Trump cuts aid to Central American countries as migrant crisis deepens – Reuters

HOLD HILLARY ACCOUNTABLE FOR RUSSIAGATE HOAX – “Once again, Hillary Clinton got away with it.” – Daniel Greenfield

General Flynn has been grievously wronged, and Defense Department archives may have the evidence – “If any evidence surfaces that the DOD helped violate General Flynn’s Fourth Amendment rights, he is a greatly wronged individual and should finally be made whole. Enough is enough! After serving his country honorably in uniform in combat, he has huge debts from hiring lawyers and that is just not right in America today.” – Ed Timperlake  – AGREE COMPLETELY. I HAVE HEARD INTERVIEWS WITH GENERAL FLYNN, AND HE IS A TRUE PATRIOT IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. QUITE SIMPLY, HE GOT RAILROADED!!!!

‘Pulp Fiction’, the Mueller Report & empty Generation X politics – Ramin Mazaheri

Russiagate: “Why did this ever start in the first place?” – “The primordial ooze for all things Russia began in spring 2016 when the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee, through a company called Fusion GPS, hired former MI6 intelligence agent Christopher Steele to compile a report (“the dossier”) on whatever ties to Russia he could find for Donald Trump. Steele’s assignment was not to investigate impartially, but to gather dirt aggressively – opposition research, or oppo.” – Peter Van Buren

The Many Unanswered Questions About the Trump Investigation – Sharyl Attkisson

Leaked Mueller Report Proves Barr Lied; Collusion Theorists Vindicated – “Obviously I owe the world a very big apology. I’m sorry for calling the Russiagaters idiots, morons, drooling imbeciles, stupid, gullible sheep, foam-brained human livestock, tinfoil pussyhat-wearing delusional conspiracy theorists, demented cold war-enabling McCarthyite bootlickers, oafish slug-headed slime creatures, energy-sucking, CIA-coddling wastes of space and oxygen, and an embarrassment to the human species. Clearly, because of their indisputable vindication this April the first 2019, they are definitely none of these things.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – A LITTLE APRIL’S FOOL JOKE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why Russia Is Dumping Dollars And Buying Gold At The Fastest Pace In Decades – Tyler Durden

Russia continues its de-dollarization as several banks join the Chinese CIPS system and they dump more treasuries for gold – “On March 31, a senior official for Russia’s central bank reported that several of their nation’s financial institutions have signed on and connected to Chinese version of SWIFT, the CIPS. Additionally, Russia announced that they had accumulated another 31 tons of gold in the month of February, bringing their ‘offical’ total to over 2100 tons.” – Ken Schortgen

Why Does Russia Waste Time on Diplomatic Outreach to the US? – “US policymakers consistently say one thing, then do something entirely different – demanding everything, giving nothing in return, why they can never be trusted. Diplomacy with Washington’s political class is an exercise in futility, especially for Russia, US enemy No. 1, wanting Kremlin governance replaced by puppet rule it controls, wanting the country’s vast resources looted, its people exploited. Most importantly, US dark forces want the world’s leading super-power eliminated – together with China the only nations able to challenge Washington’s aim for global dominance effectively.” – Stephen Lendman

Zakharova Fires Back at Trump! US Is Arrogant and in COMPLETE Violation of Intl Law in Venezuela! (VIDEO) – Vesti News

Maduro announces 30-day power rationing as Venezuela is gripped by blackouts – RT

‘The Gun’ Rules In Venezuela Now And Their Grid Down & Descent Into Anarchy Are Huge Warnings To America – Stefan Stanford

Is Turkey “City Zero” in Global Contagion – Tom Luango

Stall Ball: Theresa May’s “Stall Ball” Nears End of Road – Mish

Washington Post springs to the defense of serial groper Joe Biden – Rick Moran

Biblical Anxieties – “The sore beset people of this land may be good and goddam sick of politics, RussiaGate, and Trump-inspired social strife, but they may soon have something more down-to-earth to worry about: Biblical floods and plagues. Media hysteria around the Mueller Report has nearly eclipsed news of historic flooding in the midwest that has already caused $3 billion in damage to farms, homes, livestock, and infrastructure.” – James Howard Kunstler

Senator Uses Humor To Debunk Green New Deal – Causes Crippling Twist In Leftist Panties – Brandon Smith

Commie Pope Criticizes Building Walls to Keep People Out —- But The Vatican Is Still Surrounded by Walls – Jim Hoft

Who Is Responsible for Your Child? – Daisy Luther

Retail Layoffs Are 92 Percent Higher In 2019 – And Now Even Wal-Mart Is “Quietly Closing Stores” – Michael Snyder

How Surging Home Prices & Rents Hammer the Economy (VIDEO) – Wolf Street

Second Amendment battle line: Colorado sheriff says he’ll go to jail before he enforces ‘unconstitutional Red Flag’ law – Jon Dougherty

Why a Mandatory Gun Buyback Program Will Never Work in America – Peter Suciu

Dick’s Sporting Goods Has Lost $150 Million over Anti-Gun Policy – Teresa Mull

Zombie Companies and the Global Debt Fiasco That Will Bring It All Down! (VIDEO) – The Money GPS

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.51EUR




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