (and tripped over) a big fresh patty of mule poop over the weekend at a “town hall” ” – James Howard Kunstler

Google’s Chrome Web Browser “Has Become Spy Software” – Tyler Durden

How to Rebel Against Corporate Food (and Why You Should) – Daisy Luther

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Signs 10 Pro-Gun Bills Into Law – Personal Defense World

6 Critical Things To Consider When Building Your Survival Shelter – Survivopedia

Dogs Developed “Sad Puppy Eyes” To Appeal To Humans: Study – Mayukh Saha  – INTERESTING ARTICLE!!!!



THE WOLF STREET REPORT: Stealth Stimulus Has Arrived – Wolf Richter

The Dollar Decline – Martin Armstrong

Credit Card and Student Loan Debt Magnify the American Economic Downward Spiral! (VIDEO) – The Money GPS

What is Money? – “At the opposite end of the spectrum to fiat currencies is sound money or hard money which retains its value over time. Whereas fiat currencies are not backed by anything tangible, hard money in the form of commodity currencies and commodity-backed currencies are backed by tangible assets of value. Examples of commodity currencies would be precious metals coinage circulating as money, in gold or silver coins of known weights. Circulating precious metals monies have inherent value precisely because they are minted from precious metals which have inherent value.” – Torgny Persson  – GOOD EXPLANATION!!!!

Gold Giving A Major Warning Signal And Silver Coiling For An Explosion To $66 – Egon von Greyerz

VERY IMPORTANT WEEK FOR GOLD: Where Is The Price Heading? – Steve St. Angelo  – ⬆️

Guardians of money bristle at Zuckerberg’s new financial order – “Led by the social network with more users than the combined population of China and the U.S., the project represents a potential challenge that the guardians of money have never faced: a global currency they neither control nor manage” – Alastair Marsh

Everything You Are Being Told About Saving & Investing Is Wrong – Part 2 Written – Lance Roberts  – PART 1 PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.31EUR




Revelation 6:8   And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.