Trump calls off tariffs after Mexico vows to tighten borders – Roberta Rampton and Diego Oré

Mexico now doing more to secure the U.S. border than House Democrats – “How is this for a sorry state of affairs?” – Monica Showalter

Trump’s Tariffs Have Already Wiped Out Tax Bill Savings for Average Americans Bloomberg – Laura Davison

Mueller’s entire report is a fabrication as lie after lie unearthed: Key ‘Russian’ figure actually a State Department intel source – “It is becoming more apparent by the day to all except hard-core Democrat voters that Robert Mueller a) was never really the ‘stand-up guy’ and Boy Scout he was made out to be; and b) that the report he filed with the Justice Department to close out his special counsel probe of POTUS Donald Trump was pure garbage.” – Jon Dougherty

Shocking New Poll Hints Most Americans Are Petrified Of Learning The Truth About The Deep Corruption Within Long Trusted Institutions Such As The MSM, FBI And The DOJ – “If Hillary Clinton & Deep State Crooks Aren’t Prosecuted, America Never Returns To ‘The Rule Of Law’ ” – Stefan Stanford

When the Journalists Ganged Up on Assange They Ganged Up on Themselves – Paul Craig Roberts

People Who Support Internet Censorship Are Infantile Narcissists – Caitlin Johnstone

YouTube and the War on Truth – Gordon Duff

YouTube, Facebook Purges Are More Extensive Than You Think – “Legitimate journalists are again being caught in the wash of internet cleanups” – Matt Taibbi

The Trust Project: Big Media and Silicon Valley’s Weaponized Algorithms Silence Dissent – “Given the Trust Project’s rich-get-richer impact on the online news landscape, it is not surprising to find that it is funded by a confluence of tech oligarchs and powerful forces with a clear stake in controlling the flow of news.” – Whitney Webb

Democratic Candidates Swarm Iowa for Biggest Face-Off to Date – Misyrlena Egkolfopoulou

Bernie & Joe: Two Old White Males Take the Lead – Patrick J. Buchanan


AOC Gets Schooled On ‘Domestic Terrorism’ By FBI Official At Hearing – Sara Carter

Going Where, Exactly? – “Socialism might seem to be the answer to all this unfairness and indignity. And naturally it focuses on the two activities that have turned into the worst rackets in America: higher education and health care, a.k.a. “Eds and Meds.” Both are now cruel bloated parodies of what they used to be, turning their customers into debt serfs and bankrupts, apart from their dismal failures of basic mission: to prepare developing minds for reality and to “first do no harm.”” – James Howard Kunstler  – GOOD AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Putin Warns The West, His Words AGAIN Fall on Deaf Ears! (VIDEO) – Russia Insight

Theresa May Steps Down as Tory Party Leader: Step 1 of a Big 2-Stage Flush – Mish

US Billionaire Tries to Nullify Soviet Role in WWII Victory – “Without the immense sacrifices by the USSR, Hitler would almost certainly have won WWII and Americans be living under Nazi rule, but the owner of that ‘investments’-firm airbrushes Russia totally out of the Allies’ victory.” – Eric Zuesse

Britain a ‘United’ Kingdom How Much Longer? – “They were the elections that weren’t supposed to take place, but wound up proving highly significant for British politics. By now the U.K. should have divorced itself from the EU under Prime Minister Theresa May’s promise of “Brexit means Brexit.”” – Johanna Ross

Germany Slides Towards Instability – Tom Luongo

Trump Regime in Bed With the Devil to Topple Maduro – “Its coup plot to topple President Maduro failed, achieving nothing but harshness inflicted on ordinary Venezuelans — showing contempt for people its hardliners claim to support.” – Stephen Lendman

More Than 4 Million Venezuelans Have Now Fled The Country – Tyler Durden

With Venezuela in collapse, towns slip into primitive isolation – Corina Pons

Warlords and Criminals Preying On The Innocent – Rory Hall

“The Skid Is Everywhere”, And We Just Received More Confirmation That The Worst Is Yet To Come – “All over America, large portions of our major cities are being transformed into stomach-churning cesspools of squalor.” – Michael Snyder

It’s time for America to declare “D-Day” against the evil tech monopolists and their war against human rights – Mike Adams

Tropical downpours to unleash 12 inches over flood-weary south-central US – Alex Sosnowski

Southern California earthquake swarm takes an unexpected turn, and that’s reason to worry – Rong-Gong Lin II

‘Biggest Animal Disease Outbreak We’ve Ever Had on the Planet’: Swine Fever Spreads Like Wildfire Across Asia – “We have no way to stop it from spreading.” – Julia Conley

Truth, Lies and Inflation – Gary Christenson

CBP Claims Its Airport Facial Recognition Isn’t A Surveillance Program; FBI Has 640M Photos According To Watchdog; Congress Wants Rules – “The Customs And Border Protection (CBP) has hilariously claimed that its facial recognition in airports across the U.S. isn’t a surveillance program, Nextgov reported. Meanwhile, a government watchdog organization has made the horrifying claim that the FBI has 640 million photographs it can rummage through by utilizing facial recognition technology.” – Aaron Kesel

What Would It Take to Spark a Rural/Small-Town Revival? – “Recent research supports the idea that this under-the-radar migration is already under way.” – Charles Hugh Smith

The Fed’s Glue-Sniffing Announcement Yesterday Involving JPMorgan Chase – “In other words, while JPMorgan Chase continues to be fined for serial crimes and while it is potentially exposed to new criminal investigations and charges by the U.S. Department of Justice, the Federal Reserve has concluded it has reformed itself. Welcome to the alternative reality of Federal bank regulation.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Amazon Gets Booted by FedEx – “Ecommerce is drawing up new battle lines – in the transportation sector.” – Wolf Richter

5Ggate: A Political and Financial Scandal of Epic Proportions – State of the Nation

Why Is The Measles Narrative Changing? – “Question! Did you have “wild measles” as a kid, not the measles strain found in Big Pharma measles vaccines? I certainly did; that was in the 1940s, when Moms took their kids to “measles parties” so their children could contract a childhood “rite of passage,” immune system strengthening, infectious disease to acquire life-long immunity.” – Catherine J. Frompovich

CBD Dosing: How Much Should You Take? – Lisa Egan

Nuclear Radiation Shielding Protection – Ken Jorgustin

How To Make Charcoal At Home – Bob Rodgers

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