Warning Mr. Trump – “sir, you are being set up, a trap is being set for you, and unless you are aware of it, you may well walk into that trap eyes wide open. Your personal opinion of Mr. Assange, however, is not the most important issue here, no offense. What’s most important to your own situation, as well as that of Mr. Assange, is that the people who are after him are the very same people who have been after you for 3 years, and who will double their efforts after suffering a huge loss due to Robert Mueller’s No Collusion report. What the trap set for you consists of is that if you let these -largely anonymous- deep state actors get their hands on Mr. Assange, you will greatly empower them (even further). But, sir, his enemies inside US intelligence are the same as yours, and empowering one’s enemies is not the way to do battle.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – EXCELLENT LETTER FROM RAUL TO THE PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

General Michael Flynn may be the key to uncovering and prosecuting the Deep State attempted coup – Thomas Lifson

Be Ready To Act: WikiLeaks Source Says They’re Coming For Assange – “We are about to find out if this is the part of the movie where the empire rips off the mask of freedom and democracy and reveals its true tyranny.” – Caitlin Johnstone

BREAKING: Assange ‘Will Be’ Arrested in ‘Hours to Days,’ WikiLeaks Says – Joe Lauria

UK police outside Ecuador embassy amid WikiLeaks tweets – Alastair Grant, Gonzalo Solano and Joshua Goodman

The Growing Opposition To Factual Knowledge – Paul Craig Roberts

More Voters Think Hillary Clinton “Illegally Colluded With Foreign Operatives” Than Trump: Poll – Tyler Durden

Border Crisis, Obama Ordered Trump Coup, Retail Apocalypse (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Sucker Punch – “Having disgraced themselves with full immersion in the barren RussiaGate “narrative,” the Resistance is now tripling down on RussiaGate’s successor gambit: obstruction of justice where there was no crime in the first place. What exactly was that bit of mischief Robert Mueller inserted in his final report, saying that “…while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him?”” – James Howard Kunstler

Danger! Danger! With The Deep State On The Ropes, It’s ‘False Flag Season’ In America! Watch Out For Unprecedented Trickery And Diabolical Cover-Ups In The Days Ahead – “The mainstream media see no evil, report no evil, and hear no evil…which is how they enable evil” – William B. Stoecker

Painted Into A Corner – ” your Central Bank masters have, in fact, painted themselves into a corner through their delusions and deceptions regarding interest rate and balance sheet “normalization”. ” – Craig Hemke

The Massive Increase Of Central Bank Paper Assets Warns Of Financial Danger Ahead – Steve St. Angelo

Rep. Ilhan Omar: Where Are Her Real Loyalties? – “You can take the Muslim refugee out of sharia-controlled Somalia, but can you take sharia out of the refugee?” – Frank Hawkins

Factbox: Big Democratic field taking shape for 2020 U.S. presidential race – “The largest Democratic field in the modern political era is lining up to seek the party’s 2020 presidential nomination – and is expected to keep growing.” – Arlene Washington   – 18 AND COUNTING, ARE THEY INSANE OR WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsey Graham To Write Bill Backing Red Flag Laws – “We’ll have to see what Graham offers up. Until we see it, I’m going to play the odds and figure it to be a gigantic crap-sandwich.” – Tom Knighton

Of course: Dems sneak GUN control into ‘Violence Against Women Act’ reauthorization — to beat up GOP – Jon Dougherty

The latest Social Justice absurdity… – “This time the Journal of Medical Ethics published a paper arguing that if you don’t feel your “chronological” age, you should be able to change it.” – Simon Black

The Ultimate Pivot: Saudi Betrayal of the Petrodollar – Tom Luango

Venezuela’s Guaido stripped of immunity, can face prosecution – AFP

Most British Now Just Want to Leave with NO DEAL – Get out while they can the polls show – “Perhaps there is some new plague that only affects politicians on a global scale. It seems no matter what country we look at, it is simply going completely insane politically.” – Martin Armstrong

Bienvenidos PROSUR: a Return to Fascist Oligarchies in South America – Wayne Madsen

This Weekend Is Y2K for GPS Systems: Experts Warn the Grid, Finance, & Transportation Are at Risk – “This weekend, on April 6th, we’re having another Y2K. This one is on GPS devices, as they roll over from “week 1024” to “week 1.””- Daisy Luther

Pope Francis Says God Only ‘Permits’ Islam to Exist – “Jesus is being insulted. He is reduced to the level of Buddha or Mohammed when in fact he is the Father’s beloved Messianic Son, the one in whom the Father is well pleased.” “The only religions that God positively willed are Judaism and Christianity for he himself founded these religions through his own positive divine actions and revelation,” – Thomas D. Williams PH.D.

Is America becoming Godless? The number of people who have no religion has risen 266 per cent – one third of the population – in three decades – Valerie Bauman

Was Jeremiah 11:11 Repeatedly Inserted Into The Movie ‘Us’ To Send A Cryptic Message About America’s Future? – Michael Snyder

The Internet Has Its Own Deep State (VIDEO) – “The Internet has, as it turns out, its own Deep State. If they do not want something on the net, they have the ability to remove it, even if it is on a private website. You will not believe what this group is doing. ” – The Common Sense Show

Natural News is now de-platformed by Twitter, YouTube and Google, with 99% shadowbanning on Facebook: We depend on YOU to share our stories and lifesaving messages with the world – Mike Adams

The Reasons Behind The Relentless Ideological Onslaught Against Free Markets – “Free market trade is ever present at a local level and always has been. But, those who favor globalism are hell-bent on putting an end to any and all private unregulated commerce forever.” – Brandon Smith  – GOOD ARTICLE AS USUAL FROM BRANDON!!!!!!!!

2 Drunk Arkansas Men Don Bulletproof Vest, Shoot Each Other – Personal Defense World  – GOTTA LOVE IT!!!!!!!

The Days of Quantitative Easing Are Back and We’re Not Even in a Recession Yet – Peter Schiff

The true goal of immunization – “When it comes to fundamental politics, the medical cartel has, for a hundred years—backed by government and huge media operations—been engaged in the process of holding the planet hostage to chemical treatments. This is an example of why the Founders never permitted government to engage in commercial operations.” – Jon Rappoport  – GOOD ARTICLE AS ALWAYS FROM JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three New Reasons to Question Vaccine Effectiveness Amid “Anti-Vaxxer” Censorship – Melissa Dykes

If Truth Be Told: Pregnancy Vaccines Are Not Tested For Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment Of Fertility Proof In Vaccine Package Inserts – Catherine J. Frompovich

Confirmation, Outrage and Disgust – “I do believe more than ever that it will be JPMorgan’s actions over the past decade that will power silver (and gold) higher. No one would acquire the massive amount of physical silver and gold that JPMorgan has accumulated without the expectation of a monster payday.” – Ted Butler

The Seven Levels Of Self-Sufficiency – Bob Rodgers

6 Overlooked Pieces of Medical Equipment Preppers Should Have – BCE




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