Fake News After Mueller – “Allow me to start with a question: Has anyone seen any of the main newspapers and networks who went after Donald Trump for 3 years accusing him of colluding with “the Russians”, apologize to either Trump, or to their readers and viewers, for spreading all that fake news now that Robert Mueller said none of that stuff was real, that they all just made it up? I’ve seen only one such apology, albeit a very good and thorough one, from Sharyl Attkisson for The Hill. But they, the MSM, CNN and the NYT, are the ones who, as Robert Mueller has proven, have been spreading fake news all that time, not Trump. Their reputations would be lost forever if they issue a mea culpa, and apologizing constitutes a mea culpa, so that’s not going to happen. And they all think their credibility remains sound and alive, because they live in echo chambers where they don’t have to listen to anyone prepared to cast any doubt on their credibility.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – ANOTHER EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM RAUL!!!!!

Shadow Government: Barack Obama Arrives in Berlin to Meet With Angela Merkel in Private – Cristina Laila

So why’s Obama slinking around Germany and ‘privately’ meeting with Angela Merkel? – Monica Showalter

NEW RECORD: OBAMA MENTIONS HIMSELF 456 TIMES DURING BERLIN TOWNHALL [MONTAGE] – “Obama talking about himself in an almost obsessive manner is no new phenomenon, but today he shattered his own records. Over the course of a 90 minute townhall with “emerging leaders,” Obama mentioned himself an eye-popping 467 times.The former president’s comments began on his favorite topic: himself.” – Tom Elliott

MASS SHOOTING!!!! – WHERE’S THE NATIONAL MEDIA? – “Doesn’t fit the gun grabber left wing narrative. Committed by blacks against blacks in the beautiful Democratic bastion of Chicago, home to the toughest gun laws in the country. So it goes.” – Jim Quinn

A Warning To President Trump: The Globalists May Be Leading You Into A Trap – New 2016 Election Collusion Evidence Points To Hillary Clinton Colluding With The Ukraine – “If Wikileaks and Julian Assange hadn’t released the absolutely damning DNC and John Podesta emails, we might have a ‘President Hillary Clinton’ in America right now.” – Stefan Stanford

In Iowa, Bernie Sanders says states should allow felons to vote from behind bars – Kevin Hardy  – FELONS, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS,16 YEAR OLD KIDS. THE DEMOCRATS WILL LET ANYONE VOTE. WHO IS NEXT!!!!!!!!!

Tucker to Mexican official: Why aren’t you stopping migrants? (VIDEO) – Fox News

CONFIRMED… DNC WAS IN ON IT! Hillary Campaign Mgr. Was Pushing Fake Russia Story at DNC Convention – SAME DAY FBI Launched Trump-Russia Investigation! – Joe Hoft

House Democrats Want ‘Oversight’ over Fox News’ Editorial Decisions – “The Democrats are doing all they can to kill off the freedom of speech. The Democrats want a society in which only their point of view can be heard, and only their editorial line can be followed. In other words, they want the death of a free society.” – Pamela Geller

Get ready for it: Newsom to blame illegal immigration on global warming – “Now he’s heading off to El Salvador to “examine the root causes of migration,” as Big Daddy holding out the bag of goodies to would-be illegal immigrants in their home countries. To him, they’re his constituents. So he’s got to find some justification for this trip and you can bet he will. My bet’s on him using the trip as a soapbox to make claims about global warming causing it.” – Monica Showalter

2020: Socialist America or Trump’s America? – Patrick J. Buchanan

The Democratic Field Is A Rainbow Of Sameness – Derek Hunter

“Assange Is Not A Journalist!” Yes He Is, Idiot. – “When someone says “Assange isn’t a journalist”, they aren’t telling you what Assange is. They’re showing you what they are.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Trump’s Tropical Trauma – “In a blatant attempt to unravel the bloc of Venezuela’s Caribbean allies formed nurtured by Venezuela’s late president, Hugo Chavez, Donald Trump and his foreign policy team of neo-conservative war hawks has accomplished to divide the 15-member Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to a degree not seen since 1983” – Wayne Madsen

Anti-Venezuela Propaganda Rages – Stephen Lendman

Trump Neocons Target Cuba – “On Friday, the Trump neocons and the Treasury Department and its Goldman Sachs alumnus boss imposed sanctions against 35 ships and two companies involved in the legal transport of oil from Venezuela to Cuba.” – Kurt Nimmo

The Religious Roots of Russia’s Mistrust towards the West – Damir Marinovich

The Curious Man Behind Nordic Banking Scandals – “This might be a good time to open that Yeltsin-era can of worms around Hermitage Capital and the role of the Clinton Administration with whistleblower Browder, Safra, Berezovsky and others in the Yeltsin era looting of Russia with aid of friendly Western banks.” – F. William Engdahl

Brexit Endgame – Michael Antony

Brexit: furious Tories will try to oust May if UK fights Euro elections – “PM says Brexit could ‘slip through our fingers’ as Conservatives fear taking part in EU election would boost far right” – Toby Helm and Michael Savage

Is Beijing Signaling An Imminent Currency Devaluation: China Unleashes Gold Buying Spree – Tyler Durden

China’s Han Superstate: The New Third Reich – “Concentration camps, racism, eugenics, ambitions of world domination. Sound familiar? There is a new Third Reich, and it is China.” – Gordon G. Chang

The Feds 9,000 “Opportunity Zones” Will Allow Law Enforcement To Spy On 35 Million People – “Is there no end to Big Brother’s desire to turn America into a mirror image of China? The U.S. Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service are using Opportunity Zones to help law enforcement turn sections of cities into federally funded surveillance zones.” – MassPrivateI

ULTRA-SOS: 5G Roll-out Seriously Endangers Every Person on Planet Earth – “Truly, it does not get more serious than the ongoing 5G roll-out across America. And, yet, getting people to pay attention to this exceedingly critical public health disaster and environmental catastrophe has been quite difficult.” – State of the Nation  – THIS WEBSITE WILL CONTINUE TO LINK AS MANY 5G ARTICLES AS POSSIBLE, UNTIL PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THE FULL DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candida Auris: The Incredibly Deadly Fungus KILLING People Across the Planet – “Here’s why you might not have heard of this until now. C. auris seems like something the public should be warned about, doesn’t it? Officials have been trying to avoid talking about it much for various reasons.” – Dagny Taggart

“Unplanned” Causes the Death Lobby to Show Its Fangs – “The Death Lobby is flexing its muscle, showing its fangs, and spraying its venom. Planned Parenthood (PP) and its culture-of-death allies are frothing-at-the-mouth furious over a small, independent film that is ripping away the mask from the monstrous abortion industry” – William F. Jasper

What’s Cheap? Gold and Silver (VIDEO) with John Rubino – Greg Hunter

Here’s What It’s Like To Be a Bear in a Rigged Market – Charles Hugh Smith

Why Is the Gov Moving Massive Amounts of Generators Around the Country (VIDEO) with Paul Martin – The Common Sense Show

13 Prepper Websites To Follow When Everything Becomes Censored and How To Beat Censorship In The Modern Age -Samantha Biggers

Goldman Sachs validates that the only thing propping up stocks are share buybacks and Dovish Fed policies – Ken Schortgen




Psalm 119:136  Rivers of waters run down mine eyes, because they keep not thy law.



Your conscience awakes
And you see your mistakes
And you wish someone
Would buy your confessions

The days miss their mark
And the night gets so dark
And some kind of message
Comes through to you
Some kind of message
Shoots through

And it says to you
Love when you can
Cry when you have to
Be who you must
That’s a part of the plan
Await your arrival
With simple survival and
One day, we’ll all understand
One day, we’ll all understand
One day, we’ll all understand

( Part Of The Plan by Dan Fogelberg )


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