BREAKING! Trump asserts executive privilege as House Judiciary Committee prepares to hold Barr in contempt – Mike Memoli, Alex Moe, Jamie Knodel and Rebecca Shabad – THE DEMS WILL LOVE THAT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Economic Warfare Man Strikes Again – “It’s getting tiresome watching Donald Trump’s bipolar presidency. It seems he can’t let a day go by without making some massive announcement to raise tariffs, threaten sanctions or overthrow a government. Every 24 hours is another exercise in chasing the Trump Reality Show around. ” – Tom Luango

The Trade War Is Back – “The currency wars and trade wars can exist side by side as they do today. Eventually, both financial tactics fail and the original problem of debt and growth persists. At that point, shooting wars emerge.” – Jim Rickards

Trump Regime’s Middle East Saber Rattling – Stephen Lendman

Does Trump Have Control of His Government, or Is It His Government? – “I smell a rat. John Bolton, Trump’s national security adviser or, more correctly, Israel’s agent, has assembled a team consisting of himself, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Emirati crown prince Mohammed bin Zayed, and Saudi ruler Mohammed bin Salman. These men are Iran’s four worst enemies. The purpose of the team is to produce a false flag event that will provide an excuse for Washington to attack Iran” – Paul Craig Roberts

We will not allow Iran to achieve nuclear weaponry – Netanyahu – RT

Trump’s Encircling of Venezuela: A Fool’s Errand – Wayne Madsen

On The Brink Of An Apocalyptic War With Iran, And Most Americans Don’t Seem To Care -Michael Snyder

8 Years of Media Lies About the Syrian Civil War Exposed – Daniel Greenfield

Why The Powerful Always Paint Their Side As The Victims – “You see the same distortions in the way Vladimir Putin is treated as an omnipotent supervillain who is responsible for all major world events, instead of the head of a nation with an economy the size of Spain. You saw the same distortions in the wake of 9/11 when the US used its newfound victim status to implement unprecedented levels of military expansionism and surveillance.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Trump and Putin Hold a 90-Minute Telephone Call, US Liberals Go Ballistic – “Like a pit bull with its favorite chew toy, the Democrats refuse to abandon the debunked ‘Russian collusion’ script, to the point where a simple phone call between Moscow and Washington triggers rabid media hysterics.” – Robert Bridge

FIREWORKS! Speaker Pelosi Hits Back at Mitch McConnell, ‘Russia Case Not Closed’ – Cristina Laila

Rep. Ilhan Omar Supports Group That Produced Child Beheading Skit – “Why has Omar openly supported an organization with a long reported record of supporting terrorism and violence, as exhibited most recently by a shocking children’s pageant in Philadelphia last month?” – Patrick Poole

How Attorney General Barr could change the federal culture of corruption in 60 days – Sharyl Attkisson

NY Times pretends it is scandalous Trump reported tax losses during New York’s real estate crash – Thomas Lifson

Infuriating Democrats, Trump Plans To Redefine Poverty, Cutting Americans From Welfare – “Millions of able-bodied, working-age adults continue to collect food stamps without working or even looking for work. Our goal is to move these Americans from dependence to independence, and into a good-paying job and rewarding career.” – Tyler Durden

Trump Pardons Soldier Convicted of Murder As Julian Assange Rots in Prison for Journalism – Matt Agorist

Theresa May to Get Tory Ultimatum: Pick Your Resignation Date or We Will – Mish

Is THIS the Biggest Threat to Our Existence? (VIDEO) with Kent Lewiss – “Kent joins me to identify the culprits behind the move to a cashless society where everything will be tracked, and Kent provides solutions to humanity’s biggest threats which in Kent’s view is Agenda 2030, 5G and geoengineering.” – SGT Report  – AGREE COMPLETELY ON HIS THREAT ASSESSMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are These The Final Days Of Peace? (VIDEO) – We Are Change

Venezuela Media Coverage Shows Importance of Second Amendment – Personal Defense World

How the American Culture of Convenience Is Killing Us – Daisy Luther

Measles, Masterminds & Millions – “The Clintons masterminded the mandatory free Vaccines for Children program back in 1994 – paid for by taxpayers – while pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars from vaccine manufacturers over the years. While the MMR vaccine is dished out like candy over the “measles outbreak,” and the exclusive manufacturer Merck has increased revenues by 27% to $496 million, the media is pimping out doctored baby photos to create panic and claiming the “outbreak” is the fault of anti-vaxxers, as the CDC inflates numbers (again). Learn the facts behind the Measles, Masterminds & Millions in this 6-part series.” Part 1 – Corey Lynn  – COREY’S ARTICLES ARE ALWAYS WELL RESEARCHED!!!!!!!!!!!

The West – Full Spectrum Dementia: Bogus News Media, Corruption of Academic Research, Irrational Lies Fed into the Educational System -Stephen Sefton

Businesses in “Critical Distress,” Bankruptcies Surge in the UK – Don Quijones

Dangers of 2008 Are Back as REAL Economy Weakens137 Million Americans Report Financial Hardship (VIDEO) – The Money GPS

A Good PLAN Is All It Takes To Survive – David Andrew Brown

Fishing with the Right Equipment Puts Food on Your Table – Wild Bill

How To Build A Chicken Coop Or Greenhouse From Cattle Panels For Under $200 – Jeffrey Green   – ALL THE INFO IS HERE INCLUDING MATERIAL LIST AND INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!

Actual Home Sales Are Tanking – Here’s Proof – Dave Kranzler

Overlooked Repair Parts That Smart Preppers Stockpile – Rich M

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.08EUR




Proverbs 16:30  He shutteth his eyes to devise froward things: moving his lips he bringeth evil to pass.