13 dead, including gunman, in shooting at Virginia Beach Municipal Center – Sara Gregory, Jane Harper and Alissa Skelton   – A BLACK MAN WITH A HANDGUN. HMMM… THAT WON’T FIT THE NARRATIVE OF A WHITE SUPREMACIST WITH A SO-CALLED AUTOMATIC RIFLE. THIS WILL GO UNTOUCHED OR COVERED VERY LITTLE BY CNN, MSNBC, ETC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Suppressor Eh? – “This will wind up being one of those incidents that gets memory-holed fast because it is proof that there is literally no set of background checks, no set of “qualifications” and no “extraordinary list” of people who are good enough. Whoever this guy was he was squeaky-clean at federal, state and local levels. He obtained sign-offs not just from the BATFE but also from local law enforcement. He not only paid a crazy tax on a piece of metal that cannot hurt anyone, voluntarily, he also submitted to the investigative equivalent to a digital rectal exam conducted by the Federal Government — and passed. Further, he didn’t use something “extraordinary” (in gun-grabber’s views) either. He used an ordinary, garden-variety .45 caliber pistol.” – Karl Denninger  – WELL SAID, KARL!!!!!!!!!!

No Agreement is Safe With Trump! (And Trump Just Proved It) – “Trump infuriated Mexico and Canada smack in the midst of attempting to get Congressional approval for USMCA, his NAFTA replacement. The interesting detail of Trump’s latest tariff madness is that Trump went against the advice of his top trade adviser.” – Mish

While US Farms Are Dealing with Natural Disasters, Trump Slapped Tariffs on the Countries We Import the Rest of Our Food From – “There’s little doubt that the US is headed into a food crisis. Here’s the bottom line.” – Daisy Luther

Mueller and Obstruction of Justice – “By refusing to go after the real colluders with Russia who committed real crimes, it is Robert Mueller who was obstructing justice. The irony was that Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn was charged with and plead guilty to making false statements to the FBI. By his own standards Robert Mueller was guilty of making “false statements” in his parting gift to Democrat impeachment seekers.” – Daniel John Sobieski

Mueller Attack on Trump, NEW Docs Show FBI Gave Clinton Special Treatment, & More! (VIDEO) – Judicial Watch

What a Hash Mueller Made of It – Patrick J. Buchanan

Congressman says MSNBC won’t let anyone on unless they talk about impeachment – Monica Showalter

The UN Torture Report On Assange Is An Indictment Of Our Entire Society – Caitlin Johnstone

Lawlessness – “With the news that Julian Assange is “wasting away” in Belmarsh prison hospital, and with UN rapporteur Professor Nils Melzer’s report detailing how this happens, I’m once again drawn towards the lawlessness that all “authorities” involved in his case have been displaying, and with impunity. They all apparently think they are literally above the law. Their own laws. But they can’t be, nowhere, not above their respective national laws nor the international ones their countries have signed up to. They can’t, because that would instantly make any and all laws meaningless. So you tell me where we find ourselves today.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

OPEN BORDERS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: A Highly Organized Communist Plot to Destroy the USA – State of the Nation

Trump Declares War On Silicon Valley: DoJ Launches Google Anti-Monopoly Probe – Tyler Durden

Google Should Be Afraid. Very Afraid. – Shira Ovide

Facebook lawyer says users ‘have no expectation of privacy’ – “There is no invasion of privacy at all, because there is no privacy” – Mikael Thalen

The Economy Continues To Deteriorate – “Trump’s trade advisor, Peter Navarro, was on CNBC today asserting that the economy was expanding at an unprecedented rate. Either Navarro is tragically ignorant or an egregious liar. Either way he looks like an idiot to those us who study the real numbers and understand the truth.” – Dave Kranzler

Slowing Economy, Plunging Stocks Are Forcing The Fed’s Hand – John Rubino

Dow 25,000! Oops… – Wolf Richter

As Smoke Clears on EU Elections: CFR Highlights Nationalist-Globalist Clash – “Of course, we wouldn’t expect the CFR double-domes to admit that the so-called horror and chaos that Britain has been experiencing for the past three years has resulted not from Brexit, but from the sabotage of Brexit by the globalists of the CFR and their COC sister organizations, who have been determined from the start to insure that the Brexit never actually happens.” – William F. Jasper

Salvini Faces a Political Minefield After EU Elections – Tom Luango

Russiagate is #1 threat to US national security – “War with Russia could easily break out if the US insists on pursuing the policy of “demonization” that birthed Russiagate instead of returning to detente and cooperation, New York University professor emeritus of Russian history Stephen Cohen argues on Chris Hedges’ On Contact” – RT

Brainwashing in Action: Pence Hails Virtue of ‘Certain War’ – Finian Cunningham

Pompeo, North Korea, and the Empire of Lies – Kurt Nimmo

China expanding internationalization of their RMB currency as Portugal becomes first Eurozone nation to sell Yuan denominated bonds – Ken Schortgen

The Limits of American Destructiveness – “US foreign policy has always been directed at wrecking anything that wasn’t deemed sufficiently American and replacing it with something more acceptable—especially if that something allowed wealth to flow into the US from the outside. ” – Dmitry Orlov

The Passage of the Equality and the TAPS Acts Marks the Rollout of the 4th Reich – Dave Hodges

Street Level Surveillance: Top 4 Ways They’re Spying on You (VIDEO) – Tenth Amendment Center

Is the individual obsolete? – “Progressives want to dilute the concept of individualism, but that’s antithetical to America’s premise.” – George F. Will  – GOOD OP-ED!!!!

Dear Candidates: Here Is What White Men Want – Jim Quinn

Huge Tech Company Announces It Won’t Work with Companies That Sell Guns and Gun Accessories – Teresa Mull

New York City trying to “liberate” teachers from their “whiteness” – Simon Black


The FUTURE Of Silver & The CRASH To Come! – What Does History Tell Us? (VIDEO) with David Morgan – World Alternative Media




Psalm 101:4   A froward heart shall depart from me: I will not know a wicked person.