Which Federal Agencies were Involved in Targeting President Trump–& How Did They Do It? (VIDEO) – Judicial Watch

Barr Assigns U.S. Attorney in Connecticut to Review Origins of Russia Inquiry – Adam Goldman, Charlie Savage and Michael S. Schmidt

Trey Gowdy Offers Tip To Republicans: ‘Look For Emails Between Brennan And Comey’ – “It is even worse than what you described” – Chuck Ross

Congressman Drops Coup Bombshells: ‘America Brought To Brink Of Disaster’ – Warns If Coup Plotters Not Held Accountable, ‘We’re Not Going To Last Much Longer’ – Stefan Stanford

Bombshell Blackout: Obama Accepted AT LEAST 21.6 Million in FOREIGN Donations for 2012 Re-Election – Dean Garrison

Washington Heats Up Its Cold War in the Arctic – “US Secretary of State Pompeo continues to travel the world, creating alarm, resentment and irritation almost everywhere. He maintained his lamentable reputation for crass rudeness by cancelling a meeting with Germany’s Chancellor Merkel on May 8 in order to go to Iraq, apparently to try to justify Washington’s despatch of nuclear-capable B-52H bombers and an aircraft carrier battle group to menace Iran.” – Brian Cloughley

War Media Blames Iran for Tanker Attacks – “It was obvious from the moment the alleged attack on oil tankers harbored at Fujairah hit the news cycle that it is yet another feeble false flag operation to get mass murder rolling in Iran. ” – Kurt Nimmo

Iran says Trump playing ‘very dangerous game’ and risking ‘devastating war’ – Kim Hjelmgaard

And So It Begins: Iran Blamed For Attack On Saudi Oil Tankers – Pentagon Plan Would Send “120,000 Troops To The Middle East” – Michael Snyder

Leaked Document Pokes More Holes In Establishment Syria Narrative – “If you still believe at this point that the Syrian government dropped poison gas on Douma last year, then I’ve got some Iraqi WMDs to sell you.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Macro Update – Gold, Bitcoin and the Gigantic Global Debt Bubble – “Today’s the first day in a long time financial markets appear willing to at least consider the reality of the geopolitical situation on the ground for what it is, as opposed to what most people would like it to be. The U.S. and China were never going to sign a trade deal and blissfully return to the ways things were. That world is over. We now find ourselves in the very early days of a historic struggle to influence the future.” – Michael Krieger

US farmers who sell to China feel pain of Beijing’s tariffs – David Pitt

TRADE WAR NUCLEAR OPTION: China Set To Dump $1 TRILLION Of US Govt Debt & Buy Gold – “So is this a total game changer? First, understand the game. And what happens to it. When it changes. It’s coming. Oh my. Stack accordingly…” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Tariffs: The Taxes That Made America Great – “A tariff is a tax, but its purpose is not just to raise revenue but to make a nation economically independent of others, and to bring its citizens to rely upon each other rather than foreign entities.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Britain’s Brexit Armageddon – Matthew Jamison

Is there a Way Out of the US-Turkey Deadlock – Martin Berger

The Lies About World War II – Paul Craig Roberts

Drivers Beware: The Deadly Perils of Traffic Stops in the American Police State – “You’ve read enough news stories, seen enough headlines, and lived in the American police state long enough to be anxious about any encounter with a cop that takes place on the side of the road. For better or worse, from the moment you’re pulled over, you’re at the mercy of law enforcement officers who have almost absolute discretion to decide who is a threat, what constitutes resistance, and how harshly they can deal with the citizens they were appointed to “serve and protect.” This is what I call “blank check policing,” in which the police get to call all of the shots. So if you’re nervous about traffic stops, you have every reason to be.” – John W. Whitehead

Police Now Going Undercover as Construction Workers To Write More Tickets – Matt Agorist

So journalists now care about the Constitution and abuses of power? – “The mainstream media is making a big deal about its supposed fealty to the Constitution and it’s dedication to exposing all ‘abuses of power.’ What a crock. Where were these people from 2009 to 2016? Start with the strongarm muscled-through passage of Obamacare back in 2010. President Obama used far from orthodox methods to find the funding for it. The press is yelling now about how President Trump is seeking to shift funds around for a wall at the border.” – Jack Hellner

Burnout Nation – “The economic and financial stresses will exceed the workforce’s carrying capacity in the next recession.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Amazon Will Put UPS Out of Business – Mish

Socialism has Robbed the Economic Future of Millennials – “All of the programs have been based upon a Ponzi scheme from Social Security to Obamacare. The entire foundation of socialism is constructed on taking other people’s money. Naturally, they always point the finger at the rich. But the social programs are really based upon one generation paying for the previous.” – Martin Armstrong

WHY FREEDOM OF SPEECH SHOULD APPLY TO GOOGLE, FACEBOOK AND THE INTERNET – “Americans paid to create the internet; they deserve Freedom of Speech on it.” – Daniel Greenfield

Internet Advertising Crushes TV. 3 Companies Hog 70%. Opaque “Ad Tech” Middlemen Take Big Slice. Publisher Hung Out to Dry – “Google, Facebook, and Amazon rule internet advertising.” – Wolf Richter

THE SINISTER REASON MILLENNIALS ARE BROKE & UNHAPPY: IT ISN’T JUST STUDENT LOAN DEBT – “Millellinials are making incredibly poor financial decisions because of social media.” – Mac Slavo


5G: Where Does It Come In On The EMF Spectrum? – Catherine J. Frompovich

Measles, Masterminds & Millions Part 4 – Corey Lynn  – GREAT SERIES OF ARTICLES FROM COREY. THE FIRST THREE HAVE ALREADY BEEN LINKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Killing 20 Babies a Year and Infecting Tens of Thousands: Measles? No – Whooping Cough – Spread by Vaccinated – Brian Shilhavy

Sex, Birth Control, and Beyond For SHTF – Samantha Biggers

Gold And Silver May Be Setting Up For A Big Move – Dave Kranzler

Hints of gold returning as sound money as Trump readies new Gold Standard Fed Governor while Congressman submits bill to audit gold supply – Ken Schortgen

16+ Items You Must Have When Leaving Your Home – Bill White

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.88EUR




Psalm 72:4  He shall judge the poor of the people, he shall save the children of the needy, and shall break in pieces the oppressor.





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