Trump warns on deep state coup attempt: ‘I will be declassifying EVERYTHING’ – “This surely helps to explain all of the unhinged rantings of Democrats and their sycophantic allies in the deep state and media.” – Jon Dougherty

Putin and Trump Talk, Nothing Changes – “Irreconcilable differences persist with no prospect for resolution, both countries world’s apart on major geopolitical issues — regarding Syria, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Ukraine, North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Throughout his tenure, Putin’s diplomatic outreach to the US achieved no positive results, just the opposite, especially since Trump took office.” – Stephen Lendman

De Blasio expected to announce 2020 presidential run next week: sources – Anna Sanders  – ANOTHER GUN-CONTROL, SOCIALIST IDIOT. WHAT’S THAT NOW 22 DEMOCRATS RUNNING. WAITING FOR CORTEZ AND OMAR TO THROW IN THEIR HAT AND HIJAB, RESPECTIVELY. WHY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

American Workers Wouldn’t Stand A Chance With Bygone Joe Biden – Ken Blackwell

House Democrats give Barr final warning before contempt proceedings – Griffin Connolly

Democrats are Obstructing Justice by Defaming Barr, Demanding his Resignation, & in Seeking Trump’s Impeachment – Doug “Uncola” Lynn

Blithering Idiots Express Fear That Putin Will Rig 2020 Election For Trump – ““Putin” is the number one USA trend on Twitter as of this writing, which is always a reliable sign that something very stupid is happening in American media.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Democrats Try to Block Trump’s U.S. Exit From UN Paris Scheme Written – “After years of playing defense, the “climate cult,” as numerous scientists have described man-made warming theorists, is striking back.” – Alex Newman

ANOTHER ‘JOLLY LITTLE WAR’? – “Sure. Let’s invade Venezuela. Another jolly little war. It’s full of commies and has a sea of oil. The only thing those Cuban-loving Venezuelans lack are weapons of mass destruction. This week, leading US neocons openly threatened that if the CIA’s latest attempts to stage a coup to overthrow Venezuela’s Maduro government failed, Washington might send in the Marines.” – Eric Margolis

Washington’s Take on Democracy in Venezuela – “Washington declares that “the Venezuelan people are demanding ‘freedom and democracy’”. Until now, in the American lexicon ‘freedom and democracy’ had to be won at the ballot box. But when it comes to Venezuela’s oil, if it takes a threat of violence, that’s ok.” – Deena Stryker

Orwellian Cloud Hovers Over Russia-gate – “It was crystal clear on Wednesday that Barr had bigger fish to fry, as well as protective nets to deflect incoming shells. He is likely to be preoccupied for weeks answering endless questions about his handling of the Mueller report. It is altogether possible, though, that in due course he plans to look into the origins of Russia-gate and the role of Clapper, Brennan and Comey in creating and promoting the evidence, For the moment, however, we shall have to live with “The Russians Still Did It, Whether Trump Colluded or Not.” There remains an outside chance, however, that the truth will emerge” – Ray McGovern

Kamala Harris’s glass house – “When Kamala Harris started throwing stones at AG Barr during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, she apparently forgot that she lives in a very big glass house.” – Thomas Lifson

Hillary Clinton Is Running For President, Again – And Nobody Knows It – “The reasons behind such an elaborate scheme to get Clinton into office is because the New World Order of globalist neo-Nazis have to have her become president to assure the USA tosses its independence as a sovereign constitutional nation for an ultimate Union of Nations ” – Tony Elliott  – INTERESTING THEORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DISGUSTING: Democrat Ilhan Omar Distorts Trump’s Words in New Ad — Claims He Called All Immigrants “Animals” – A Complete Lie (VIDEO) – Jim Hoft

Behold the breathtaking weakness of the Empire! – The Saker

White People Will Be Rubbed Out Along With Their History – Paul Craig Roberts

NATO’s Stoltenberg, Satan’s ‘Man of Straw’ – “Once head of NATO, Stoltenberg underwent a predictable transformation: The lifelong anti-war dove who had protested the Vietnam War in his youth, overnight became an armchair war hawk.” – Martin Sieff

Infuriating Facebook Post Shows TSA Destroy Ashes of Man’s Dead Mom—to Keep You Safe – Matt Agorist

Cyber wars and all that – “China’s Belt and Road Initiative threatens US Government finances, so the financial war and associated disinformation can be expected to escalate.” – Alasdair Macleod

Fed’s Powell Says Financial Risks Are “Moderate”; These Charts Don’t Agree – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Scottish independence march in Glasgow (VIDEO) – RT

Did Europe Alter its Destiny By Accepting Refugees? -Martin Armstrong

Italy and Hungary Forge Alliance to Defend Europe’s Borders From Migrant Invasion – Jennie Taer

Barr Battle, 1% Rates Cut & Poynter Institute is Pointless (VIDEO) – “The Poynter Institute calls itself a “global leader in journalism,” but you cannot be a journalism organization that advocates cutting off funding for websites who don’t agree with your politics. If you do that, you are committing an act of propaganda.” – Greg Hunter

The Purge: Where’s Trump??? (VIDEO) – “The Independent Media (IM) has been behind Trump since the beginning. He could not have won the election without the support of the IM. The Deep State’s minions on the left are on the verge of making alternative media go extinct and Trump does nothing. Trump has federal law on his side. Through open forum laws and anti-trust legislation, Trump has all needs to make the social media monopolies buckle. Yet, as Rome burns, Trump is fiddling.” – The Common Sense Show

More Evidence The Globalists Are Going For The Kill Shot: If The Left Has Their Way, Are ‘Death Squads’ For Christians And Conservatives Really Out Of The Question? – “Should The MSM Be Charged With Aiding And Abetting Deep State Treason?” – Stefan Stanford

Facebook Finalizes Ban on “Alt-right” Personalities – Kurt Nimmo


They Are Coming For US ALL!! Not Just Online (VIDEO) with David Icke – We Are Change

Deadly Flooding From Michigan to the South Damages Homes, Sends Mississippi River to 157-Year-High in Davenport, Iowa – Pam Wright

Life-Threatening Risks Prompt FDA to Order “Black Box” Warning Labels for Ambien and Other Sleep Aids – Dagny Taggart

Self-Reliance Strategies: Resources for Setting Up a Prepper’s Homestead Quickly and Inexpensively – Daisy Luther

How A Small Bug Can Kill You – Survivopedia




Proverbs 30:28  The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings’ palaces.