What Putin and Pompeo did not talk about – “The real deal was, in fact, not Putin-Pompeo or Pompeo-Lavrov in Sochi. It was actually Lavrov-Wang Yi (the Chinese Foreign Minister), the day before in Moscow.” – Pepe Escobar

Saudi paper urges US ‘surgical strikes’ on Iran – AP  – SO ARE WE GOING TO KISS THE SAUDI’S ASSES ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That Time John Bolton Said It’s Good To Lie About War – “Take everything you hear about Iran with a planet-sized grain of salt, dear reader, and everything you hear about Venezuela too while we’re on the subject. There are skillful manipulators who are hell bent on toppling the governments of those nations, and they have absolutely no problem whatsoever with deceiving you in order to facilitate that. And they don’t believe the rules apply to them” – Caitlin Johnstone

Neocons Say Iran Positioning Missiles Against US in Iraq – “Left out of this is the fact the US illegally invaded Iraq and continues to have occupation troops and bases in the country.” – Kurt Nimmo

Pentagon Puts Forces in Iraq on High Alert Over a Nonexistent Iranian Threat – “The only threats faced by US military, diplomatic, and other personnel are invented. No real ones exist, regionally or elsewhere, accept in active war zones, conflicts the US began.” – Stephen Lendman

Bolton in Wonderland – “John Bolton has a Haig-sized ego. He aspires to control the ebb and flow of foreign policy in the Trump administration. Recently, Bolton too seemed to have his “I’m in control here” moment.” – John Feffer

What 50 Countries are Backing Guaidó? Who Knows? Who Cares? If the Media Say It Enough It Must Be True – Dave Lindorff

Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea’s Nukes – “After all, does anyone really think that Kim isn’t watching what “America First” Trump and Cold War dead-enders Bolton, Pompeo, and Abrams are doing to Iran and Venezuela? They are provoking the regimes in both countries, hoping and praying that their officials screw up and provide a pretext for flattening them and their citizenry with a carpet-bombing campaign, just as they did with Iraq and Afghanistan.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Iran Is Not a Major Sponsor of Terrorism, Not Even Close – Larry C Johnson

Global Persecution of Christians On the Rise – Center for Self Governance

Farage & Gabbard — Lions of the Great Realignment – “Tulsi Gabbard will collect a lot of voters sick to death of our foreign policy destroying the lives of millions, draining our spirit and emptying our pockets. You can see it happening, slowly… and then all at once.” – Tom Luango

Brexit backlash? Britain’s Farage sets sight on European election and beyond – Reuters

Congress v Trump – Have They Destroyed the Constitution? – Martin Armstrong

Comey says BRENNAN was the one who ‘insisted’ that bogus Steele dossier be added to intel community’s ‘Russian collusion’ assessment – “As we reported yesterday and this morning, the deep state rats are beginning to turn on each other as Attorney General William Barr and staff begin probing into the origins of the “Russian collusion” and “Spygate” investigations, the surest sign yet that Barr’s efforts are real and the co-conspirators know it.”- Jon Dougherty

The Liberal Freakout Has Begun – Newly Revealed Information Shows The Deep State Is In Deep Trouble As They Start Turning Against Each Other – Susan Duclos

America Will Lose The Trade War Because That Is What Globalists Want To Happen – “Times of great political and social crisis can almost always be linked back to a common root cause – false paradigms.” – Brandon Smith  – GOOD ARTICLE AS USUAL FROM BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If The Chinese Were Upset Before, Now They Are Going To Be Absolutely Furious After Trump’s Latest Move -Michael Snyder

Americans Really Need To Stop Capitulating To The Leftist’s Foolishness – “The recent revelation of a popular children’s cartoon character as a homosexual male creature about to “marry” another homosexual male creature seemed to be a good jumping-off point for some observations on social norms in America (such as they are) and the wholesale denial and delusion that currently permeate cyberspace and the airwaves.” – Tim Brown

Now Is The Time To Take These Communist Seriously – “The communist, currently flying the flag of socialist, will turn the U.S. into a 3rd world country if they continue to gain seats in the local government. Look at Gavin Newsome, Governor of California and the program he has instituted. Can you imagine this going nation wide?” – Rory Hall

Kamala Harris Calls for Banning AR-15s – “Kamala Harris is trying to one-up her fellow Democratic presidential contenders by announcing she would invoke executive action to ban the import of AR-15s.” – Teresa Mull

NM Governor Who Left Border Open over Trump’s “Charade of Fear-Mongering” — Sees Illegals Flood Across Border, Then Buses Them to Denver – Jim Hoft

The Social Security Black Hole Has Arrived – “Social Insecurity and Medican’t” – Andrew Moran

My 65 Years as a Free Writer — And Censorship – “Why did they censor me? Was it my articles about toxic vaccines, about freedom of the individual vs. the State, about the CIA, about Obama, about Trump, about political liars, about medical drugs killing millions of people? Lots to choose from. Who really cares what it was exactly? It was CENSORSHIP.” – Jon Rappoport  – AS REPORTED EARLIER THIS WEEK, JON’S EXCELLENT BLOG WAS TAKEN DOWN

Gardasil Vaccine on Trial: Attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Exposes Merck Corruption – Health Impact New

Here’s Why You Can’t Trust the Federal Reserve’s Financial Stability Report – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

April Retail Sales Soiled The Bed Sheets – “Perhaps the perma-bullish Wall Street analysts should contribute to retail sales by stocking up on Depends” – Dave Kranzler

Green Revolution Nonsense: Corbyn Wants to Nationalize UK National Energy Grid – Mish

Does The NY Times Want Us All Dead? ‘Gray Lady’ Blames Russia For ‘5G Economic Warfare’ While Launching Massive Cover-up Of Proven 5G Health Dangers – “The NY Times has fallen to new lows.” – Stefan Stanford  – THEY SEEM TO DO THAT ON A DAILY BASIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Auto Loan Delinquencies Approaching Great Recession Peak – Peter Schiff

10 Prepper Uses for Safety Pins – “The humble safety pin has more prepper uses than you would think.” – Jeremiah Johnson

Why President Trump’s Signing of ‘Range Bill’ Is a Big Win for Gun Owners – Personal Defense World

6 Survival Skills to Practice Regularly – Apartment Prepper

How To Use Small Spaces For Your Container Garden – Lisa Tanner

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.89EUR




Isaiah 58:11  And the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.