Technotyranny: The Iron-Fisted Authoritarianism of the Surveillance State – “Red pill or blue pill? You decide. Most people opt for the red pill. In our case, the red pill—a one-way ticket to a life sentence in an electronic concentration camp—has been honey-coated to hide the bitter aftertaste, sold to us in the name of expediency and delivered by way of blazingly fast Internet, cell phone signals that never drop a call, thermostats that keep us at the perfect temperature without our having to raise a finger, and entertainment that can be simultaneously streamed to our TVs, tablets and cell phones. Yet we are not merely in thrall with these technologies that were intended to make our lives easier. We have become enslaved by them.” – John W. Whitehead  – ANOTHER EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Deep State Has Been Running America Since the 1920s, a Few Vignettes – “What history books do not tell us” – Richard Galustian

AG Barr Battles Intel Community And FBI. Illegal Surveillance Had Been Going On For Years. – Sara Carter

Stop Hoping That The Swamp Will Drain The Swamp – “Having the swamp of Trump’s Justice Department investigate the swamp of Obama’s intelligence community isn’t going to lead anywhere. Swamp creature Bill “Iran-Contra coverup” Barr isn’t going to be draining the swamp any more than swamp creature Robert “Saddam has WMDs” Mueller. The swamp cannot be used to drain itself.” – Caitlin Johnstone

SUPER-STAGED PRESSER: Dirty Cop Mueller Forced Into Today’s Press Conference by Deep State to Provide False Pretext for Impeachment – “This was the main purpose behind the fraudulent Mueller investigation…” – State of the Nation

Robert Mueller is a Sleazy, Shameful, Partisan Hack – “What he did Wednesday morning was his final IED tossed at the President to placate his Democrat overlords who desperately want to impeach Trump. But for what? Mueller gave no list of felonies in his report nor did he detail any crimes of which Trump is even amorphously guilty.” – Patricia McCarthy

‘Putin has a Mueller pee tape!’ Waiting for the most insane takes from Special Counsel’s statement – RT

Abolish the FBI – “As a libertarian, let me make my position clear with respect to the FBI: It should be abolished, not reformed or reined in. That’s because in a free society there is no national police force.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Funny how no one wants to look into that report that Omar married her brother… – Monica Showalter

Julian Assange’s Gravely Deteriorating Health – “In cahoots with the Trump regime, Britain is killing him slowly, Sweden complicit in the assault on his rights and well-being by demanding his extradition on phony rape and sexual abuse charges.” – Stephen Lendman

In Today’s Politics Messages Are Sent But Rarely Read – “This weekend’s European Parliamentary elections sent a lot of messages around the continent. The Euroskeptics gained while at the same time, their threat was met with a similar show of support for the European project. The message was clear. The European Union isn’t working for many of the people in specific countries around Europe. From the U.K. to Hungary, Italy to Poland, there is a hardening of the dissatisfaction with the direction Brussels is going. But is anyone there listening? No.” – Tom Luango

Europe in Irreversible Decay, EU Elections are Proof of It! – Andre Vltchek

Putin submits bill on suspension of INF Treaty – RT

China Accuses US Of “Naked Economic Terrorism,” Will “Fight Until The End” – Tyler Durden

Our Jobs Were Offshored, Not Stolen By China – Paul Craig Roberts

Stripped of Their Rights: Understanding the Gaza Strip – Rima Najjar

The Welfare State is Tearing Sweden Apart – Jon Nylander

Washington’s Mighty Warriors: Draft Dodgers and Scoundrels – “The psychopaths in the White House have been pretending that the United States “and its allies” are being threatened by Iran, a ridiculous conceit in and of itself as the Persians are hugely outgunned by the local U.S. presence as well as by the weapons in place in the region in the hands of the Saudis and Israelis.” – Philip Giraldi

Yes, My Fellow Soldiers Died in Vain – Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)

American Chernobyl – “The United States has entered it’s terminal phase and most of it’s citizens are as blithely unaware of this reality as they were of the impending dissolution of the Soviet system in the late 1980’s.” – Hardscrabble Farmer

Chris Cuomo Steps into Twitter Minefield After Criticizing Rape Victim’s Pro-Gun Video – Daisy Luther

Why ‘the Left’ is Not Prepping – Especially given their Fear of Trump – “The prepper industry has been largely comprised of conservative-minded people. Even before the Trump thing. Isn’t that interesting? Does this all simply boil down to the apparent fact that ‘the mindset of the left’ is generally that of dependence, whereas the attitude of ‘the right’ is more independent and self reliant?” – Ken Jorgustin

Illinois House Votes To Make It Harder For Poor Gun Owners – “The bill also requires applicants for FOID cards to be fingerprinted.” – Tom Knighton  – I THOUGHT CRIMINALS WERE FINGERPRINTED FOR COMMITTING CRIMES, NOT LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE OUTRAGE AND ANOTHER ASSAULT ON THE 2ND AMMENDMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s What Tolerance For Sexual Deviancy Has Reaped – Erik Rush

Mainstream Media Normalizing Pedophilia in Reality Show, Calling it “Age Gap Love” – Matt Agorist


Police To Use TSA-Style Scanners To Spy On People In Public Places – MassPrivateI

From chicken to tomatoes, here’s why American food is hurting you – “The recent news about glyphosate and cancer only highlights a broader problem with our system: our obsession with killing the natural world is poisoning us” – Maria Rodale

5G: Great Tech or Great Threat? – ANH-USA

GMOs — Top five concerns for family farmers – Farm Aid Fact Sheet

Manuka Honey Better At Killing Respiratory Infections Than Antibiotics – Natural Blaze

Silver – Eight Years Later – “Eight years ago, silver reached $48 per ounce. COMEX changed the margin requirements, and others dumped thousands of paper contracts on the COMEX market to smash prices lower. They succeeded, as usual. Old news! As they say, “Wash, rinse and repeat.”” -Gary Christenson

Silver is the most manipulated market out there (and for a reason) – J. Johnson

6 Tested Tips For Your Self-Sustaining Garden – Francesca Singer

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.21EUR




Proverbs 17:20   He that hath a froward heart findeth no good: and he that hath a perverse tongue falleth into mischief.