America Is No Longer A Nation – “Over the course of my life I have watched my country turn into a Tower of Babel. Identity Politics is the ideology that has been used to break America into disunited pieces.” – Paul Craig Roberts  -EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM DR. ROBERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump’s Agenda is Officially Dead – Martin Armstrong

Targeting Trump with Income-Tax Regime Change – “The reason that many in the leftist establishment have wanted Trump’s returns from the beginning has been so that they could have an army of well-paid tax experts and tax attorneys scour the returns for evidence of “criminal” wrongdoing, which would enable Democrats to seek Trump’s from office through impeachment, the same goal they had with Mueller’s investigation.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

AG Barr will investigate origins of counterintelligence operations against Trump campaign – Rick Moran

As NATO Hawks Call for Anti-Russian Mobilization, Trump Responds With Call for Russia-China Friendship – Matthew Ehret

Hundreds of migrants form caravan in Honduras to head for the US – AFP

Globalists Are Bringing Their One World Currency Plans Out Into The Open – “Over the past year, the globalists have become absolutely brazen in flaunting their endgame for a single global currency system. Yes, it is time to be concerned. But there are people out there who will tell you that the notion is “far fetched”. They will tell you that it is “doom porn”, and they will tell you it is “conspiracy theory”. The evidence says otherwise. The evidence says it is conspiracy FACT.” – Brandon Smith  – BRANDON’S ARTICLES ARE ALWAYS EXCELLENT AND WELL DOCUMENTED!!!!!

Packed Primary May Let Superdelegates Screw Progressives Again – Caitlin Johnstone

Unaccountable Media Faced with Dilemma in Next Phase of Deep State-gate – “Readers of The Washington Post on Monday were treated to more of the same from editorial page chief Fred Hiatt.” – Ray McGovern  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM RAY!!!!

The Media Cheers Mayor Buttigieg While South Bend Bleeds – “While Chicago is notorious for its murder rate, in 2015, Buttigieg’s South Bend actually topped Chicago’s 16.4 homicides per 100,000 people with a homicide rate of 16.79 per 100,000 people. Those numbers put Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s city on the list of the top 30 murder capitals in the country for the year. It’s hard to know which are flying faster, bullets in South Bend or dollars into Buttigieg’s campaign.” – Daniel Greenfield

Nancy Pelosi Changes Her Opinion Of Presidential Powers Depending On Who The President Is – Christopher Jacobs

War Pigs At the Trough (VIDEO) with Tucker Carlson – “Once again Tucker steps-up his game and speaks truth directly to power. The opening segment with his attack on the deep state and warmongering Pentagon pigs at the trough. There are several statements that, once again, make me question how much longer before the single car accident happens or some other “accident”.” – Rory Hall

Who Weaponized The FBI? – Dr. Robert Owens

Beneath the Surface of Brexit – Charles Hugh Smith

Libya Is Our Regime Change Nightmare – “We were warned, and now eight years after overthrowing Moammar Gaddafi, the country is being torn to shreds.” – Daniel Larison

Make Israel Great Again: US Is Laying Groundwork for War With Iran – Oscar Platt

A Return To The Dark Ages – “The Playbook of Tyranny has just been re-released. If you pay attention to the news cycle, you can’t miss the ads. Tyrannical laws and actions in the form of mandates and censorship have only just begun to heat up, but in reality, they represent a theme of suppression going back to the Dark Ages, the first Dark Ages.” – Rosanne Lindsay

‘It’s a War Zone’: New York Orders Forced Vaccination, Those Who Resist Face Charges – Matt Agorist

Your Move, Gold Critics: Please Explain What Money Is – “Stated simply, gold-standard proponents seek a dollar that is widely trusted as a constant measure of value. Nothing more. Nothing less. Unknown is why a desire to revive money with stability top of mind has so many so up in arms. They won’t admit it, but their protest is a rather unwitting admission that they don’t have a clue about the subject they naively presume to discuss. ” – John Tamny  – GOOD ARTICLE, BUT MR.TAMNY MISSES ONE MAJOR POINT HERE; THE BANKSTERS WANT COMPLETE CONTROL, HENCE THEIR FIAT CURRENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Health Freedom Is Being Destroyed All Over The Western World – Michael Snyder

Oregon’s SB-978 Gun Control Bill Is So Hysterically Restrictive That PEPPER SPRAY Is a Felony – Daisy Luther

When The Stock Market Reversal Happens, It Will Be A Whopper – Dave Kranzler

AN ARMADA OF BLACK SWANS (VIDEO) with JIM WILLIE – “Jim Willie returns to SGT Report to discuss Basel III, QE to infinity and the armada of black swans telling us that something is very wrong.” – SGT Report  – ALWAYS INTERESTING TO HEAR JIM’S PERSPECTIVE!!!

Roundup, Monsanto, cancer, golf courses, hidden secrets – Jon Rappoport

Skyrocketing statistics show vaccine EXEMPTIONS on the rise – the truth about vaccine dangers is spreading like wildfire – S.D. Wells

The list of ways China keeps tabs on citizens is getting longer – Bloomberg News (TNS) 

3 Defensive Handgun Drills That Will Keep You Alive – Travis P

Ancestry Websites Giving FBI Access to DNA Data; WikiLeaks Reveals CODIS Database Gifted To Other Countries; DHS Rolling Out Rapid DNA Nationwide – Aaron Kesel

First Ever Image Of Black Hole Reveals “The Gates Of Hell, The Point Of No-Return” – Tyler Durden

Coping With Mass Casualties After A SHTF Event – Bob Rodgers

Delaware Proposes Gun Purchasing Card Bill, Assault Weapon Ban – Tom Knighton




Job 32:10  Therefore I said, Hearken to me; I also will shew mine opinion.