White House braces for Mueller report as obstruction questions linger – “Only a ‘bombshell’ would dramatically change public opinion, expert says” – John T. Bennett

Trump Vetoes Measure to End US Involvement in Yemen War – “Trump is the latest in a long line of US warrior presidents – supporting endless wars of aggression and other hostile actions against sovereign states threatening no one. Long forgotten was his call to leave Afghanistan and Syria.” – Stephen Lendman

‘Military options in Venezuela’ discussed at US secret meeting – docs obtained by Grayzone reveal (VIDEO) – RT

Breaking News! Putin’s Vast Riches Hidden at Costco – “What if we all woke up one morning and everybody understood the Russian mentality? Just think, instead of listening to fairytales about Russia and Vladimir Putin, the world would be able to swiftly wade through mountains of negative bullshit to see the truth. This is the story of the “other” Vladimir Putin, the one whose meager salary and means were just revealed. The latest wrongful and ignorant rampage against Putin concerns his “alleged” wealth. This mysterious wealth is complete hearsay. From the Washington Post to screwball sites like Wealthy Gorilla, the Russian leader’s bankroll is ???? just because somebody said so.” – Phil Butler

The Democrats Running For President Are Awesome! – “The media is pushing a person for President that is openly gay. They tells us this is something the American people want. No… no we don’t. The latest entrant to the Presidential race is openly gay and is being pushed by the corporate media as being the greatest thing since Obama, actually, they like him more than Obama because he, as a man, likes to have sex with other men.” – Rory Hall

How about a ‘thank you,’ Bernie? Trump, GOP tax cuts save this democratic socialist almost 40 grand – Jon Dougherty

Again? Establishment Democrats Are Plotting To Sabotage Bernie Sanders Because They Are Scared Trump Would Beat Him – Michael Snyder

Eric “Nuke ‘Em” Swalwell Wants To Take Your Guns And Jail Anyone Who Resists – “Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) has decided to run for president on an anti-Second Amendment platform (while exhibiting a clear lack of understanding about guns), and has reiterated his desire to imprison Americans who don’t hand over banned weapons.” – Tyler Durden


The Democrats’ Crowded Clown Car – “Finally, there’s an outside possibility that someone yet to be named is lurking in the weeds. Maybe it’s Michelle Obama? Don’t scoff — it’s foolish to automatically dismiss her candidacy.” – Anna L. Stark

Media Dwells on Threats to Rep. Omar, Ignores Threats to Republicans – Daniel Greenfield

Criticism of Ilhan Omar Isn’t Incitement – Ben Shapiro

The Elites Laugh As Americans Revel In Their Enslavement While Fearing Each Other – Mac Slavo

How the Rule of Law is Always Political – Martin Armstrong

Did France Burn Notre Dame Cathedral To Appease Islam? As Muslims Celebrated While Sacred Icons Of Christianity Went Up In Flames, Appalling Proof Christianity Is Under Attack Worldwide – Stefan Stanford

UPDATED: NOTRE DAME CONFLAGRATION: Gladio Strikes at the Heart of Paris and Soul of the French People – “Expect Macron to Blame the Yellow Vest Movement, If not them–’Islamic Terrorists’. Then used as a “false flag” pretext to outlaw the Gilets Jaunes protesters altogether” – The Millennium Report

Julian Assange’s Prosecution is about Much More Than Attempting to Hack a Password – Cindy Cohn

Behold The Shit Map: Mapping San Francisco’s 132,562 Cases Of Human Feces – “Since 2011, there have been at least 118,352 reported instances of human fecal matter on city streets.” – Adam Andrzejewski via Forbes

Gold & Silver Will Survive Whole System Burning Down (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – “Why are dark powers intentionally driving metal prices down? It’s all part of a very simple thought control message. Basically, it’s so the people believe that gold is bad and the dollar is good. It’s basically to support the dollar, and also thus support the Treasury market. . . . ” – Greg Hunter  – ALWAYS INTERESTING TO LISTEN TO BILL!!!!!

Truth, Lies and Inflation – Gary Christianson

Kicking the Can Down the Road (VIDEO) – “We got more signs that the economy is slowing down this week. And yet pundits and policymakers keep insisting everything is great.” – Peter Schiff

UK PORN BAN TO COME INTO EFFECT IN JULY – “Anyone who looks at pornographic websites will have to prove they are 18” – Andrew Griffin

One of these days, cheap Silver prices will be fixed by cheap Silver prices – “Nothing has changed in regards to the calamities caused by banks, politicians, and now, religions. They all seem to be gathering together into a cluster that will be difficult to unwind. Intentional or not, it does not bode well for anyone anywhere. Which is why we have been on the side of physical precious metals while everything else surrounded by European politics, religion, and migrations, burn. Hold on tight to the physical, keep calm, and stay away from the crowds, and as always … ” – J. Johnson

Using Snares For Food And Defense – Bob Rodgers

Gun Control Advocates Want Banks to Refuse Service to Gun Companies – “Anti-gun activists and politicians are doing everything they can to effectively disarm the public.” – Dagny Taggart

AI in Smart Cities: A Dystopian Future, Today – “Facial recognition technology is already being used for security on smartphones. There are concerns about the public’s willingness to accept the technology as part of the ‘smart cities’ of the future.” – John Murray

Cities Are Rising in Influence and Power on the Global Stage – Chrystie Flourney Swiney and Sheila Foster

Why A “Backyard Homestead” Is All You Need (And Tips For Finding Your Own) – “It’s amazing what you can do on an even an acre and three to five acres of good land and you can do everything that you need to and can have your own highly productive mini-farm or backyard homestead. Having ten, twenty, or more acres and living off the grid isn’t required to have a happy and productive homestead.” – M.D. Creekmore




Proverbs 18:8  The words of a talebearer are as wounds, and they go down into the innermost parts of the belly.