Are We on the Ramp to Impeachment Road? – “And if Trump believes, not without reason, that Pelosi’s caucus is out to kill his presidency, should he cooperate with the co-conspirators or use all of the actual and latent powers of his office to repel them?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

‘We’re not at that place’: Pelosi gets breathing room on impeachment – “The speaker heads into recess having tamped down growing calls to remove Trump from office.” – Heather Caygle and Sarah Ferris

Trump Orders FBI, CIA To “Fully Cooperate” With Barr; Grants “Full And Complete Authority To Declassify” – Tyler Durden

The Golem Strikes Back – “There’s perhaps a lot to dislike about Donald J. Trump, US President No. 45. Even so, the bad faith of his antagonists exceeds even Mr. Trump’s defects and vices. The plot they concocted to get rid of him failed. And, yes, it was a plot, even a coup. And they fucked it up magnificently, leaving a paper trail as wide as Interstate-95. Now all that paper is about to fall over the District of Columbia like radioactive ash, turning many current and former denizens of rogue agencies into the walking dead as they embark on the dismal journey between the grand juries and the federal prisons.” – James Howard Kunstler    – YOU JUST GOT TO LOVE MR KUNSTLER’S INSIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time Is Short And As The Nooses Tighten Around Their Necks, Deep State Rats Are Scurrying For Cover – Susan Duclos

Trump Hoax Investigation Heats Up, China Trade War is On, Crop Trouble (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Trump Is Guilty of Obstruction (of the New World Order) (VIDEO) – The Common Sense Show

Academic Elitists Have Invented A New Way To Rig Voting In The Future – Brandon Smith

CIA Whistleblower: Assange Is Going To Get Railroaded By “Hanging” Judge – Tyler Durden

Spurious US 18-Count Indictment of Julian Assange: A Mockery of Justice – Stephen Lendman

Professional Assange Smearers Finally Realize His Fate Is Tied To Theirs – “Wow. Make no mistake, this is a hugely significant development. This isn’t just some columnist for the New York Times or the Guardian, this is Rachel effing Maddow, the Queen Mother of all tinfoil pussyhat-wearing Russiagate insanity. Now that she’s recognized that this could actually hurt her and her network directly, she’s finally feeding her audience a different narrative out of sheer enlightened self-interest.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – TWO EXCELLENT ARTICLES FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Many Times Must Assange Be Proven Right Before People Start Listening? – “For the first time in the history of our country, the government has brought criminal charges under the Espionage Act against a publisher for the publication of truthful information,” reads a statement by the ACLU. “This is a direct assault on the First Amendment.” – Caitlin Johnstone


Don’t Let The Global Chaos Snuff You Out – Corey Lynn

“It Takes A Village” Democrat Marxist Nannyism is Creating a Generation of Village Idiots (VIDEO) – Conservative Resurgence

WHAT IS MITT ROMNEY DOING IN THE SENATE? – “President Trump laid out a vision, ran on it and is fighting to implement it. Romney is scolding him. America doesn’t need scolds. It needs leaders.” – Daniel Greenfield

Presidential Hopeful John Hickenlooper Wants National Gun Licensing System – Teresa Mull

Dems introduce “Disarm Hate Act” they would use to take guns away from ALL Trump supporters – J. D. Heyes

Sanctuary City Defends Releasing Illegal Alien MS-13 Accused Murderers: ‘A Detainer Is Not a Warrant’ – John Binder

Superbugs and the Ultimate Economic Weapon: Food – “The food-exporting superpowers are easy to identify.” – Charles Hugh Smith

The Great Unraveling Has Arrived: Nightmare That Never Ends For Agriculture Industry Leading To Devastating Food Shortages – “The collapse of the systems that have long provided life upon our planet are accelerating due to man’s attempt to ‘play God’ with the weather” – Stefan Stanford

Market Sends Scary Signals; Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow Forecasts Anemic 1.3% Growth – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Prepare for Hard Brexit: Theresa May Resigns, EU Schedules Emergency Meeting – Mish

Macron demands Brexit ‘rapid clarification’ as May’s reisignation prompts EU anxiety – RT

Jade Helm and its Repercussions – “Back in 2015, a bizarre controversy began. The Pentagon began what they called a “training exercise” which put hundreds of special operations troops in small towns pretending to “infiltrate” communities. The backlash turned America upside down and, today, Russia is being blamed. The end result, as to how it applied at the time, and today as well, to internet media and independent reporting and analysis is catastrophic in its impact. An investigation has revealed that the hysteria mongering involving Jade Helm, something we will get into here, was orchestrated by what overtly appears to be a web of FBI, CIA and financial groups, operating in unison, for some purpose. Events over the subsequent four years have helped put that purpose into focus.” – Gordon Duff

Would you let Amazon 3D-scan your body for a $25 gift card? – “Amazon has already amassed a staggering amount of data about its customers. But this is a tech giant, so it should be no surprise the company wants to know even more about you” – Michael Grothaus

Contrary to so much false reporting, 5G has NOT been canceled by Trump nor has it’s harmful effects been eliminated – “5G is currently undergoing a large-scale military deployment nationwide.” – State of the Nation

Of Course FCC Employees Support T-Mobile–Sprint Merger. They Also Blame Russia for American 5G Opposition When Telecoms Won’t Say 5G is Safe. – B.N. Frank

DARPA’s 5G End Game for Humanity – Part of #Agenda21 – Excerpted from Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation – Dean and Jill Henderson

Hints of gold returning as sound money as Trump readies new Gold Standard Fed Governor while Congressman submits bill to audit gold supply – Ken Schortgen  – TRUMP BETTER WATCH HIS BACK AS HE IS BEGINNING TO PISS OFF BOTH THE NEOCONS AND THE BANKSTERS. WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENS THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 Things To Do When A Stranger Knocks On Your Door – Ken Jorgustin




Proverbs 8:1  Doth not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice?